Monday, June 20, 2011

weekend thrift finds - and china cabinet

How us girls love to go on our weekend treaure jaunts! This past Saturday, me, my mom, and aunt headed out to a few shops in my area. Here's me (frizzy hair with "wings"; the humidity was awful!) and my mom...
We were talking about how my teenage niece now poses in her photos...hand on her hip and all. So we had to be silly and do that kind of pose.

Uh's yet another BIRD to add to my collection! Couldn't believe it when I saw the marking on the bottom though - Goebel! And, only $5! My mom and aunt bought one, too. The man who owns the store said he bought the collection (there were quite a few) from an estate sale. Look at the color and luster of this sweet little birdie.
I'm tempted to go back and buy another bird or two in other colors...but do I REALLY need more? I COULD get rid of a couple of my other, "cheaper" (cheeper! ha ha) birds though.
 It's a thought.

At another store, I found this pretty milk glass pitcher ($6). I have a few milk glass pieces - several pedestal-type dishes, a big, round bowl, and candleholders. 

I decided to take my rooster collection out of my china cabinet and start putting some milk glasses pieces in there instead. Here's the start on the bottom shelf...still playing with the entire china cabinet arrangement.

A little vintage egg cup with a rooster (made in Japan) for $3.

Even though I took the rooster items out of my china cabinet for now, I liked how this little cup just seemed to "fit" in front of the shelf and how the red in the rooster came in to play with the red of the pitcher and on the bowls.

And...lastly, I found a vintage red rose tray for $4.99. I have a lot of red accents in my kitchen, so I'm still playing around with placement of the tray, but for now it's on the top shelf in the china cabinet.

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  1. You and your mom look great. And sounds like it was a wonderful outing. You came home with so many lovely treasures that fit in perfectly. That little bird is so sweet. Have a great week. Tammy

  2. I just love the little bird you found - so sweet!

  3. Loved seeing you and your mom together! The bird is so pretty. Was hers this color too?

    Hugs from Holland ~


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