Friday, March 24, 2017

keeping the rug, lilacs, cats and warm weather

Thanks for all your comments about my new kitchen rug! After living with it for a few days, it grew on me and I decided to keep it.

A few of you commented that the rug was too small. That the chairs needed to stay on the rug when they were pulled out. I've heard that decorating rule for dining room rugs. And I can see why that makes sense and why it would look better. However, I can't do that in my kitchen. And here's why. This rug is 5'x7'. The next size in rugs is 6'x9'. There's no room either way for a bigger rug. Any longer - and the rug would stick out past the doorway of the kitchen/living room.

On the other end, the rug would extend too close to the cabinets and door that goes into the garage. We use this door a lot since our cars are parked in the garage. You can see that there's just a small space to walk into the house from the garage. I certainly wouldn't want dirty shoes on a kitchen rug - especially a rug that can't be washed! Shoes come off on that little red rug by the door as soon as we walk into the house.

Then there's the width. Any wider, and the rug would go over the vent and into the wall.

There's not enough room on the other side either. That's the main walkway through the kitchen. I don't want a rug going almost to the fridge and cabinets.

So, this is what we're stuck with. I honestly don't mind the smallness of the rug. I think it denotes our little eating area just fine. After all, this is not a "dining room".

In other news, it was a fabulous 76 degrees today! I went into the backyard to check on the lilac bush, and sure enough, the buds are starting to open. :-)

Clementine was in all her glory, sleeping in the open window. I'm sure you noticed the bird feeder is empty. I need to clean it and take it down. I'm done feeding the birds for the winter. All the seed is doing now is attracting big, noisy crows and a naughty woodpecker who is now pecking at my house! Though we can't figure out what he's "drilling" at: our house is all aluminum and vinyl. I've stood outside looking around, hoping to catch Woody in action, but no such luck. You can also tell from the photo that I desperately need to start on spring yard cleanup. That boxwood wreath is from Christmas and the branches on the bench below are winterberries. They once had beautiful red berries on them that looked so pretty against the snow.

Spring yard cleanup is going to have to wait though. Rain is now moving in again and looks like it'll be here throughout the entire week. Plus the temps are dropping into the 40's and 50's. Today's weather was just a teaser!

Some of you know I'm not crafty. About all I can handle is a can of spray paint. So with today's nice weather, I went into my stash of spray paint in the garage (I think I have just about every possible color) and decided to paint this metal tray white. Previously, it was gold. And before that - aqua. I don't even remember what color it originally was when I bought it! I'd been looking for a white tray for the coffee table for awhile and couldn't find one I liked. This was definitely a much more affordable option anyway.

And I suppose I can now put the winter throw and pillow covers away until October and unpack the spring ones. (That's Monkey - Clementine's "baby" - snoozing on the couch.)

Have a great weekend!


  1. I like the rug and think it fits perfectly in your kitchen. Even in my home i have to use room that fit our smaller rules don't always apply...I never worry myself about decorators rule and just follow my own. Wasn't it wonderful today!

  2. The rug looks great to me. A bigger one wouldn't look right. It anchors the table and chairs and that's all you really need. Your kitties sure look cozy. Happy Caturday!

  3. OOOPS! OK now I see it in better light and different angles and agree you probably can't do anything about the size! For me, at my age, I don't want anything I can trip over - I know many elderly people do fall in their own homes because they trip over things. I had thought about adding a rug in the living room with the change in the slip covers, but aside from trip possibilities I also think it would make my rather small and enclosed space look even smaller. The only rug I have is in front of the hearth for the winter months - I roll it up and store through the summer.

    All looks lovely there - enjoy the weekend with hopefully some more pleasant weather. The kitties are so sweet. Love your tray painted white!
    Mary -

  4. I like the rug and I'm glad you kept it. Oh cats in the window and snoozing. Annie Belle is in her bed in front of the window right now. I'm waiting for more warm weather and it should be here soon?? Hugs!

  5. I don't have any rugs inside, but I say don't listen to the "rules" of what size it should be. It only has to please you and your husband after all. It's rainy and cool here too.

