Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Popping in to say hello and wish all of you a happy and blessed Christmas. (Or, if you are celebrating Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or any other holidays, may those be light and love-filled, as well.) 

In my last post, I said I'd show you the Christmas decor in my living room and kitchen. Since I'm late in writing my post and it's only five days 'til Christmas now, I'm sharing just a few photos. I think everyone is probably tired of seeing Christmas decor by now anyway. 

The sweetest present under the tabletop tree, our Clemmie. She is still hanging in there with her kidney disease. She had a vet checkup yesterday and he said Clem still looks like she's doing okay. We'll get the results of her blood tests this week.

We are supposed to be going to my cousin's house on Christmas Eve, but that may be cancelled due to someone having Covid and...we're under a winter storm watch.

Depending on how the storm tracks, we may get quite a bit of snow on Thursday and Friday, but the worst part is supposed to be the 55 mph winds, which will cause white-out conditions.

Then temps are supposed to plummet into the single digits during the day and below zero at night. I like a white Christmas, but not a bitter cold one! And not one where the weather cancels family get-together plans.

If plans for our familynChristmas Eve are cancelled, we'll invite some nearby friends over for appetizers and wine at our house instead.

Christmas Day will just be the two of us. We'll enjoy a peaceful morning with a fire going in the fireplace, my traditional breakfast casserole and an almond kringle, and opening our few gifts to each other. We sure do especially miss our sons this time of year. This will be our 14th Christmas without Philip, and Tim has now been in California for three years.

What are your holiday plans? Will you be gathering with family or friends?
Love and blessings to all.


  1. Your home is always so warm and cozy.
    Sweet Clementine. Give her a hug from me.
    Merry Christmas, Melanie!

  2. Hi Melanie. I am so glad to hear that Clem is hanging in there. Your house always looks so lovely and tasteful. I love your Christmas decor. We are going to our daughter's for dinner tonight, if the weather holds. Another big snowstorm is expected so we may have to cut the visit short because we will have a 50 mile drive right in the storms path. Christmas morning will be just hubby and I and our son who will be coming home from college for a week. Our plan is to head off to St. George, Utah for a few days in the sun, and hopefully a little hiking and thrift store treasure hunting. St. George has a lot of fun and treasure filled thrift stores. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday. Relax and enjoy. See you again soon!

  3. I always enjoy seeing your house decor. I love the ribbon holder! and getting a close up glimpse of the cookbooks ;) The little red candle holders are so cute and cheerful. I'm glad that Clementine is doing well. She looks so cozy under the tree. We'll have a small gathering at our house. My dad and stepmom for dinner, and my niece who will come spend Christmas eve with us. There's an arctic front moving in tonight -- 35 below zero with wind chill -- and wind and just a little bit of snow. Not very Christmassy I'd say, but hopefully a little snow will stay on the ground. I hope you have a lovely day however you choose to spend it, and how the weather allows. Merry Christmas, Melanie!

  4. Sweet, sweet Clementine. I don't go to any functions. Covid is here to stay and now there's all these super infections.

  5. Love seeing little Clem under the tree. Your house looks pretty and festive. Merry Christmas. xoxo Kris

  6. Merry Christmas Melanie! Love seeing Clem under that tree...what a sweet face. Our Christmas plans have also been affected by family members with covid and the negative temps. We'll be spending time at home and with friends instead. Tis the season to pivot, I suppose!!

  7. Glad you had a great Christmas. So happy Clementine is hanging in for the new year too. Wishing you and Brian a very happy and healthy new year. I am so detoxing the sweets and rich foods tomorrow too.


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