Tuesday, December 31, 2019

new year's eve

It'll be a quiet New Year's Eve here, but that's nothing new. We prefer it that way. We'll order Thai food and watch a movie, and then Brian is going to bed early. He has to get up in the middle of the night to go to work. 

Earlier today, I read of typical New Year's Eve celebrations in Sri Lanka and Haiti. In Sri Lanka, the holiday is actually celebrated in April - after the first full moon. It's a three-day celebration spent with family, playing games and cooking together, visiting friends and family, then going to the temple to chant and meditate. It's a time to stop the busyness and focus on what matters most. In Haiti, most people go to church in the evening.

What a difference from how most Americans celebrate New Year's Eve! 

New Year's Eve always makes me think about a family friend. Thirty-two years ago, while driving home from dropping his wife off at work (it was actually very early morning on New Year's Day), he was hit by a drunk driver and killed. I was in the hospital at the time, five months pregnant with Philip and very sick. (I had hyperemesis gravidarum.) I wasn't told the news until I got home. My mom thought it'd be too upsetting to me while I was in the hospital.

There is never an excuse to drive intoxicated, especially these days with Uber and Lyft. Set up a plan ahead of time to have a sober Designated Driver. There's also cabs, buses, and trains. The Metra line here in the Chicago area is giving free rides on New Year's Eve after 6:00 p.m.

Love, peace, good health and happiness to you all in 2020.


  1. We'll be at home tonight, too, Melanie...Happy New Year!

  2. We were at home too. Supposed to go to my parents but Ella wasn't feeling great and I had a headache (what's new).
    Happy New Year!!

  3. We spent ours quietly at home too. Have a wonderful 2020!

  4. I try not to be nervous driving but can't help thinking about the road rage I see on the news almost every night. And when we're on the interstates with RH driving I often keep my eyes closed in order to keep my stress level steady. Rarely a trip away from home where we don't see bad behavior from other drivers. TN just passed a hands on the wheel law but I still see those phones held to the ear. And then to add being under the influence to all that is such a scary thing.

    Have a safe and blessed 2020, dear Melanie,

  5. I don't understand people who drink and drive. They are so careless. My ex was one of them. I won't drink a drop after what all happened with him. At the end once I figured out what he was doing, I wondered each time he went out if he possibly blacked out and ran over someone. Guess we'll never know now.

  6. I love that your Metra line gives free rides on New Year's Eve. That's an example more cities and towns should adopt. We always stay home, it's just safer that way. I don't like to be out on the highways at night anyway, but especial during holidays.
    I have a favor to ask . . . that photo with the adorable wire fence decor on your wall, would you take a full photo of it. I love what I see and I have some of that same fencing stacked in our old pick-up ready for the dump this Spring. I think it might be time to dumpster dive, before it even gets there :) It is so funny, because I have saved it for a long time wanting an idea and finally gave up and threw it into the back of the truck, LOL. Thank you . . . this is so timely, usually I see ideas after I toss something away.

  7. We had a quiet New Years Eve with the girls. Today we went downtown to the Walnut Room for dinner and to see Frozen 2. It was a fun day and nice weather to be in the city.

  8. I was quite happy to stay home on NYE with a pizza and a movie - nothing better!! Happy New Year Melanie!

  9. We always spend the night home. We have a nice dinner and we never make it past 10:30

    Happy New Year


  10. I am always home and in bed, but I worry about my kids being out and about. That story is just so sad. Wishing you a Happy New Year.

  11. Happy New Year to you! I've always had very quiet celebrations (if you could even call them that) in the past but this year we had friends over and grilled out and played games and watched a movie-all very casual and so much fun. But I'll be happy to sit next to hubby watching a movie and knitting next year! ;)

  12. We stay at home for NYE as well... this year I made soup and biscuits, and we just enjoyed the quiet evening so much. It is horrible to hear about the people who still drink and drive. You are right, there are so many options now. But still, there remain people that do it. So terrible. My husband's brother was hit by a drunk driver at 17. He lived, but has lived in pain ever since. Wishing you a happy and blessed New Year :)

  13. Quiet celebrations on New Years Eve have become our tradition for a number of years now. We usually have a big family celebration on New Year's Day. As much as I enjoy it, I don't think I could handle three days worth like they do in Sri Lanka. The story about your friend is so sad and unfortunately all too common. I agree that there are so many options these days, it seems inexcusable for anyone to be driving drunk. Happiest of New Years to you and Brian!

  14. I am so proud that no one in my family drives even if they have only had one drink. It is Uber all the way. That was a really tragic story. My step-nephew was killed by a drunk driver going the wrong way on a ramp. He was up against a rock cliff on one side and a deep chasm on the other side-hugged the rock cliff and was hit head on. He was 16 and already had a college music scholarship. Just so sad. xo Diana

  15. We are always in bed at our regular times around here. Even though New Years was a day off, my husband had containers to unload so had to be up super early to head off to work. I actually can't remember the last time I purposely stayed up past midnight. Unfortunately, insomnia has had me tossing and turning for a few weeks now. My youngest boy went off with friends to a town in Connecticut to celebrate. One of their friends got separated from them and wound up in the hospital because he had been found beat up on a sidewalk somewhere. He has no recollection of what happened. Another boy lost his wallet which someone found and then used his card -- one charge went through and another was denied. Honestly, I just don't understand why people can't be normal and respectful. For sure there is absolutely no reason to drive drunk with so many other means of transportation. Wishing you a healthy, joyful, peaceful new year.


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