  6. I think the rug looks fabulous and you know me, no rules! I say if it works for you, then it works. Period! :)

  7. Melanie,
    It is perfect now that we can see this is the kitchen and the wall and cabinet colors. You knew what you were doing all along! Perfect!

  8. Funny, I consider myself quite crafty, but I'm usually pretty intimidated by spray paint! I noticed today that my lilac is also full of buds. But I just don't understand why the whole shrub refuses to grow any taller. It's about five years old or more, and it's still about three feet tall. Weird.

  9. I am glad you are liking the rug now. We can't truly see your area and dilemmas unless we are there in person. I do understand your reason to keep the rug smaller. No matter what, your house looks lovely!

  10. I like the rug. A LOT! And I think the size looks great as well. No rules. Just do what works for you.

  11. As always...I'm sorry for being behind in commenting. I was hoping to get an email from you after your procedure. Have you started PT yet?

    I know the rug dilemmas very much so. The corner in our Great room...I had a round jute rug before but try to find round in another appealing style...grrrrrr...that's when I chose the rectangular one and it works. Sometimes it's too much thinking. I know that you really know what you like...sometimes it's not worth putting it up for debate. Sometimes it's not even about how you 'ground' something as much it is choosing the best thing to ground. I don't want to deal with crumbs or stains under the table in my kitchen so instead I have a runner in front of my sink/stove/dishwasher. It makes for s comfy place to stand and adds some color and warmth. Personally I do not like trying to slide my chair out when there is rug underneath, even in restaurants. I do love your rug. I've always heard just the front legs of furniture should be on the rug...and that how I have it in both homes.

    I will email soon! :)

    Jane x

  12. I am not sure why we have to have rules for rugs, I think yours looks great. Now for me I have no rug under my kitchen table as I find it much easier to clean the floor and with Max and Little B that is a necessity.

  13. I'm glad you made a decision on your rug, Melanie (I've now got 2 rugs to return). It makes your kitchen more cozy and defines your eating area without having to trip over it on your way through the room. How wonderful that you had a warm sunny day to play outdoors! I'd be soaking up the sun just like your cats if the sun ever decides to shine on us.

    Your newly painted tray is a nice spring accent on your coffee table. I've still got wool throws on our furniture, too, but spring hasn't sprung here yet.

    Have a nice rest of the weekend!

  14. Decorating rules are made to be broken! And it does define the table space. Your woodpecker reminded me of a mockingbird who has just driven me nuts this week, attacking his reflection in a window where a holly bush grows in front of it. I'm assuming he's defending his berries but I'm afraid he's going to hurt himself. I've taped pictures and foil up in it but that doesn't work.

    It sounds as if you're feeling much better with your plans to do garden work when the weather warms up. Very pretty white tray--spray painting is the limit of my crafting too!

  15. I hadn't thought about the size of the rug in terms of function, but the way it looks is just perfectly sized. Our burst of spring weather is ending today, it seems. We're getting snow and rain for the rest of the week, which is a blessing since it's been so dry. I'm trying to suck it up and appreciate the moisture.

  16. I think the rug has the perfect size for your kitchen.

  17. I'm late to the new rug discussion so I scrolled back to get caught up. My first thought was that the color looks perfect with your chairs and kitchen. I also think the size looks just right. I think if it was any bigger it would look like too much rug for the room.
    Glad to hear your healing process is moving along well and that you enjoyed some nice weather.

  18. Rules shmules. It's your damn house. Do what you want. It looks great anyway.

    I have so many woodpeckers putting holes in my eaves, I'm surprised they haven't sprung a leak lol I wonder what on earth they could be getting into at your house. Although, my mom has a tile roof and they bang on that too. Weird birds...

    It sounds like you're feeling better and I'm glad for that :)


  19. Melanie,
    Spring has sprung in your neck of the woods and now it will waiver back and forth for awhile. I love Lilacs and they do not grow in Texas. I chuckle as I read about your naughty Woodpecker, birds sometimes become obsessive!
    Your rug is perfect and I think it is challenging to find just the right rug. I still need a couple for our home and I become overwhelmed with the decision making process.
    We are having thunderstorms today, but we have been having a dry spell, so it's a really good thing.


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