Saturday, September 16, 2017

wedding day x 33

Thirty-three years ago yesterday, just one month after I turned 22, I said "I do" to Brian.

We were so young!

Weren't my parents a beautiful couple? Their 56th wedding anniversary would've been today. My dad passed away almost 19 years ago. They only had 37 years together. Not that much longer than Brian and I have been married.

And this is Brian's parents. His mom had cancer and was near the end. She held on for our wedding. I love the way Brian's dad is holding on to her arm so gently and looking at her with love and concern. She passed away just six weeks after our wedding. So Brian's parents only had 26 years together. Now that I'm in my 50's and have been married 33 years, I realize how short time together really is. 


We usually go on an overnight trip for our anniversary, but we stayed home this year due to two of our cats being on medication. Yes, Tim could've taken care of the cats, but his schedule is too erratic, so we couldn't rely on him. It was fine though ~ we don't mind staying at home. We always say, "As long as we're together." We did go out to a nice dinner to celebrate. We were going to go out to a movie afterwards, but the one we wanted to see (Brad's Status) wasn't playing in any of the nearby theaters. Because we're such party animals, we instead stopped at some stores on the way home.

We're in the market for a new couch, but haven't done much looking yet. We went into Crate and Barrel to look around and I really liked this couch. It was firm and comfortable, the slipcovers are washable, and it's only 83" long instead of your standard 90". That would give us more room on either side of the couch, which is a plus for us since our living room is small. A 90" couch is a three-seater, but in reality, who sits three people to a couch? This 83" sofa is a two-seater, but is very generous. And still long enough where one could lay down on it to read or take a nap.

I was looking at this photo and realized how wrinkled the material gets. Do I want this ultra-casual look in my living room, or do I want more tailored? Hmm. Decisions, decisions. Well, like I said, we've just started looking, so we have a long way to go.

As long as I get to spend at least another 33 years with this guy, it's all good.

Happy weekend!


  1. Happy anniversary! Time flies when you're having fun and in love :)
    I have always loved the idea of a white sofa, but I'm afraid that the slip covers would be in the wash more often than not. I'm not looking for extra work. It is beautiful though.
    You're right, being together is enough :)

  2. What a lovely couple you two were and are still. Your mom and dad were a beautiful couple, too....and how sad that Brian's mom was so ill. I am sure it did her heart good to know that he was happily married before she passed.

    Life really is short, isn't it? The years just fly past--fast and furious and we wonder where they went.

    Happy Anniversary and I hope you have many more. xo Diana

  3. Happy Anniversary. I hope you have many many more.

  4. Happy anniversary! Sofa shopping is so hard these days. When I go into a big furniture store I can't find anything I like and I think, "Wow. I'm out of it. Where's the stuff I like?" I felt that way in the tile store, too. Everything is so "same" and I guess I'm living in the past! Ha!
    How sweet that you guys stayed home because the cats need their meds. We're like that, too. Our kitty is so spoiled. It's nice to "meet" you!

  5. Happy Anniversary to both of you. 33 years is fantastic. I love the memories you shared with us.

  6. Happy Anniversary! What a sweet couple you both are! Love the couch!

  7. Congrats on the anniversary, my friend!

  8. Happy 33rd! You are such a sweet couple then and now.

    Have a great week and happy sofa hunting ~ FlowerLady

  9. Happy anniversary to both of you! I really enjoyed seeing your photos in this post. It sounds like you had a lovely evening, exactly the kind of night out we usually have. Hope it's another great year together, and many more in the future.

  10. Happy Anniversary! And you're right, being together is all that counts! Wishing you many, many more...

  11. Happy Anniversary to you both! I love all your pictures, Melanie and especially the ones of you and Brian, such a beautiful dress and good looking couple! Dear pictures of your parents and sweet stories. I'm so glad you had a nice stay at home celebration. Good luck on the sofa decision!

  12. AH what a sweet post:) Happy Anniversary to you lovebirds and dear friends to each other :)

  13. Awww... what a sweet post. Happy Anniversary to you both. I chuckled at the party animal picture. I think I recognized my husband and I there too :D.

  14. Lovely post - happy anniversary dears and here's to many, many more!

    I've done the sofa with the white slip covers, a lot of work to keep up with! I then paid a fortune to have them professionally dyed med. grey and they turned out almost black - hated them! Gave the whole lot away earlier this year and bought a lovely classic English roll arm in grey velvet and love it.

    Hope you find something you really love - they are not cheap! I had a list - had to be made in North Carolina (still the best furniture makers and not many left sadly), shorter for my small room space, no skirt to the floor - so I can clean underneath more easily (you'll understand when you get to be my age Melanie!), fabric which can be cleaned if necessary, and of course comfortable to sit on - I would not suggest buying this item sight unseen online as many people do these days!

    Happy week - hugs, Mary

  15. Happy Anniversary!! You guys are great. You were a gorgeous bride! You paid a touching tribute to yours and Brian's parents, as well.

    Couch hunting is hard and I think the size is the hardest. We have such a small living room in the city, I think I have the smallest ever. It's a half moon shape. At a lot of places you can choose the furniture and then the fabric. I like that option.

    I'm glad you had a nice time doing your own celebration. We did zero for our thirtieth last December! I loved the lack of hurrrrrrah!

    Jane xxx

  16. Happy Anniversary! The wedding photos are wonderful. If I read the correct captions to the photos, you look exactly like your Mom. So pretty! Good luck on the sofa. Will be interesting to see what you select. With two cats, I always factor cat hair into my decisions.

  17. You've been been married just one year less than us, and like your parents, mine too had 37 years together. When you're 'in it' you realize how little that really is.

    I loved this post Melanie. Such a lovely tribute to those you loved, love and give meaning to your life.

    You look a lot like your mom, who was a beautiful lady and you're right, they were a handsome couple. It's sad about Brian's mom, but wonderful that she was able to see her son marry the love of his life.


    P.S. I have no advice about sofa shopping, but I'll be in the same boat before too long.

  18. Wishing you many more years to spend on your new sofa with your husband!


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