Tuesday, September 19, 2017

seasons changing

Last week, it was cool enough where I was thinking fall foods ~ chili, soup, squash. Have you ever had delicata squash? It looks like this:

It's simple to prepare, and so delicious. Brian and I ate this entire pan in one sitting. Scrub the squash, then poke holes all over it with a fork, put in the microwave on high for two minutes to soften up enough to slice, then let it cool down. Slice into rings and place on a baking sheet. Some of the rings will have some pulp and seeds, but they're easy to scrape out with a spoon. In a small bowl, combine extra-virgin olive oil, salt, pepper & fresh chopped rosemary. Use a pastry brush to brush the infused oil on top of the squash rings. Bake at 400 degrees F. for about 20 minutes, or until tender. Eat! Yes, you can eat the skin, too. This squash is high in fiber and iron, vitamins A and C, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and a host of other vitamins.

I know my time with fresh tomatoes is limited, so I've been running up to the local farm stand a couple of times a week and buying a ton of tomatoes. I cut them up and roast them with extra-virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, let them cool down, and then put them in food storage bags. Easy-peasy and will be so wonderful to have fresh tomatoes in my homemade soups, stew, chili, and spaghetti sauce this winter.

Now we're back to warm weather. It's been 80+ the past few days and will climb to 91 by Friday. That's how the weather goes here when seasons are changing. The color change has started and driving down the roads I've noticed the landscaping seems to be bathed in a soft golden glow. We desperately need rain though ~ it's so dry. My yard is littered with crunchy leaves.

Sunsets have been anywhere from gentle and soft...

to strong and fiery.

 I know fall doesn't truly start for a couple more days and I hate pushing seasons (except for winter 😛), but I brought the fall stuff out a few days ago and started playing around with decor. Just going for a transitioning look; nothing Autumn Overkill. This is just the emptying of the storage box to see what I had. I didn't use much and even donated some of it.

"By all these lovely tokens September days are here, with summer's best of weather and autumn's best of cheer." ~ Helen Hunt Jackson


  1. Gorgeous sunset photos, Mel! The temps climbing up aren't pleasing me-I'm just tired of the ups and downs for some reason. The falling leaves and a few predictions from landscapers that are giving me estimates on a new lawn, are telling me we are predicted to have an early autumn. Sure seems that way with the leaves falling already.

    I am so excited try your squash recipe. I know what it looks like, just didn't know the name or method. Sounds delish!! Thanks.

    Jane x

  2. Our weather is exactly the same. Cool, to downright cold, now hazy, hot and humid and predictions of 90 by the weekend. That's ok, though. I like 90! ;)

  3. I can tell even with the heat that Fall is coming. The leaves changing and the sunlight is more golden! I need to get out my few fall decorations and change it up a bit around here. I think that will be my weekend goal. Hugs!

  4. It is so hot and humid here! More like August than September. But the fall wildflowers are blooming and the hydrangea is turning pink and, though I didn't want summer to leave, I would like it to be cooler now, please!

  5. Did your mother teach you to cook all these dishes, or are you just a natural cook? You've got some gene I simply don't have. Still hot here.

  6. Weather is the same here, but the foliage is already awesome - hard to believe fall is just a day or two away! It's been downright sticky here!

  7. We love winter squash, but have never tried the delicate. I now plan to make this the year to try it. Interesting to know that the skin is also edible.
    Great idea with the tomatoes. That will be a fantastic treat during the winter months.
    Our weather here is pushing 90. Ugh! I'm ready for the cool down.
    As you already know, I can relate to the not wanting Autumn Overkill. Ha! We are thinking alike.

  8. The squash and tomatoes look delicious! Love your sunsets.

    Happy Autumn Melanie ~ FlowerLady

  9. I'm hoping this is our last hot day for the season. It looks like the weekend will be much cooler, but we're close to 90 today. Ugh. I've been gradually getting out the fall decor, too. We love squash! So happy to learn about a new variety, and easy cooking to boot.

  10. I was surprised to see pumpkins and gourds in the market today. It may be Fall in a few days but it will be warm here for several more weeks. Enjoy!

  11. What a great sounding squash recipe!
    I must find a few fall things in my linen closet, but what I really need to do tomorrow (first day of fall!) is walk and write in my nature journal. Woo hoo!

  12. You and I have similar weather. I am in southwestern PA. August was like early fall and now in early fall we are sweltering in the afternoons as if it were August : )

  13. We took a load ( A Truck Load) of tomatoes vines to the dump today. As Steve was pulling them off the truck, he mentioned how many tomatoes where still on the vines. I know and I hated that, but I picked and picked and picked and set them out by the road with a free sign. I just got to the place where I had to pull them up and start cleaning out the garden. Last year I didn't get them all and it was a mess in the spring after the plants were in the decaying process. I planted 39 tomato plants this year . . . never again, LOL. That's just too much garden even for someone half my age, LOL.
    Happy Autumn!
    Connie :)

  14. I love any type of squash - Autumn/Winter veggies and cooking them is my favorite time in the kitchen.
    I'll be heading to the pumpkin farm soon to get my stash, some for decorating and some for cooking!


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