Thursday, September 4, 2014

exercising at home

You can probably tell by the title of this post that I decided not to join a gym. I did check
out a second gym a couple of days ago. I actually signed up on a whim, but after thinking
about it, went back yesterday and cancelled my membership. (This was not a place where
you had to sign a contract.) The price was right at this place, but it was so crowded. And the
lady that was showing me around said it wasn't even their busy time - that the morning was
worse. As an introvert, I find it very unnerving to be in a small room with lots of people. 
Especially where you feel that people are looking at you. Ick. This place also didn't have
the machines I needed for shoulder strengthening - which is what I'm working on with 
having a torn rotator cuff.

It's just as easy to exercise at home - and it's free. And I can be by myself. And no one is looking me. Hooray! 
Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day so I walked briskly down to the lake.

And then I swung on one of the swings. :-) How long has it been since you've done that?
When I got home, I did some yard work, a little yoga, and my shoulder exercises. 

 Today has been rainy, hot, and humid so no exercising outdoors for me. This is 
the view out my front door, by the way. Look at all the leaves that are already on
the ground. It makes me sad. I love summer.

I can easily exercise indoors though because I have my yoga mats, foam roller, and small 
hand weights for my shoulder exercises tucked away in a corner in my office. I do belong
to a weekly yoga class, but it's totally different from being in a gym.

 I roll out the yoga mat on the rug and do my exercises in the peace and quiet
of my own home. In fact, that's all I'm going to do for exercise today because my
lower back is a little sore. The yoga stretches always make it feel better. 
(Little side note: notice the new curtains in this room? I didn't have any up before.
I've done a few updates to this room, which I'll share later.)

On other days where the weather may not be favorable to walk or ride my
bike outdoors, I have a treadmill (the "dreadmill", as I call it) in my basement.
So: no gym needed for me after all. And no excuses not to exercise either!

Do you fit exercise into your daily routine? Do you work out in a gym or do you prefer
to exercise at home? Do you take walks or bike ride in your neighborhood? Dance?
Play tennis? Practice yoga or martial arts?


  1. I am so bad! I don't do any. Our health insurance provides free membership (for seniors) to an athletic club close by my house I turned 65 in February and I went faithfully several times a week until May came around. Then I got busy and went on vacation, etc. etc. My faithfulness in exercising is long gone. I will be on a trip next week. Maybe when I get back I will start up again. Keep encouraging all of us who are not as motivated as you. Thanks!


    1. I hope you get back to the health club when you return from vacation...even if you just walk a little on the treadmill, you will feel so much better. Here's to your health!

  2. I think you will be just as happy at home exercising. it looks like you have all of the strengthening equipment and then the "dreadmill" Ha! for cardio. Who needs more other than yourtrips to yoga and again, I envy that you know your instructor. I would feel comfortable if I knew and liked the person teaching.

    I hate to see summer go and we've had the same humidity, not as bad today as yesterday. Now I hear it's supposed to cool down.

    So glad you are back! I have to go read your last post, it sounds like I might have missed one.

    Jane xx

    1. I didn't know the instructor - or any of them - at the yoga studio when I started! Most yoga teachers are so warm and welcoming that you don't feel uncomfortable at all. And this advice is coming from an introvert!

  3. I exercise...... not!! I wish you well with your return to health and exercising. xx

  4. Joe and I exercise with a DVD. The instructor goes at our pace and we both enjoy this...especially in the winter. Our DVD is for elderly people, but I'm sure that there are some for almost any age. We also go to the pool three times a week and do some water walking. This has helped my arthritis and Joe's knee.
    I know what you mean about not liking to exercise with a lot of people around. When we go to the pool...we are two of about five people. It's like having our own pool.
    It looks like we will have some cooler weather. I too hate to see summer go. It's about the first year that I'm not ready for fall.
    Have a nice evening,

  5. I am so not exercising, mainly because after each day's work on our new place I am totally wiped out. I know that working . . . even digging, raking and climbing ladders painting, is not the same as aerobic or yoga, but it is all that I can handle at the moment. I have several tapes, Richard Simmons being among my favorites, and I have an elliptical machine so when winter comes and things slow down I plan on using them:) I most certainly feel better when I exercise properly :)

    1. All the work you are doing on your new place is definitely exercise, Connie!

  6. I'm just like you, Melanie. I would only join a gym if I could have it all to myself for an hour or so. Ha! Like that's going to happen! I'm pretty active in the summer. I take daily 2 mile walks, bike ride, kayak, etc. The winters are my downfall, because I hate to be cold. I can already feel my energy level going down with the shorter daylight hours. I'm going to "try" to keep active this winter (which I say every fall).

    You've got a wonderful walk to the lake!

    1. I find it much easier to be active in the summer, too. We'll have to try and encourage each other this winter!

  7. Melanie,
    I do exercise, daily- with long walks and I love to garden, although this Texas heat is and shortage of water is aggravating me!

  8. You are all set, right in the privacy and comfort zone of your own home, and that 'dreadmill', (TOO funny!, but true!), can convenience you when it gets too cold to walk outside, plus you've got your weights, mats, and yoga gear right at your fingertips! The best exercise for me depends on the season: I LOVE swimming in the summer, and walking the rest of the year, although I'm finding I need company lately. Then again, walking alone always seems to clear my mind, and of course the sights and sounds are pure therapy. Of course, since turning 50, I've been discouraged with regards to the weight not coming off as fast, (or not at all!), and this sometimes depresses me, since I have been very good this summer.



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