Wednesday, February 1, 2017

how to combat cabin fever

Hello, February! We're one month closer to spring. If you live in a cold climate like me, where you're already tired of bitter cold temps, days on end of cloudy skies, perhaps lots of snow, then you know how cabin fever sets in once the holidays are over. Going to and from work or running errands just doesn't cut it for "getting out of the house". 

So, when the weekends roll around, I'm always looking for something to do ~ antique shopping, museums, a new restaurant ~ something, anything to keep the feeling of the four walls closing in around me.

A couple of weekends ago, me, Brian and my aunt went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the day. We love going to the Public Market - an indoor venue with different fresh food vendors, artisan markets, a couple of restaurants, and a wine bar. We had lunch there at a place called The Green Market. I had the most incredible salad of mixed greens and just about every kind of veggie you can think of - except for mushrooms and beets. Those are the only two veggies I can't tolerate. What's really cool is that it's build-your-own. You can pick and choose from 50 different vegetables and toppings! 

Across the street was a West Elm store. I was familiar with West Elm online, but I've never been in one of their on-site stores. It was ultra-modern with really loud music, so not my taste, but was fun to look around.

At least Brian found a comfortable chair to relax in!

On from West Elm, we took a walk around the neighborhood and all of a sudden, the fog rolled in from Lake Michigan. Was really cool to be walking around in the fog, but glad we weren't driving in it.

Loved the architecture of these buildings.

Our walk brought us to an Anthropologie store, so we just had to go in and look around. (Poor Brian. He's such a good sport.) I rarely buy anything from Anthro - overpriced and most things made in China - but the eye candy is fun. And they certainly have a knack for creating beautiful displays.

Later in the day, we stopped at our favorite Milwaukee coffee shop to relax and have a warm drink.

The inside is hip and painted in vibrant colors with local art, lots of plants, homemade treats, and wonderful coffee.

Speaking of art, last weekend a friend invited me to one of those painting classes that are so popular now. What was the first thing I noticed when we walked in? The decor, of course! We had time to linger before the actual start time, so I walked around and took some photos. Love this green sofa!

The little kitchen had an interesting backsplash - squares of wood.

This industrial style mirror was in the bathroom.

All set up and ready to go. We were painting coffee mugs with creamy coffee and a heart design in the middle. It was harder than it looked!

Here we are, all done. I'm standing by the window in the beige sweater. Don't look too closely at my masterpiece. ;-) I really messed up on the hearts and couldn't fix it. And I think my cup handle looks more like a bunny ear. 

Not sure what we're going to do this weekend, but I'm sure we'll find somewhere to go or something to do. We do have some home projects to work on, but we have to throw in a little fun, too, right? 
What fun things have you been doing lately on the weekends?


  1. Nice fun weekend!!
    Good for you ..keeping yourself busy. Wish I had more energy to do the same.
    Was the art class fun??? I was thinking of asking my 2 daughters to do it...
    Linda :o)

  2. What a fun post . . . I want to tag along with you on the weekends. Me? What did I do that was fun? Other than visit a girlfriend for a couple of hours . . .nothing. I tried to get Steve to go to the movies, but he just wasn't budging. Cabin Fever has drained our energy . . . we need warmth and sunshine. I keep repeating that Spring is coming . . . this was been our worst winter in many years. Oh, I love that you went to a painting class . . . and your coffee cup is wonderful. Are you going to hang it in your coffee area? Keep having fun . . . it's so important. It keeps you young!

  3. Wow! What a great answer to a drab day! I love Milwaukee yet I have much more to explore. I'd love to see the market you went to. The salad sounds terrific.

    I like West Elm but I agree it's modern and that's not me. Sometimes I find things I like. In fact, the Christmas stockings I have for Elsie and Madelyn are from West Elm. They have a new one every year...I have 2 to buy in December!!

