Wednesday, June 27, 2018

picnic for two

  It's been about four years since we've gone on a picnic. Because we didn't have a picnic basket, we threw food into a cooler and headed to the State Park. It was still lovely and fun - we ate at a picnic table nestled by the trees. 

When Wayfair emailed me about their latest campaign - Life's a Picnic - I was in. I needed to start a tradition of going on summer picnics again! 

As a member of the Wayfair Homemaker program, I have been compensated for this post. All ideas and opinions are completely my own.

Since I needed a picnic basket, I chose this one (it also comes in red), as it's insulated, can hold a lot of food, and comes complete with two place settings. Wayfair has a fantastic selection of picnic baskets and backpacks for your picnicking needs! 

I was impressed by the quality of this insultated picnic basket. It's sturdy, easy to clean, has a velcro, padded grip around the handle, pockets for place setting storage, and the inside is deep, so it holds a lot of food. 

Pocket to hold plates and napkins (included).

The pocket on top could hold a tablecloth.

There's even separate pockets for silverware (included).

We didn't get the chance to go to the State Park again for our picnic, so we decided to have a picnic at home on our patio. I made a tuna pasta salad and a jug of mint tea and packed it up in the picnic basket. As you can see, the interior was both wide and deep enough to hold both these large containers.

Picnic for two!

So it doesn't have the ambiance of a State Park, but why not make things special at home once in awhile?

I really like that this picnic basket includes the place settings and has pockets for them, too. Makes it so much easier to have an impromptu picnic. Just grab and go.

Technically, the glasses that come with the basket are wine glasses, but this was a lunch picnic and we weren't in the mood for wine (who am I?), so iced tea it was.

We had such a relaxed, enjoyable lunch, I can't wait until we have more time and can head to the State Park with our new picnic basket/cooler. How long has it been since you've been on a picnic?


  1. Home picnics are the best! But this is such an attractive picnic basket and I bet you will use it in the future on your excursions. Once there was a time when every home had a picnic basket. Food tastes so much better on a picnic, wherever it's held. I made tunafish today, now I think I'll fix some pasta to go with the leftover tuna tomorrow.

  2. What a great picnic even though at home Melanie. Was recently working on a picnic basket post - I will get back to it when I return home. On the way to Maine/Canada right now.

  3. Love your picnic basket! Actually we went on a picnic last week. I am a huge picnic fan . . . I grew up going on picnics almost every weekend during the summer. In fact the word picnic is among my favorite words :)
    Great post.

  4. I love a nice picnic lunch! This basket is great with the insulation!!

  5. Even a picnic in the backyard can be enjoyable. Time spent with family is the most important. Wayfair products are always amazing!! Thank you for the info on this, I'm adding it to my wish list! :)

  6. Hi Melanie nice to meet you, the picnic basket is terrific we do most of our picnics on our boat so this would be perfect. Your pasta salad looks delightful enjoy! Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  7. Now that is a picnic basket...charming, colorful and very practical! That is best of all...

  8. Hi Melanie,
    The picnic basket is adorable. Having a nice picnic lunch outside is so great in the summer. Have a great evening.

  9. Sounds like a nice getaway for you two even if it's just in the back yard : )

  10. That looks like an ideal picnic basket. You are right... no reason not to have a picnic right in your own backyard. Sometimes I am guilty of not doing things because everything isn't "just right". I need to learn how to be more spontaneous. I will now visualize that charming picnic you set up and work on at least one this summer.
    I did manage to make some mint green tea this week. Yum!

  11. Aww, that looks like so much fun!


  12. I love your picnic, Melanie...very cute basket! It had been awhile since we went on a picnic, too...we want to do more soon!

  13. It has way more ambiance than the State Park.
    I love this idea, in fact, I think we need to do a good old fashioned picnic.
    Once the weather is less swampy.....;)

  14. Sometimes Little Buddy and I have a picnic on a beach towel by the pool. He loves it and it is such a simple thing to do. Enjoy our new basket!

  15. Sometimes I think home picnics are the best. The scenary may be better at a state park but the conveniencne of home makes it so much earier. After eating one can just walk inside and take a nap or whatever else you have on your mind. The picnic basket is really nice.

  16. I'm going to look for the cooler your chose. We always take picnics when we drive to Sacramento to visit our little one. We don't eat fast food so we pack a lunch, pull off at a rest stop and eat. But, we don't have the right size cooler for our food, drinks and plates, etc.

    I'm off to check it out.

  17. I sweet friend, just a reply to the comment you left. If you purchase succulents that will live through your cold winters, you too will have them growing everywhere around your place. They pretty much take care of themselves. I have a few that would do good for you and if you lived closer I would be more than happy to give you starts.

  18. Wow, what a great picnic basket. I love to eat outside, and really love a picnic in some spot away from home. I don't have one big bag, and end up putting things in two or three smaller totes, which isn't a very good plan. I usually forget something. I don't think I would forget anything with that big tote to hold it all! Thanks for sharing, and I will check them out.


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