Monday, January 23, 2017

all done

The contractors actually completed everything in just four days! That was making the pass-thru, making a custom mantle, ripping off the wainscoting in the kitchen and installing new drywall, priming and painting the entire kitchen, tearing out the old range hood and two small cabinets above the stove and installing an over-the-stove microwave, painting the living room wall of the pass-thru, and replacing a couple of ceramic tiles and cracked grout in the master bathroom. 

I spent 12 hours straight on Friday putting the house back together. I made at least 40 trips down to the basement to get the furniture (nothing too heavy - I left the kitchen table and living room console table for Brian and Tim) and every item that was in the living room and kitchen. Because of the drywall dust, I also mopped the kitchen and living room floors three times, plus a fourth time on my hands and knees.  Let me tell you...I hurt from head to toe by the time I went to bed.

I wasn't able to get any decent photos until Saturday morning due to the continual dreary weather, but the sun came out for a few minutes and I ran to get my camera.

Ta-da ~ the completed living room pass-thru! It is amazing how much bigger the house looks and how much light now comes into both the living room and kitchen.

Other side of the pass-thru, as seen from the kitchen.

Don't the walls look totally different without the wainscoting? And no more blue! I know it looks bare and plain, but I'm actually enjoying the "clean" look for now. I want to change things up a bit with wall decor and want to make absolutely sure of what I want before I start putting nail holes in the walls.

In case you forgot what that kitchen wall (above) looked like before:

The completed fireplace. (Decorating not complete.)

The only problem we ran into was discovering some spots in the kitchen that needed paint touch-up and a portion of baseboard shoe molding that needed more nails, as it was arching a bit. We think they got a little sloppy near the end on the last day because they were in a hurry to finish. They had a new client to go to the next day. We had to contact the owner of the business and he sent the main contractor back this morning to touch up the paint and fix the baseboard shoe.

Was all this work worth the anxiety and stress? I would've said no in the thick of it, but now that it's over, of course my answer is yes. I'm just glad it only lasted four days. ;-)


  1. Only four days? Wow! That was a good crew then. Good for them AND you. A couple of minor little things that were fixed so easily is good, too. It looks really nice, Melanie. Much brighter and it looks a LOT bigger now.

    After I had gone through and purged the house for putting it on the market it looked pretty spare to me. So, when we took it off the market I put several things back. After a few days I looked at it and thought..WHAT? I liked the 'showing it' way a whole lot better so took everything back to the place I had it before. Kind of funny. You get used to seeing MORE and love it and then you see LESS and it really is ENOUGH....I know that probably doesn't make a bit of sense. Don't mind me- I am tired and xo Diana
    ps. GREAT JOB and I LOVE IT!!!

  2. It looks so nice and I'm happy you all could have this done.
    I've been around Sheetrock work and it does make so much dust, it's hard to imagine unless you've experienced it.

  3. I can't believe it's all done already and mostly put back together! I can see how much light you've got passing through the rooms and I hope you're sitting on a chair with your feet up admiring the new look! I know just how you feel seeing nice neutral walls after looking at color for decades. Enjoy!

    I finished repairing our stairwell and upstairs hallway walls over a decade ago and I'm just now pounding holes to hang things. Of course I never get the hole in the right spot the first time. Or the second. :o)

  4. This is wonderful, Mel! You are so right about the light and open feeling. I think your crew did great...4 days is really nice. Sometimes companies are spread out on jobs and pop in here and there. Like when they are waiting for paint to dry.

    I agree with going slow decorating. I have often thought about what I'd do if I decided to take a picture down, spackle, and then wonder what color paint it was. I'm smarter now and have a record of all my paint colors but not many here at this house. Hubby used some of those stick on hooks by 3M to try out pics for the bathroom he designed at the lake. Nice and temporary.

    I'm glad all of this worked out so well. No more having to escape to coffee shops! lol!

