Monday, September 15, 2014

30 years

Thirty years ago today, I said, "I do" to Brian in front of about 110 loved ones.
It was a beautiful, sunny day and we were married outdoors in a lovely garden
setting. We were just kids - I had just turned 22 and Brian, 24. Of course, when you 
take those wedding vows, you have no idea what life will throw at you in all the years
down the road. Just six weeks after we were married, Brian's mother passed away
 (she had cancer). We've also been through the death of my dad; our firstborn
son, Phil; illnesses; surgeries (me); financial troubles; job security worries; a severe
car accident; sleepless nights with newborns and teenagers; on and on. I don't mean
to be all doom and gloom...naturally, there have also been a lot of wonderful times and
memories, too. It's a good thing we have each other.

We celebrated a little early by spending the day in Madison, Wisconsin on Saturday.
We started out by walking the farmer's market by the Capitol building. We had read
online that this 300-vendor market was crowded and they weren't kidding. We 
could see the throngs of people by the tents as soon as we started crossing the street.

There were a ton of produce vendors...we bought green beans, gold and red beets
(I hate beets, but I roasted them for Brian), parsnips, and even some farm-grown
popcorn kernels. I couldn't get any photos of all the veggies; it was much too crowded.
I did manage to get a photo of this array of beautiful mums though.

After the farmer's market, we walked all around the downtown area, hoping to
find some interesting stores to explore, but didn't see anything that caught
our eyes except for an independent bookstore.

We were getting hungry and wanted to leave so we could go out to lunch, but we
couldn't find the parking garage where we parked our car! Brian usually has a great 
sense of direction and can find anything, but not this time. It was actually me who realized
 we were not going in the right direction and suggested going another way - and I was right. 
By the time we got to our car, we figured we had walked for several miles. We chose to
eat at a place called Tex Tubb's Taco Palace, which had great Yelp reviews.

We started out with chips and salsa and I had a delicious mango margarita. I 
rarely eat steak but the steak tacos sounded good, so I gave those a try. Brian had
the shrimp tacos.

We drove to another area to check out a couple of little shops and while we
were walking to the shops, we came upon some beautiful landscaping. I wish
my side yard looked this lush and pretty!

I thought these tall, purple flowers were so pretty with their interesting stalks.
Anyone know what they are?

I had to laugh when we were by one of the shops and I saw a sidewalk sign
announcing a library book sale. I told Brian we just had to go check it out!
It was the last day of their sale, so you could fill an entire paper bag for only $4.
Here's our loot.

We're lying pretty low today. Brian has the day off work and we met up with Tim
for lunch. I'm under the weather, so that's the most excitement we've had today.
Otherwise, I've just been doing little bits of housework, reading, and napping.
Oh ~ Brian did gift me with a pair of beautiful pearl earrings. Pearls are the
traditional gift for 30 years of marriage. 

 "Grow old with me, the best is yet to be."


  1. Congratulations. Your earring are beautiful and your day together sounds lovely!

  2. Congratulations, you two! You have been through thick and thin together. But the important thing is, you're still together.

  3. Happy anniversary! You've been through so much together. Your relationship is to be admired. I'm glad you had a nice day out to celebrate. The earrings are really pretty.

  4. 30 years is something to celebrate. All the best for another 30 with more ups than downs. Hugs, Deb

  5. Happy anniversary. Ours was the 12th. What a beautiful bride and groom. Love the earrings.

  6. Happy Anniversary to you! Your wedding picture is beautiful and I love the earrings. Brian has good taste in jewelry and women. I hope you are feeling better. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Sounds like a lot of fun. Congratulations on your 30 yrs. It goes by so fast doesn't it?
    Here's to many more.

    1. Yes, it did go quickly. Hard to believe we've spent more than half of our lives together!

  8. Happy Anniversary. September must be a popular month - our anniversary is the 25th, 43 years and our middle son's is the 29th. They will be married 2 years. Please share the name of that flower if anyone tells you. I think it is beautiful also.

    1. Interesting name you have there! The name of the plant is Obedient Plant.

  9. Congratulations!! Hope the next 30 are wonderful :)

  10. A lovely day to celebrate your anniversary - books, tacos, earrings, and a gorgeous setting!

  11. Happy anniversary, Melanie and Brian! You two are adorable together, both on your wedding day, and in photos of your outings that you've posted throughout the year. All the very best!


  12. Yes, that is Obedient Plant. . . and it is not so obedient. It will travel and multiply like crazy.

    1. Several people have told me the same thing. I think I'll forget it. lol

  13. A lovely time of celebration for you two. Yes, marriage, children, and life is full of challenges. You however have a great attitude. love, Olive

  14. Dear Sweet Melanie, one of these days you are going to have to buy a second home for all of your books.
    Love your wedding picture . . . what an adorable couple :)

    1. Ha ha, too funny, Connie! Good thing my downstairs family room has plenty of room for bookcases. :-)

  15. Happy Anniversary!!! I've never seen that wedding pic. You are both so beautiful! Yes, Brian too. lol.
    Brian did great on the pearl earrings. They are lovely. Best wishes to you both.

  16. Congratulations! Love Madison; haven't been there in too long.


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