Tuesday, August 30, 2016

finds and fadings

Sharing some of my latest finds with you...

Aren't these plates perfect for fall? The thrift store only had two each of these dinner plates and salad plates, but that's OK. They'll look pretty as part of a place setting on the table. They're made by Vernon Kilns (USA). 

A pretty hand-painted pitcher...

Mini hobnail sugar and creamer...

Another owl to add to my collection, but this one is different. Instead of a figurine, it's a vintage clip and quite heavy. Found in my favorite antique shop.

This was my best find, by far.  A brand-new Dooney and Bourke wristlet! Still had the original price tag of $75. My price was $13. :-)

These aren't thrifting finds, but they're still bargains: wire magazine holders from the Target dollar section. They were $3 each. I snagged the last two. The navy and aqua colors are perfect for my office. I just need to make labels for the fronts. 

Meanwhile, being the end of August, the gardens are fading. All my potted annuals are history (except for one hanging pot of petunias in a shady spot) and some of the perennials are starting to dry up.

The end of August is when Sedum starts showing its beauty and since I have it planted in the butterfly garden, it's nice to have something blooming while the Purple Coneflower and Black-eyed Susan are fading away.

I just cannot get over my coleus this year. This pot started out as four small plants. At first, these plants weren't doing well. The leaves started to shrivel up and were crispy. I tried a sunny spot, shady spot, more water, less water...nothing was working. One of the plants even died. I was just about to give up when I decided to move the pot to the other side of the house. I don't know why this was the "magic spot", but wow! Next year I'm planting coleus in the ground in this spot.

I had to run into the grocery store while I was out this evening and I found mini mums for $2.99. I bought two yellow and one purple to plant in the planter box that previously held basil (now harvested and made into pesto and frozen). I guess fall really is coming. I'm one who wants to hold onto summer just a bit longer.


  1. Even if we want summer to last a bit longer, there's nothing wrong with filling in some empty pots. I'll be doing pansies and mums, too. My sedum is getting ready to bloom, too. I have three plants that are the size of bushes.

    Love the plates you found, you can easily mix them up on the table with any sort of solid color. Love deals like this.

    Now, what can we do about this humidity? ;-D


  2. Lots of pretty finds, Melanie! Love the colorful plates!
    You did find a spot the coleus loved!

  3. Pretty painted plates and pitcher. I'm back in Kuwait now and happy that my husband managed to keep most of my plants alive on both balconies. I told him I needed to see green when I got home. We won't see flowers until winter rolls back around. And that's the time of year you are wishing for green. :)

  4. I love that hand painted pitcher! Nice finds ♥


  5. You have lots of pretty finds here. My coleus did well this summer too and it's actually the first time in a long time that I had any. I put four plants into a large pot on the front porch, and four plants down at my DIL's in the ground and they all did quite well...I have the reddish variety with purple spires and they are on their second round of blooming right now.

  6. I can tell that Fall is right around the corner, but summer is still here in Georgia. Most of my plants are ending their summer beauty and I will be looking to add some mums to the planters soon. Love those plates.

  7. I'm envying those plates! I'm with you, I'm wanting to hold onto to summer a bit longer, but I feel that way about all the seasons these days. Maybe it's because time goes so fast. It is fun changing up the plants for fall. I need to pick up some mums from the grocery store. Enjoy your day, Melanie!

  8. I'm always in awe of your thrifting finds. Those plates are just gorgeous! Makes me want to thrift in your neighborhood!

  9. Love those plates, but then, you know I do have a plate addiction. Your coleus looks fantastic. I may plant some of that next year.

    Have a good Wednesday.


  10. Melanie,
    I been experimenting with deadheading everything in the village gardens and I saw something amazing. When I got to the purple coneflower, i looked down each stem below the spent flower and there is was two flower heads forming at the joint where the original flower and a double branch off occurred. Not all of them had this, but half did. You may know this already, but I thought when the first coneflower was done, so was the plant. It is fussy business to deadhead so many plants, but it is interesting, isn't it?
    I like all your finds but especially the owl. That is so cool.

  11. I love those plates and the hobnail pieces. Great finds.

    Your flowers and coleus are pretty. It's gray and windy here today, no rain so far. We had heavy rain yesterday afternoon, which didn't turn out to be as bad as predicted. I was thankful for that.

    Enjoy the rest of your week ~ FlowerLady

  12. Your fabulous finds make we want to get to the thrift store! I am due for a trip - especially now that garage sales are winding down. LOVE that plate and pitcher. You found some very unique items! The coleus is amazing.

  13. You scored some great find and the dishes are so pretty. I can never pass on milk glass even though I need to! I never got around to planting coleus this year since I've actually spent so little time in the garden...oh if summer were only just starting!

  14. Coleus is a must-have in my garden, both in pots and in the grounds. They like shade, and it's an easy way to add color without flowers. Maybe check ebay for more of those plates?

  15. Melanie,
    Your finds are all wonderful, but oh those plates...exquisite!

  16. Hi Melanie, sorry I've been missing your posts lately. I'm finally feeling like I can slow down and read some blogs like normal again. I love all of your finds! Your plate reminds me so much of my mother's Thanksgiving turkey platter, which I think had belonged to her great-grandmother. It's gorgeous bone china with gold edging. I saw some like it in Home Goods last fall and I was really tempted to buy one. I love your hobnail too, that is such a classic and pretty style. I hope you're having a good holiday weekend, take care and enjoy.


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