Wednesday, April 6, 2022

simple easter decor around my home

As I've mentioned on my blog before, the older I get, the less holiday decorating I do. I think it's a matter of liking less clutter, there's less work digging out holiday decor and putting it away, and it's not as exciting anymore during the holidays without having little kids around. I do have some cute Easter things, so I put simple touches here and there.

In the kitchen, I added a Beatrix Potter teapot (thrifted many years ago) to one of the shelves. 

I suppose I could leave this chick up all spring; it's not necessarily an Easter decoration. I just noticed from this photo that she's facing the wall, so I'm looking at her hiney. Perhaps I should turn her around!

I added a few bunnies to my china cabinet. The vintage one on the top shelf is my favorite.

Tiny wooden Easter eggs in a bowl in the living room "fauxyer". 

Little bunnies on the table next to the sofa.

And, a handmade ceramic egg that I bought at Goodwill a long time ago sits on a stack of books in a basket on the coffee table. Monkey used to love to sleep in this basket. I'd move the books so he could wedge his big body into the confines of the wicker.

A pair of ceramic chicks (they're salt & pepper shakers) and a vintage egg cup graces Brian's childhood cubby in the guest room/my office.

That's it for the Easter decor this year. 
How about you, do you go all out with the Easter decor (or Passover)?
 Or, do you keep it minimal?


  1. I love getting glimpses of your cozy house. And your books:) Is the Alexandra Stoddard a good one? I think I have one of hers, or did some time ago. It was about writing letters.

  2. I'm the same as you. Used to go all out when the kids were little. Now that they aren't here, just don't feel the need to decorate. I keep saying I'll do monthly or seasonable themes rather than holidays, but so far, haven't made that happen. I do change up the quilt on the living room sofa and pillow covers throughout the year and the tablecloth on the dining table. Your Spring/Easter decor fits right in with your decorating style. I see your have an Alexandra Stoddard book -- I love her decorating style. Take care.

  3. I enjoyed seeing all of your pretty Easter decorations. It is fun to just have them out to remind of us of Easter,Springtime, and even how much your kids enjoyed them.

    I used to decorate so much for Easter. I would hang plastic eggs all over our dogwood tree and on the crepe myrtle bushes. I had an Easter wreath for the front door, and I put extra large size pastel plastic eggs in a big vintage cement basket that our elderly neighbor gifted me with when he moved out of the house where he and his wife had lived since 1956. Later,his daughter told me that she was so glad that I had wanted the cement basket, because she nor her sisters and brothers (6 altogether) hadn't wanted it,but were sentimental about it because their Mom had liked it so much. They just didn't want it in their yards. I love it in my yard. I told her they will be able to see it anytime they like right in my front yard for many years to come,hopefully.

    This year I will put the wreath on the door and maybe the cling stickers on the window.

  4. I love all of the Easter pieces you have put out. I don't decorate for Easter.

  5. I love all of your holiday decorations. You have such good taste, Melanie.

  6. I love that you mixed your Easter with your love of books. I do not decorate too much anymore either. Just a few things here and there. xoxo Kris

  7. SO cute, Melanie. I love that little chick!So, so sweet. Happy Spring!

  8. No, I don't. I did one thing and after I posted about it I took it down. I knew Gracie would be into it soon. And now little Gracie is gone. I'd give anything if it was still there and she was tearing into it.

  9. Like you, I've scaled back on seasonal decorating. After Christmas a year ago I went through all of the decor totes and only kept about half of what I had, and do not miss it. What I kept is meaningful to me. That whole "keep only what gives joy" mindset.

  10. I only decorate for Christmas and autumn, and even those have been seriously curtailed. But I recently got the urge to do a few seasonal touches, and found an easy way to keep it light was to place a tiered tray in the middle of my kitchen island. On the top level, I do one small circle of seasonal decor! It's the perfect way for me to do seasonal with no hassle.

  11. I think you've done Easter decor beautifully. I couldn't resist enlarging the pics on my laptop so I could see each little touch and I love the ways you've integrated the pieces with your things. And you know I had to check all your books. I love having the little chick turn her hiney to the camera!


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