    I agree with you on avoiding items that are massed produced in China. Made in America is very important to me. I don't agree that everything in Anthro is made in China. I bought dishes from three different sets and they were made in Portugal. I have bought a cookbook or two and the prices were the same as Amazon. I check out the clearance and sale promotions as well. I have a new muslin/cotton throw for a bargain. Made in the USA. I totally avoid the clothes...they are teeny weeny. Too bad they couldn't carry clothes for the average woman.

    I hope the weather gets better. I enjoyed the little bit of sun we had today! :)


    1. OK, so maybe not every little item from Anthro is made in China. But, most everything is. I will change my wording in my post. I did once see bowls at Anthro that were $12 each that were made in Portugal...and then saw the exact ones at TJ Maxx for $2.99! I have never found anything in the clearance section except for a couple of tops I liked, but even the clearance prices were too expensive. One of the tops was on "clearance" for $40! I refuse to pay that much money for clothes unless it's extremely well made and I know it'd last a long time.

  4. Oh, that's just the thing I like to do on a getaway weekend! I don't often get to Anthropologie or West Elm, but they sure are fun to visit. Your painting class looks like a lot of fun and now you've got a new piece of art!

  5. I LOVE MILWAUKEE. It is so much easier to get around than Chicago. We love the Public Market top and I had no idea there! Need to check that out next time.

  6. You really did find the perfect antidote to cabin fever. I think the secret is doing something fun and different. Your day out definitely covers both bases :).
    That public market looks fabulous and your salad sounds fabulous too.
    I loved the glimpses you shared of the coffee shop and the art studio. I really enjoy unique places like that.
    Our winters here aren't quite as hard to deal with, but having grown up in Michigan I still remember those long months of cold and gray skies. Some years it seemed like it would never end.
    As for weekend fun around here, we seem to be going the dinner and a movie route.

  7. Great post, Melanie. My husband and I are heading up to Wisconsin this spring to see my son and his family. I've been looking online for some activities for us to do. Milwaukee is a little bit of a drive, but I would love to see the rest of the city, other than just the stadium where we took in a Brewers game the last time we were there.

  8. Oh what fun all the way around! That fog hangs all along the shoreline and I hate driving through the Sheboygan area when it is foggy. There have been some terrible accidents there. I think one of them was the worst highway incident in WI history.
    Love the art studio. Those parties are really big here right now, too. I have not been to one but several of my friends have done it. They call them paint and sip parties here and serve wine.
    Hope you have a great Thursday- xo Diana

  9. Hi Melanie,

    You and Brian always find such wonderful places to visit and it's always so much fun to follow you guys around. I love the pic of the foggy street; it's so mysterious and dramatic! The cafe looks cool and your paint night pic is sweet! My daughter had gone to two while we were in Toronto and she really enjoyed them both.


  10. What a great weekend you had! The art class looks like it was fun too.

    Have fun again this weekend ~ FlowerLady

  11. I think it's wonderful that you look for fun things to do, not just in the winter but all year. I always enjoy seeing where you go. I really want to visit the Midwest someday. I've never been there and I would love to see Chicago and Milwaukee both, maybe even Detroit. I don't think I realized West Elm was a real store? I look at their site sometimes, they have a lot of nice stuff. I get a lot of their stuff in my Pinterest feed. I hope the cold lets up a little bit for you soon, it sounds pretty brutal. Take care and enjoy your outings, they will help a lot!

  12. You're always taking such fun trips. I totally have cabin fever right now. I would love to take a day trip to the caribbean! Ha! If only! :)

  13. What a fun post! I enjoyed the trip ! :)
    Whenever I get cabin fever I shut it down immediately with "Shut up you don't have to mow the grass"
    It always works, ha ha ! :)

  14. That sounds like a day well spent! I haven't hit the cabin fever part of the winter yet but February might be the month for me. We have had a woeful lack of snow here!

  15. What a fabulous way to combat the Winter Blues! Your attitude is wonderful and what a nifty day!


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