Tuesday, March 1, 2022

happy march ~ small joys

Hello and happy March! I don't know about you, but I'm glad to see February go. Not only because Monkey passed away in February (three weeks ago today 😢), but winters here in northeast Illinois last "forever". Seeing the calendar turn to March at least gives me a little hope. I know it's still technically winter and we could easily have more snow storms, but at least there will be some warmer days here and there. Just the fact that it stays light until almost 6 pm now lifts my spirits.

Small joys...

Plants make me happy! If I can't garden outside right now, I can add to my house plant collection. We have a new, women-owned plant shop in our town and they had a plant sale a few weeks ago. Of course, I had to go and check out the shop. Not only are the owners friendly and helpful, but their shop has so many cool plants, plus they've expanded to include lovely, unique gift items. Three plants came home with me. First up is this pretty striped plant called Parallel Peperomia. It's a perennial that's native to South America. 

This large plant is my favorite and the one I splurged on. It's a Hoya Carnosa Krimson Queen. It's native to Thailand, India and China but is also found growing in the wild in the Philippines, New Guinea, Polynesia and Australia. I love the pink leaves!

It would make a beautiful hanging plant in front of the window, but I have a hanging iron chandelier to the right of this window over the dresser (not shown), so the plant wouldn't look good hanging in this particular spot. I had Brian hold it up for me so I could get a visual.

The third plant I bought is commonly known as a snake plant. There's a good deal of varieties: this one is a Sansevieria Laurentii. One thing I like about this plant is that it basically survives on neglect. It doesn't need a lot of light and requires little water.

In the kitchen, I changed the artwork on the wall to one of a brighter, colorful canvas (thrifted a few years ago) instead of my son's large photography print. I love Tim's photography, but the photo was in neutral tones and I was wanting lighter and brighter in the kitchen. I moved the photo print into the living room.

I found a short, neutral, lightweight runner for the kitchen table on Amazon. It's hard to find a short runner. Standard runners are 72" long, which is much too long for my small kitchen table. Sorry for the dimmer photos, but I took these late in the day.

I've always tried to look for small joys in my home and it feels even more important now, with what's going on in Ukraine. Our homes should be our place of comfort and safety. To see these families fleeing for their lives is heartbreaking and beyond comprehension.

What small joys are you finding or bringing into your home right now?


  1. Great plants. I love house plants too, and hope to get some new ones this spring. I need to do some repotting of some of my older plants. I always enjoy the decor of your lovely, comfy home. Enjoy the rest of the week.

  2. Love all of your new plants. I have a snake plant that we almost killed for watering it too much! It survived thank goodness!

  3. I'm happy it's staying lighter outside longer. I'm also enjoying hearing the birds sing more.
    I love when you share pictures of your home. :)

  4. It's only been the past couple years that I've learned to enjoy houseplants. It's nice to have greenery and flowers throughout the year. I always enjoy a peek at your house. It is so warm and welcoming. Definitely a 'comfy house.' :)

  5. Love all the refreshment you are giving yourself and your home.

  6. Love all the refreshment for yourself and your home.

  7. I was thinking the same thing last night as I laid in bed before falling asleep . . . These people are fleeing their beloved homes and not knowing where to go or what they might face in each day ahead, and here I am cuddled comfortably under clean sheets and quilts in a warm and hopefully safe home. We need to be aware of how we could lose these wonderful comforts and the feeling of safety and be grateful for each and every day that we can say we live in freedom.

  8. What brings me joy now is just being able to walk from one place to another with this boot. Sometimes by suppertime I'm so exhausted from wearing this heavy boot that I don't have the stamina to cook something. Funny how we take those small things for granted. I love that first plant, the peperomia. I gave Teri my plants with pink in the leaves. I don't care much for pink.

  9. I'm with you, Melanie...March brings the hope of warmer weather. I love that. Even today when it's almost freezing outside, the birds are chirping like it's sunny and 75 and the daffodils have started to poke out of the ground.

  10. I love your new plants and your plant table always looks so pretty with that crisp white vintage cloth. These little changes do help some in times of sadness and heartache. Your art pieces on your kitchen wall and pretty and springlike.

    I always called the snake plant mother-in-law plant. I have a really big one and have a note on my calendar every two weeks to "water mother" which gets some comments from visitors. I give mine 1 cup every two weeks and it always thrives. I also have to note on the calendar to give my orchids 6 ice cubes every week or my senior memory would forget.

    We do have to keep on taking care of our home, even when the news breaks our heart and we think about so many people wondering if they will ever have a home to go home to again.

  11. It's all about finding the simple joys in life, isn't it? Houseplants definitely make me happy, and the changing light in late winter. Plus we change the clocks next weekend - that always feels like a true sign of spring!

  12. Love all of your new plants. Love greenery - makes me think Spring which I am so ready for. We were in the 80s last week and this morning its18.

  13. Sympathy and condolences to you and your family on the loss of your father in law.
    Peggy D


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