Wednesday, March 9, 2016

spring has sprung so yard work has begun

Check it out - short sleeves at the beginning of March! Yes, it's a Midwestern Miracle. Temps have finally warmed up into the 50's and 60's and the sun was even shining for a bit yesterday. What this essentially means is that it's time for spring yard clean-up. After a long winter, all the perennial beds are filled with dead leaves and other decay. Lawns are littered with dead leaves, twigs, rocks from the snow plow, and wood chips from surrounding beds. 

Just look at all of this yucky stuff from this area along the fence! Though I suppose it serves a good purpose during the winter; that being as a ground cover for the perennials. Those dried stalks you see sticking out of the ground are hostas.

After clearing out that area, we were then rewarded by the beautiful sight of lilies starting to  poke out of the ground.

Brian also started to rake all the dried pine needles and leaves out from under the arborvitaes in the back yard.

Today, I went around the entire yard and cut back all the perennial stalks...hostas, purple coneflower, sedum, phlox.

I marveled at all that was blooming already. The lilac bush...

Chives in the herb garden....

The tiny beginnings of hydrangea. I didn't cut this bush back. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to. I'll do a Google search.

After cutting back the sedum and digging out dead, wet leaves with my hands, I was thrilled to find that the cabbage-like sprouts were under all that decomposition.

Do you think I should uncover the patio furniture and get it set up? :-)

 Because we would never get a snowstorm in March or even April, right? ;-)


  1. It's warm here too. Just hope we don't have a sudden snow storm and ruin everything that is blooming.


  2. I always love seeing your yard when it's in full bloom. You have a lot of growth already. We're only a couple of weeks ahead of you in New Mexico. February was warm but March has been a little iffy so far. Isn't it funny when you clear the beds and see that things are already coming up underneath the debris? I should expect it by now, but it surprises me every single year. In a good way. :)

  3. Same warm weather here in PA. I checked back on my blog in regards to posts of the last two Marches and it was cold and snowy so this is very unusual. I actually took my quilt hoop out onto the porch yesterday afternoon to quilt. A little worried about things coming in to bud and bloom too soon due to this ....You guys got a lot done there! :)

  4. I worked in my flower beds yesterday and yet I won't plant until I'm sure the bad weather is done for!!

  5. Oh it looks so GOOD to see signs of spring! So far the only sign here...the snow is gone!
    But as you our neck of the woods, that might not last long!

  6. Ha! Even I know better than that. I thought about pulling the wicker out, but until we get through April, I can't.

    The yard is looking great. I should be out there myself instead of the computer LOL


  7. Wow! You went from snow to spring.
    Congratulations and have fun outdoors.
    Connie :)

  8. Glad you are having some nice temps to do your spring clean up.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  9. Your garden is further along than mine - my sedum aren't showing yet. I have many more garden beds to get cleaned steps, baby steps! Your Arborvitae are gorgeous!!! The deer love them I tend not to plant any. My sweetie has some at his house but they are behind a wire cage....and I don't see the point in planting something if I have to put a wire cage around it! :)

  10. You are so lucky that spring is springing for you!! I am glad that you can get out and about and enjoy! xx

  11. Melanie, what a delightful sight it is to see buds on your lilac bushes. I saw that my rhubarb is coming up. I don't know if I would uncover the patio furniture yet, but maybe. That is a wonder healthy row of arbor vitae and they must make a good wind block plus add privacy. It takes a long time to grow a row like that.

  12. When you Google your hydrangeas, be sure to use the exact variety name, because they are all different. Some bloom on old wood, some on new, and some on both! I know it's a lot of work to do winter garden cleanup, for some reason, that job is almost pleasant after a winter indoors.

  13. I've been doing some of the same things. Pulling away dead leaves by hand more and more as new plants come up. Luckily that snow the other day didn't do any damage.


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