Thursday, February 4, 2016


What's adding a bit of cheer to my home when I'm feeling winter will never end...

(Flowers from Trader Joes)

What I'm listening to lately...

(New-to-me music...give it a listen! It starts out slow but picks up. Beautiful, gentle voices and a catchy tune.)

What's making me laugh...

(Monkey's goofy faces)

What I'm creating...

(a little art journaling/scrapbooking)

What I just finished reading...

(Really enjoyed these stories of food and how it brings us together ~ fantastic recipes, too)

What I'm now reading...

What I'm making in the kitchen...

 (Cavewoman Cafe Bars - my hubby's latest fave! Since we don't do processed sugar and I'm also trying to cut gluten wherever possible, these are perfect for when we have a taste for a little something sweet. You can find the recipe here).

What I'm grateful for today...

 (Sunshine - finally!)

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  1. Love your positive attitude. The bowl holding the flowers is really pretty.

  2. have so many great pastimes here and you inspire me. Both books look fantastic and I've been wanting to do a creative journal. Where are you finding your supplies and embellishments? It looks so awesome, Mel. I want to look at that link for the bars.

    Thanks for a fantastic post----you are inspiring without really trying!


  3. Just a note---I'm not finding a Pin button on your pics or sidebar. I follow you on Pinterest but can't find the bar recipe. LMK what I should do.


  4. I'm kind of feeling like winter's never going to end, too, Melanie. I actually stop at our local mall after work to "walk the mall" for 20-30 minutes since the streets and sidewalks are pure ice. I even bought myself a real live green plant to bring a touch of spring indoors. I'm off work today, so I'm going to trek to the library to stock up on good reads. Have a good weekend!

  5. I'm reading the same book. Seems to be moving kind of slow. But then after Defending Jacob, maybe anything would.

  6. We have had wet and warm weather lately here, but today the temp began to dip a little. I have felt somewhat cabin bound too, with all the cloudy skies. Your Monkey is so cute! I enjoyed reading your post. Have a beautiful weekend!

  7. This is a great post, Melanie - all about the simple blessings in our lives, which I adore. Your little Monkey's face - omg, too cute! And the flowers are lovely in that simple vase. I'm going to have to look up both those books!

  8. Monkey cracked me up! And I put Bread and Wine on my book list :)

    Great post about the enjoyment of life, my friend. Enjoy the sunshine!


  9. Melanie,
    What a joyful post! I love the photos-happy, happy!

  10. Your pink and green polka dot plant in the pink pot look so charming together!


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