Friday, June 10, 2011

little pretties

Hello, friends!
 First of all, let me apologize for not currently having a blog header photo. I removed my old one and was up quite late last night trying to place a new one, to no avail. I am having a hard time getting any photos to fit properly into the header space. I ran out of patience!

In the meantime, won't you take a look at some "little pretties" around my house?

Flowers in glass - or under glass - make lovely displays.

Found this matching hand-painted, made-in-Italy tray and pitcher at Goodwill. Red crackled glass pitcher (love crackled glass - wish I had wide windowsills to display a collection!) found at the antique mall by my house.

This vintage stool came home with me last weekend. Didn't want to pay the asking price, and then I found out it was 50% off - score! I don't like the red velvet cushion, so I plan on recovering it (umm...soon).

I have a small collection of James Whitcomb Riley books, as our last name is Riley. So I think it's cool to have books sitting around that say things such as, "Riley Love Lyrics", or "The Riley Reader."

I had a vignette of small glass pieces on the secretary desk in my living room (desk belonged to my grandmother). I liked it well enough, but I get tired of the same decor and love to play around with things, sooo...

I changed it!
 I had been looking for an inexpensive wooden tray, and found this one at Tuesday Morning.

The corner of my living room where the secretary desk is placed...
the beige sofa is on an angle.


  1. I always love coming in and visiting! You have such a lovely home. The flower under glass is beautiful. I have never seen that done before. Is it a turned up wine glass? The wrought iron stool will look so much nicer when you have worked your magic on it. The red does not do it justice as the legs are so pretty.

    You have me in trouble. I have a collection of vintage/antique books with a dream to have so many that my shelves are all only antique. Now I am looking up this author of whom I have never heard and his books look wonderful. I am bidding on two on ebay. Fingers crossed! :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~

  2. I love the stack of books on the stool and the red pitcher! I need to come visit your GW, too! I never find anything good at mine. I definitely identify with the header can be so frustrating!


  3. Great finds! I haven't been thrifting in ages but whenever I read about someone else's treasures it makes me want to run out to!

  4. Can you set the width of your blog to 1000 pixels? That might fix it. Love, love that old fan. My mother-in-law had one, and before I knew it, it threw it out. Oh well...

  5. Lovely pretties! I like them all!!


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