Tuesday, August 2, 2016

hello august

How did August get here so quickly? For those of us in the northern part of the US, summer just doesn't last long enough. 

I'm welcoming this last complete month of summer by saying hello to a certain young man and all his stuff moving back home after being away at school for three years.

It's only been a few days and we're all learning to adjust (more bodies in the house, more stuff, more dishes to wash, different attitudes and schedules) but so far, so good. I had to smile when I went to do yoga in my office and found Tim's bulletin board and two pieces of artwork in this room...he still needs to hang them up in his bedroom and didn't have enough floor space yet in his own room to lay these pieces down. At least he was neat about it! I simply laid my yoga mat on an angle and did my practice that way. A little aggravating, yes, but not worth making a fuss about.

Hello beautiful and bountiful butterfly garden...

and hello to this gorgeous swallowtail that visited the butterfly garden today.

Hello to tomato plants that are bursting forth with red and yellow cherry tomatoes.

Hello to making gazpacho from just-picked tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet corn from the farmstand down the road.

Hello to summer family gatherings (that's hubby in back, on the left in the red striped shirt and me next to him with the blonde hair and glasses).

Hello to my little self 47 years ago today when I was a flower girl in my Aunt Barb's wedding. (Aunt Barb is the woman in front of me in the yellow shirt in the above photo.)

Hello to August being my birthday month.

Hello to warm summer evenings on the patio.

Hello to summer sunsets.

What are you saying hello to this month?

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  1. Awww, I remember flock returning to the nest. ;) Great photos!

  2. Glad the boy got moved home all right. Gorgeous swallowtail. I'm saying hello to being home this month after being gone so much this summer. Had lunch on the porch today -- gotta love it!

  3. Love this post!! I'm saying hello to 8 million ways to prepare zucchini!!!! :) xo

  4. Such a nice post, Melanie. I hope everything continues to go smoothly with your son back at home. I love that photo of you as a little girl, so adorable. I'm saying hello to school back in session next week, my husband's birthday in two weeks and finally having rain and cooler days after a long, hot, dry summer so far.

  5. What a fun post, Happy Birthday! Don't you look adorable with daisies in your hair . . . hello to August and fresh garden produce. . . grocery shopping in the backyard and sitting in the shade eating local watermelon . . . you've got to love summer :)

  6. Your gardens and back porch are so inviting! I'm saying hello to beautiful heat loving plants like coneflowers, zinnias, black eyed susans, and all of the bounty at the neighborhood farmers market. Happy Birthday month! Love the white gloves in your cute picture.

  7. As you I can't believe its August already...don't feel I've enjoyed this summer because of extreme heat and the remodel from hell! Love the post and you family gathering looks like it was a lot of fun. I hope to say hello to a new upstairs...can't happen soon enough.

  8. Such an energetic and enthusiastic post! Love, love it.
    Your gardens are wonderful and wow that butterfly is amazing!
    Happy Birthday month, it is definitely a good one to be born in.
    I am saying Hello to pumpkin planting season!

  9. I just can hardly believe it is already August. I don't know where June and July went. Your flowers look great. Ours are just hanging on with the intense heat we are having.

    Have a great Wednesday.


  10. I ought to be complaining about summer moving so quickly, but this season it's been recording-setting hot and I'm ready for autumn! Your garden is lovely and oh! that gazpacho! Share the recipe?

  11. What a wonderful August you will have. The kiddos returning home is always an adjustment. Love that photo of you as a flower girl. I'm happy to have some special time with my Tiger before he starts Kindergarten next week. Some special things going on at church and maybe the heat starting to wane.

  12. What a lovely post. The swallowtail butterfly is stunning, that's a great shot.

  13. Looks like you are having a lovely summer, Melanie...I enjoyed reading about your happenings and your lovely photos, too!

  14. Happy Birthday this month dear Melanie! Lovely pix of you and your family.
    Your garden is lovely. Like you I've been making gazpacho this week too - my favorite Summer soup.

  15. Those are great photos, Melanie. Those of us that are good with math can now figure out about how old you are, you know....knowing that you were of an approximate age when you were flower girl and then adding 45 years to that! lol

    Your gardens are just gorgeous, by the way. Sounds like you are having a great summer- xo Diana

  16. August. How did it get here so fast. I have one going to college in a few weeks. I wish it was June again. xo

  17. School starts here in August and it is bittersweet for me. 5 of my grands will be in different types of all day school- preschool. They are all doing great but it scary how fast the time goes.

    I'm guessing the monkey in headphones is Tim's.

    Jimmy lived at home as an adult several times, it was fine.

  18. Yes, more bodies. More stuff. I know exactly what you mean.

  19. Your butterfly garden area is just gorgeous ! :)

  20. I'm saying, "Hurricanes...don't get any ideas about coming here." It's always a worry especially since I have no intention of evacuating because of my dog and cats.


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