Wednesday, October 16, 2019

I finally made it to a pumpkin farm yesterday. Well, it's a place that's more than that. It's actually a nursery. They have the most beautiful selection of plants and flowers in the spring and summer and great prices, too. I happened to see on Facebook that they had a huge selection of different kinds of pumpkins and gourds, so I'd been wanting to make a trip back to this place. A friend of mine said she'd been wanting to go too, so yesterday was the day. 

We spent an hour oohing and aahing over the variety of pumpkins and many beautiful colors, shapes and textures! At one point we were laughing because at every turn we'd hold up another cool gourd or point to a pumpkin and exclaim about its unusual shape or curly stem or certain color pattern. "Who gets this much into gourds?!" We used the excuse that we're both very visual and artists. My arts consist more of decorating, cooking, writing, photography and a little art journaling and scrapbooking; my friend actually has a degree in art and is proficient in painting, jewelry and pottery making, photography and possibly other mediums I'm not aware of yet. She's a "newer" friend and I'm still getting to know her.

We each could've gone a little crazy and spent too much money, but we restrained ourselves. I came home with these gourds (I already had the mini orange pumpkins), plus a couple of pumpkins and another one of those big green gourds ~ which are outside. Brian picked up a hay bale for me today, so now I need to work on a display for the front porch.

This is my neighbor's maple tree across the street. I photograph it every fall because it's just so darn gorgeous. Once it starts changing color (it's late this year due to the excess rain we've had), the change goes quickly. It looks different every day. This was taken yesterday right before we left for the pumpkin farm/nursery.

More day trips coming up later this week!
Until next time...


  1. I'd be all over those gourds, too. Such an amazing variety. Looks like it was a great outing.

  2. Interesting pumpkins and gourds. How nice to see your neighbor's tree change colors. Happy Autumn ~ FlowerLady

  3. The more unusual the pumpkin or gourd, the better!
    Our maples are turning red but still have bits of green left. It is my favorite time of year for them and want to soak it in as long as I can.

  4. They had some very unusual gourds and pumpkins there!

  5. Don't you just love autumn! It is pure magic! Enjoy every minute of it, dear Mel!


  6. Will you eat that gourd or is it just for decoration? I'm not sure what you'd do with it...but it sure looks pretty!

    1. Which one - the green bottle gourd? No, I will not eat it. It's a hardshell gourd. Just like all the other smaller gourds, they're used for decoration.

  7. Sounds like you're having a lot of fall fun. I didn't get any pumpkins this year. First year I haven't in a long time. I love the many shapes of pumpkins and gourds too. I love the scene on your table. So pretty in the basket!

  8. The pumpkins in the first picture are so unusual. I've never seen them like that. Your new friend sounds like someone who would be fun to pal around with. Hope we get to see your front porch display when it's done:)

  9. Hi Melanie! Wow! Lovely! I must put out my fall decorations. I'm not sure why I haven't! I love the warty pumpkins!

  10. Thank you for the beautiful photos...again!

  11. I am always so fascinated at the different gourds and beautiful pumpkins. We need to go pick one out! The soft green on.

  12. My happiest season :) I love all the pumpkins. It'll be different this year without anyone to see my carved pumpkin unless Annie comes up, but I'm still doing it. I'm just a kid at heart about the holidays :)


  13. Hi Melanie,

    Sorry for being late. You may have noticed on Instagram I have been sick. Finally better, making the rounds again.

    I love gourds. Last year I sorta lost my mind and spent way to much. This year I was sane and only bought two. For the first time I purchased one with bumps.

    I love this entire time of year. Enjoy the season.


  14. We had the same experience at the farm...restrained ourselves, but could've gone crazy!! I like your picks!

  15. Melanie, these pumpkins and gourds are my favorite kind of eye candy! I didn't make it last fall to our farmer's market--month long bronchitis--and it threw everything out of kilter for me. Don't you just love wandering around looking at it all? All the colors and shapes and textures satisfy something deep in my heart every year.

    I bet your neighbor's beautiful tree has lost its leaves by now. Our big maple has just now started to turn while smaller ones have turned and lost their leaves. Mother Nature has her own schedule.


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