Monday, January 9, 2012

smash book

Have any of you jumped on the Smash Book craze?
I consider it a form of art journaling, though not as "fancy".
You can buy a plain, unlined book; or you can buy the original Smash Book.

Basically, you make it what you want it to be - "smash" in photos, ticket stubs,
restaurant menus, little sayings, stickers, drawings...
You can write in it, doodle in it, decorate it any way you want.

Funny thing is ~ I had started one of these books nine years ago, before the 
term Smash Book was even invented!
So, now I've been working to complete my book (a plain one).
I did buy the original Smash Book, which I will start once my
plain book is finished.

Yikes ~ anyone want to come wash my window?!
This little work area is in the guest/craft room, which is still a work-in-progress.
We still (obviously) have to get blinds and curtains for the windows.
And wash them first.

While I'm posting about the guest/craft room, here's how I displayed my rubber stamp
collection. I got this cute idea of displaying the stamps on a shelf - instead of hiding them
in a drawer - from Brenda at

I'd love to hear if any of you are making a Smash Book
and, if so, what kinds of things you're "smashing" into it.


  1. I've never heard of a "smash" book, but it sounds like fun. I've kept scrapbooks and I've drawn in doodle sketch books and I've written down favorite quotations in a books... this sounds like it's a fun combo of all three.

  2. Never heard it called a "smash book". Your stamps look cute out and displayed

  3. I love your display of stamps! I think I will start collecting some just so I can do this too - LOL! Not get them to use for anything - I just wanna display them!

    Linda in VA

  4. Displaying your stamps the way you did looks very nice. Good idea! As for a "smash book" I've never heard of that before. It sounds like scrap booking and I did try that once before. I can be creative but for some reason when I tried to scrap book my mind went blank. What are you smash booking about?

    1. Everything and anything, Vicki! I "smash in" my favorite quotes, funny cartoons, photographs, ticket stubs, I do some art journaling, from magazines that caught my eye, etc.

  5. Wow, I'm out of the loop...Your book looks great! Hugs!

  6. Hey, if you guys are clearing out the basement, you've probably gotten a huge head start on the rest of us! You don't have to count to 366 if you don't want to, (several people aren't) but I'll add you to my list of folks that are donating things.

  7. Hey Melanie. I like your new cozy header. I've never heard of a smash book either. Scrapbooking. Art journal. I always intend to do one when we travel but never seem to keep up with it. I have all kinds of books sitting around that I write and paste in -- recipes, quotes, patterns, etc. Kinda the same thing. I like the way you've displayed the stamps. Makes them easy to find, rather than stuck away in a drawer somewhere. Hope your weekend is great. Tammy

  8. Hi Melanie! Lindsey and I are both into Smash books. She is using hers as in inspiration journal - ideas and color combos, etc. Mine is dedicated to books I read this year. It was my new year's resolution to read more books! Thanks for the great post! Have a nice day! Twyla

    1. Hi Twyla ~ one of my goals this year is to read more books, too! I set my goal at 50 books this year. Maybe if I didn't read so many magazines, I'd have more time for books! ;-)

  9. I have never heard of this before but am making a home book this year. I have a pretty book and am filling it with sayings about home along with things I cut out of magazines that say what makes home for me. I need to do this as I am so down about the legal battle over our very badly laid wood floor. It is such a mess that it is effecting my feeling over our new home. I thought this book might work to counter the feelings all this has given me. So is that a smash book?

    Love the look of the book you are making!

    Hugs from Holland ~

    1. Heidi - I think you and I use this Smash Book approach more as artful journaling. Is it all one in the same? I guess only we can answer that. :-)


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