Thursday, April 19, 2018

a little something for the kitchen wall

I think that spring is finally on its way! It did snow a bit overnight, but the sun is finally shining once again this morning. And looking at the extended forecast, I see temperatures in the 50's and low 60's. No more 30's or threats of snow - hooray!

(Sun on pachysandra this morning)

You might remember that back in January 2017, we had a pass-thru cut out in the wall between our living room and kitchen. To this day, on the kitchen side of the pass-thru, the wall has remained blank. I didn't want to hang just anything; I was waiting until I found exactly what I wanted. I tried various art work and even played with some plate arrangements (having Brian hold things up on the wall so I could stand back and see how it looked), but nothing ever looked "just right". I'm always amazed at those who can put together a room immediately.

I saw this wooden sign at Hobby Lobby and was immediately drawn to it. I thought this might finally be The One. I've also been wanting to incorporate this vintage iron shelf into the wall decor, so when I put the two of them together...

I think we have a winner!

You can see how this wall needs more though. And with the severe angles of the cut-out plus the rectangular wooden sign, it needs some softening up. So, my next step is going to put putting some plates - probably only three - above the cut-out.

Oh, hello Miss Clementine on the heat vent. By next week, she won't be doing that anymore. 🐱

~ Happy Thursday ~


  1. I like your new sign! In fact, I almost bought that one at Hobby Lobby, but opted for another one that says just "Gather", because it was a better size for the space I have. I think plates would look really pretty above the open space. Can't wait to see what you choose.

  2. Very nice! I really like how the wall looks. I hope this is really it for your weather now, fingers are crossed!

  3. Melanie,
    I feel just like you in terms of decorating. I am not of the mindset of just purchasing "something" to hang on the wall to fill a space. Waiting is always a smart idea and your waiting certainly paid off! Very, very pretty.

  4. This looks really cute! I know what you mean about blank walls and pondering what to do. I was very indecisive about a long stretch of wall at the lake. I finally decided on some country prints from, and they are still sitting here as I haven't been up yet. Can't wait to see what they look like.

    Thanks for the email. That would be fun to meet with Cindy. Maybe in the fall we could meet in Galena. I haven't been there in a long time---it would be beautiful then.

    Stay in touch!


  5. Love, love, love your sweet shelf! That looks just great! Thanks for sharing your nice ideas!!

  6. Dear Friend, Your framed sign is lovely and I admire you for all the little touches of yellow, it makes your home warm and cheery even if the snow is still falling outside. It's like you are creating Springtime inside, good for you!
    Here's to having Spring right around the corner,
    Connie :)

  7. Love the sign, Melanie and I think the plates are a great idea. And I used to sit on the heat vent when I was little and stare out the glass door. My mom used to call me a cat...ha!

  8. It looks great! You chose well.

  9. Super cute, Melanie, I love what you decided on!! You're just like me, you wait for just the right thing....that's why the walls in my guest room are still naked, and my master bath as well!!

  10. LOL your kitty trying to stay warm on the register!! Too cute. I love the sign and the cute shelf. It looks so nice. I think once you put the plates above the opening it is going to feel more finished. Looks really nice already.

  11. That looks perfect in that spot.
    We are still running our heat in Oklahoma. I don’t think we’ve ever needed in April. But here, the gas heat is cheaper than the electric A/C so that’s the silver lining I guess.

  12. Love the sign and the kitty staying warm and I hope that your warm-up is coming my way :)

  13. I think that sign is perfect and the shelf with the birds...gathering!! Plates will add even more to the wall. Annie Belle loves her some heat! I am still waiting to find the right thing for several of my walls. Hugs!

  14. I hope by now spring has finally come to stay, even in Chicago! We’ll be in the 70’s this week, so I’m a happy girl.


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