Monday, September 4, 2017

labor day weekend

This long weekend included a little bit of everything.

Having lunch on the deck of a local restaurant...

Antique shopping...

Cleaning out our very messy and dirty garage...

Now it's decluttered, organized and clean...
(Well, as clean as a garage can get.)

A simple and delicious pasta salad...dressed it with extra-virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, a teeny bit of cane sugar (all organic), Dijon mustard, fresh herbs, pink Himalayan salt, and freshly ground pepper. It was a perfect side dish for grilled burgers. Leftover pasta salad can be tossed with Wild Planet tuna the next day for a healthy lunch...

And baking strawberry oatmeal muffins. I added some bittersweet chocolate chips to some of them. And yes, some of the muffins are wearing spring tulip wrappers. Use what you have left in the cabinet, right? I haven't baked muffins in a long time. You can find the recipe here

What were you up to on this Labor Day weekend?


  1. I spent most of the weekend just resting and spending time with my daughter from Cali. She left yesterday and I miss her already. Hugs!

  2. I wasn't nearly as industrious as you were! I pretty much just relaxed.

  3. I'll take a muffin thank you very much. I was recovering from a migraine, I know lots of fun for me!

  4. I especially like that first picture with the boats. Oh, that water looks so cool and refreshing. Our garage needs organizing, as soon as the weather cools just a little bit more.

  5. I so apologize missing so many of your posts-blogging has been so difficult this summer and I have more responsibilities with the newspapers. No more excuses. I caught up with your last four posts.

    Your antique stores are awesome. We have more here in the country but they are spread out all over in different towns. It's so fun to explore when you can do it in a day.

    Your garage looks great. Both of ours are in disarray and I can't seem to get hubby motivated to organize them. Sigh....

    Your pasta salad and roasted tomato salad from the previous post are awesome. I Pinned them. I made salsa today with the abundance of tomatoes my neighbors are giving me.

    Are you still on FB and IG? Can't seem to find you.

    Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

    Jane x

  6. The thrift store looks like one I'd love to visit...Please let me know the name. I love your pasta salad and adding the tuna the next day a great idea and stretches a meal. I want one of those muffins and glad I can't reach in to grab one since I ate too much tonight!

  7. We really need to get out and clean our garage.

  8. Great food and a great weekend . . . wish I was there, LOL.
    Connie :)

  9. Looks like you had a great weekend. A good combo of tasks and good times and treats!

  10. A cleaned out garage, delicious muffins and some shopping in between ? Sounds like a great weekend between work and fun :)

  11. I like the weekend you had, Melanie and I hope you're having every bit of a nice one this weekend too. I wrote down your salad ingredients and what I could see in the photo, it does sound refreshing to have with burgers instead of our usual potatoes.

    I'm afraid I've spent the last week resting up from the wedding festivities and worrying about family in Florida and the honeymooners in Costa Rica. We also did a project the past couple of days, one of those that makes a big mess while doing it but such a relief once it's over. And I think I'm going to urge postponement of all projects until next year and try to just enjoy a beautiful fall and then the holidays.

    Happy weekend to you, Melanie,


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