    Jane x

  5. It looks beautiful, Melanie! Less is really 'more', in the end. The older I get, the less stuff I want/need taking up precious space, space to breathe and dream and live!



  6. I'd say 4 days is pretty darn good for that work. It turned out great and I know you will enjoy the kitchen and living room so much more now.

  7. Wow they did a lot in 4 days!!!! I don't think I have ever heard of anyone working so fast. It all looks so good, you must be thrilled with it. The rooms both look so much larger don't they and a lot lighter too. You will love having a mantel to decorate, it will be a lot of fun! Glad you like it so much!

  8. That really was a job well done and quickly. LOVE the pass through. So much more light. I enjoy a clean pallet and then just add what I want. I have sunshine here today so I need to grab and my camera and take some photos so I can blog. Hugs!

  9. It looks wonderful, new, light, clean and fresh ...and how nice that it took just a few days; you lucked out with your contractors! :)

  10. It is beautiful and you got it done so fast. I'm sure you notice much more light . . . I'm excited for you :)

  11. Wow, they did a great job in record time and now you have a whole new look, a bigger and brighter feeling home. I know you're going to enjoy this for many years to come.

    Have fun re-decorating ~ FlowerLady

  12. Wow, they are the speediest contractors I have ever heard of! It all looks amazing. Enjoy your new found space and light! :) Beautiful!

  13. Holy crap that looks amazing.
    I need to look at old posts to see all of the before's.
    And I can't believe I haven't read your blog before CONSIDERING I met you at a blogging event.
    I am power reading tonight and I added you to Bloglovin', so I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE.
    Heh heh heh.

  14. Great makeover Mel!
    Love the light and airiness now...2 thumbs up!!
    Linda :o)

  15. Wow! You lucky girl. It all looks so pretty. Really opened up that space. Wish you could send them to finish my poor bathroom...

  16. It looks lovely, Melanie. Thank goodness it was only four days! Morel light - priceless! And I love the new look of the mantle!

  17. That pass through was a great alternative to knocking down that wall - it looks terrific.

  18. Wow, that was a lot to accomplish in four days. What a beautiful transformation! It looks wonderful and now comes the fun part... playing :).
    Thanks so much for sharing the after with us. I enjoyed following along.

  19. The transformation really changed how the light flows in your rooms. That was a great idea. And the mantel is perfect. Have fun changing the decor on your mantel each season!

  20. It's so nice to learn of a crew that actually did the job fast! It looks so light and bright and cozy Mel! You must be sooooo happy!

  21. Mel - This looks fantastic!! And in only four days. I know it is such a hassle when you are doing it but oh, when it is all done. Great job!!


  22. It looks really nice Melanie and does open up the space and allowing more light to flow through. Wow four days...I'm envious. Guess it pays to hire the right company :-{. Referring to your comment: I have no problem getting organic ground turkey and is easily available by me.. I try to reduce the red meat I eat and use the ground turkey because its white meat. When I use beef is in stews etc.

  23. Four days! Everything is looking great! The pass-through is wonderful and I love the new mantel!

  24. Melanie,
    I LOVE it all! As you know we went with neutral in our new home and just like you I was so hesitant to put anything in the walls. (Some rooms are still bare) But it feels so good, soothing and keeps my mind at rest.
    What a great crew you ended up having! It is all so lovely and pretty!

  25. It's looking wonderful Melanie, I'm sure you'll have it all decorated to your liking beefore long. How fun!

  26. Oh my gosh, Melanie, it looks incredible, you must be beyond delighted!! All the sunshine, perfect!

  27. Melanie, this is so exciting! I can imagine how happy you must be with it. And you sure did earn it with 12 hours of work after the contractors left. Isn't it amazing how long we can keep going when it is all pure joy?

    And to have a fireplace now, that is wonderful. It is one thing our new house does not have so we're thinking some gas logs by next winter in case we lose electricity sometime.

    Enjoy it all, Melanie, I know cooking is going to so much fun now.


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