Monday, January 23, 2012

cabinet and drawer organization in the kitchen

I was at it again this weekend ~ cleaning out and reorganizing some of my 
kitchen cabinets and drawers. 
It's a big job when you take everything out, thoroughly wipe down 
the inside of the cabinets, then put everything back in
neatly and organized.

Here's the BEFORE picture of my main food cabinet:

And here's the AFTER.
I use jars (mainly repurposed) for nuts, grains, pastas, and dried fruit.

This junk drawer always gets so messy!
This is obviously the BEFORE:

And the AFTER:

Baking cabinet BEFORE:

Baking cabinet AFTER ~ including new shelf liner:

Next up on my clean-up and organization list ~
the under-the-sink bathroom cabinets.


  1. Hi Melanie, your after pictures look wonderful. People like us that really cook do end up with messes though and it feels so good to get things cleaned and organized again, doesn't it?

    I've got a drawer that needs cleaned out so bad. It used to a be a junk drawer but we moved all the junk to a desk we put in the hall that we are now using as a charging station too.
    But that drawer has turned into a junk drawer again and I think it really is junk.

  2. I'm with you; I spent my weekend organizing. I do it in a somewhat futile attempt to remember where I put things!

  3. I'm forced into constant organization with my open cabinets. But I like it that way. Keeps things neat!

    1. When we have some kitchen renovation done in the next couple of years, I want some of my cabinets torn out and open shelving put up!

  4. Everything looks terrific, it's so wonderful getting things organized. Hugs!!

  5. Look at you go! That is the way to do it... one cupboard, one shelf, one closet at a time. Pretty soon your whole house will be decluttered, clean and organized!!

  6. I have so much cleaning and organizing to do but can't even get into the right frame of mind to tackle it. So much easier to just pretend it's not there waiting to be done. One thing I really need to do right no is clean out the fridge. Ugh! How does it get to be such a mess every week? Have a great day! Tammy

  7. Hi Melanie. Kudos to you for getting organized! Hopefully I will follow your lead :-) I just stumbled on your blog because I noticed that my blog received a referral from yours. You see, I just started my blog a few months ago, so it's been really exciting as I start to get more visitors, and as far as I know, you're the first generous soul to list my blog on yours. THANK YOU!!!! I notice that you and I share admiration for many of the same beautiful blogs...kindred spirits perhaps? Anyway, thanks again for your referral. (The name of my blog is "More Life" if you wanted to list that) I am now subscribing to your blog and look forward to seeing all of your great ideas. (I've already copied the crock-pot chicken recipe!) Much love, Kerrie

  8. I actually organized one of my kitchen cabinets yesterday after seeing this post. :) And mentioned you on my blog today. Hope all is well. Best wishes, Tammy

    1. Glad I could be a bit of an inspiration, Tammy! :-)

  9. Melanie, there is always some kind of organizing going on around here. Between hubby and I we just LOVE to be organized! I think I drive the people at work crazy, but too bad. LOL Hey, I just wanted to make you aware that my blog address has changed. Due to someone else's fraud, my old blog was deleted. Grrrr!

  10. Everything looks so neat and organized! That is a big job taking everything out and putting it back. I've never been able to do it all at once.

    Good Job!


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