Tuesday, June 5, 2018

sunny days, roofing woes, and a helpful neighbor

The past few days have been delightful...clear, blue skies (low humidity - which is a welcome relief in Chicagoland during the warm months) and temps cool enough where we could turn off the air conditioning and open the windows. Rain is coming later this week, so I'm trying to enjoy as much outdoor time as possible, whether that means working in the yard, taking walks, or relaxing on the patio. Running errands doesn't count.

 Flowers are in full bloom, the excitement of kids at play outdoors is heard through open windows, the smell of dinner on the grill wafts through the neighborhood...

and roofing is falling apart during storms!

You might've seen this in my last post.

The insurance adjuster came out and assessed the damage. As you're probably aware, home owner's insurance can be a joke. The boards underneath the roofing were wet, so they claim that's old water damage and won't cover it. Of course, plywood is the most expensive part. The bushes that are damaged from the fallen roofing parts? Not covered. And we have a $1000 deductible, so the parts that were covered are barely enough to even file a claim. We've had two roofing contractors out here for estimates and a third is coming, so we'll see how that all pans out.

In the meantime, the insurance adjuster said we need to get the damaged part cut down before it caused any more damage (which would be another claim!) and so water didn't get into our house. We were wondering what to do because 1) Brian doesn't have the proper tools to cut down gutters; 2) he has a torn calf muscle (that was explained in my last post, too) and can't get up on a ladder; and 3) he is not much of a handyman and wasn't sure how to go about tarping to keep water out.

Enter our nice neighbor next door. We have a few awful neighbors, but this guy is a gem. He is not only gifted in the home repair department, but just so happens to work part-time for a roofer! He worked for two hours cutting down the hanging gutters and soffits and temporarily nailing them back in to give us a quick fix.

Like my mom always said, nothing better than a man with a tool belt! 


  1. I agree with your mom, oh those men with tool belts, what would we do without them? I'm so glad you have one terrific neighbor. We are so fortunate to have amazing neighbors here who all watch out for each other. They not only take pride in their own yards, they were ready to bring their mower over here when RH landed his in a ditch a few weeks ago.

    It must be frustrating for both of you having to deal with this roof problem now. Whatever roofing company you go with, get them to go to bat with the insurance company for you. It's amazing how often they change their minds if you pester them enough.

    I do love that magnificent hedge in your first photo!


  2. Praise the Lord for sweet neighbors. Life is not fun when you won't have any. Sounds like this fellow is a keeper :) I do hope that Brian's torn calf muscle is mending well and that you get these roofing problems solved without to much expense. We have been down that insurance road before, too. It makes you wonder what exactly you are paying for when you pay your premiums.
    Happy to hear that you are rising above your troubles and enjoying your warm weather. Have a sweet day.
    Connie :)

  3. Hi Melanie! Having roof problems is no fun! Everyone in our neighborhood has a new roof - but not us. They send insurance people out after a bad hail storm and somehow our roof weathers all the rough treatment. It's 25+ years old, too! Weird.
    Isn't it nice to hear kids playing outside and birds chirping up a storm? I love that, too.
    I don't want to be too hot though. I'm a baby.
    Take care and enjoy June.

  4. Aren't nice neighbors wonderful? I hate that my next door neighbors will move at the end of summer.

  5. It looks so green and pretty at your place.

    I'm sorry about your roofing woes, but glad you have a great handy neighbor.

    Hope Brian heals up soon.

    I miss my man with his tool belt.

    Happy summer ~ FlowerLady

  6. I agree with Dewena! Be a PITA...squeaky wheel and all that. If you need lessons, I’m your gal ;).


  7. Hi Melanie,
    Sorry about your insurance company not covering the real damage and just parts of it. Then on top of that having a high deductible. I tell you after all the years we all pay into insurance and never put in claims then when we really need them they come up with things that are not covered. Glad you have a wonderful neighbor to help you out.

  8. I totally agree...a guy with a tool belt is worth his weight in gold. And so are good neighbors. Glad you got some help and good weather. Hope they both hold!

  9. What an awesome neighbor you have. I suspect that you are a good neighbor, too, and that he was glad to help out. Ugh, insurance, don't get me started. I love those big, tall trees in the first picture. Your yard is so lush and green.

  10. YIKES on the roofing...but a great big hand to the neighbor! So hard to find anyone to do minor work on a house here in Nashville these days.

  11. This story just ticks me off and inspires me at the same time!! KUDO's to the neighbor and BOO to the insurance rip-off


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