Wednesday, July 9, 2014

inspiration from friends: a shadow box and glass bottles

 Inspired by a shadow box display next to a door at a friend's house, I decided to try
somewhat of the same thing at my house. My friend had several shadow boxes, but I only
 have one. I took down the piece of artwork I had by the door and put up the shadow
box. Turns out I like the display itself, but not the location. Good thing I used 3M 
Command strips and not nails!

 The piece of artwork that I had taken down was this metal bird piece on the left. Again, 
not crazy about the new location, but that's can play around with moving artwork 
on the walls when nail holes aren't involved. 

Notice anything different on the top shelf of the bookcase?

 I'm always inspired by the fun decor at Art and Sand. I love her collection of glass
bottles and how she hangs tags and charms from them. I found wire-wrapped flowers
and vintage keys in my stash of home decor and used those to decorate my bottles.

I used a lone glass bottle as a bookend on the second shelf. 

I love the cover of this Birdsong book. I found the book at Savers and bought it
for the beautiful artwork on the cover. 

I hope you find joy and inspiration all around you and carry it home with you, too. 

Partying with Green Willow Pond ~ What We Accomplished Wednesday


  1. I really like what you did with the bottles. It really dresses them up and makes them more interesting.
    Have a nice evening...Balisha

  2. Everything looks really nice, Melanie. I love the box, it's such a nice way to display small treasures.

    1. I do love the box and display; just not the location. I've already taken it down. ;-)

  3. Nice photos. It looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing such a nice blog.
    Things to do in NYC

  4. That's a great little box - perfect to display cute little things in! The bottles are so cute with the flowers wired around the top!

  5. Looking great...I love little cubby boxes. The jars are very pretty with vintage keys. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!



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