Wednesday, October 9, 2019

weekend fun

This past Saturday, me, my mom and aunt hopped in the car and went to a barn sale out in the country. It was only half an hour from my house, but that half hour further west makes a lot of difference in the landscape as far as open land goes. 

The house and grounds were so beautiful. I could definitely live in a place like this.

Check out the cute shed!

Couldn't you picture relaxing around this fire pit on a cool October evening, talking and laughing with friends or family, having a glass of wine or beer and making s'mores? (No phones!) 

Just gazing around at all the beautiful, open land makes your blood pressure drop. I sure wouldn't mind this view from my back yard instead of neighbor's houses.

We were greeted at the entrance to the barn by a pair of turkeys.

Before I went into the barn, I went to the side where the turkeys started heading and I found more turkeys and some ducks. Pee-yew, was it smelly over there! And turkeys are noisy. I had no idea.

That did it for me - I headed quickly into the barn where I had a more pleasant greeting: free coffee and make-your-own Bloody Mary's!


The barn was filled with antique furniture and all kinds of vintage and antique treasures for the home.

This piece already had a sold sign on it. I wasn't surprised. I would love something like this in my kitchen instead of the tall, narrow china cabinet that's currently there.

Me, my aunt and my mom.

After the barn sale, we went to a couple of nearby shops in town to peruse more treasures. Here's a few things I came home with, both from the barn sale and the shops ~ a gorgeous made-in-England pitcher, antique french lace wooden pins, and a small piece of pottery. I also bought a vintage glass deep pie dish and a vintage blue and white speckled pottery mug (RRP Pottery, Roseville, OH) ~ not pictured. I love different coffee/tea mugs in general and have far too many, but my tastes change every so often and now it's leaning towards the pottery ones.

More fun on Sunday with going to see the Linda Ronstadt documentary ("The Sound of my Voice") with a couple of girlfriends. It was excellent! If you get a chance to see this movie, I highly recommend it if you were ~ and still are ~ a Linda Ronstadt fan.

Hope your week is off to a good start. We've had sunshine and temps near 70 so far this week, but rain moving in tomorrow night (which is the last thing we need) and then cold this weekend. Not ready for that!


  1. What a fun place to visit! I wouldn't mind living there myself. I probably wouldn't be on 2 blood pressure meds a day. You three look like you had a ball. Wish I'd been there with you.

  2. It looks and sounds like you have had some great times with family and friends. Those times boost us up. Happy Autumn ~ FlowerLady

  3. I loved looking at every detail in these pictures! I'm glad you took pictures of so many areas--we appreciate it. I love the picture of you three girls too! How do you get notice of something like this? Either things like this never happen near us or I miss seeing anything. It looks like a fun day.

  4. It's a beautiful property. I could definitely live there. Looks you gals had a great day! I got my first tape recorder for Christmas when I was 10 and would tape music from the radio: Linda Ronstadt, Barbra Streisand, Olivia Newton John. They were my favorites and still love their music. I also got to see Donny & Marie in concert that year. :)

  5. We saw Linda Ronstadt in concert when I was in college. She came onstage in a Nebraska football jersey and high heels and the crowd went wild. LOL. It was a fun show.

  6. I love seeing all of your "finds". I see you have Susan Branch cookbooks, too! I don't think I've made but one or two recipes from them. I just like looking at them, they're such works of art. That store with the bloody Mary bar sounds right up my alley;)

  7. I did not know there was a Linda Ronstadt movie out. i play her "If You're Still Within The Sound Of My Voice' all the time. I saw her years and years ago and was so lucky to have seen her live. i am so sorry that she has Parkinson's now.

    That countryside and place you visited make me nostalgic for home somehow. Hugs- Diana

  8. Sweet friend it sounds like you had a delightful weekend and shared it with lovely family and friends. Your posts are always so interesting and I always enjoy my visits.
    You're a very special lady.
    God bless you and your family,
    Connie :)

  9. Looks like a super fun trip! We have wild turkeys around here, they roam in a giant flock and they are noisy! I haven't been close enough to smell them though. Thank goodness!! Ha! That documentary has been playing at a local arts center and we keep trying to go. I love her and and with two daughters that sing, it's definitely of interest. It's on our list. Enjoy your new treasures.

  10. Now that looks like a great fall outing and even nicer that you could share it with your mom and aunt. I was thinking how cute the turkeys looked. Glad I wasn't able to smell them though. The free coffee sounds like a better place to be. I was hoping you would share your treasures. I really love the blue and white pitcher.


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