Thursday, May 15, 2014

love ~ and a few goodwill finds

Once again, I'm apologizing for being MIA from blogging for awhile. I really
haven't done a lot in my home or garden lately - nothing worth blogging about,
anyway. I've been away from home a lot with physical therapy, doctor appointments,
 yoga classes, and errands. Though there's been some fun things thrown in too,
like retirement parties, a birthday celebration, and Mother's Day. This is me
 and my mom in 1963. Wasn't she adorable?

 My own "baby" came home last weekend for Mother's Day. As usual, it sure
was good to have him home for a few days. We went to my sister's house, so
I got to spend time with my two nieces. I don't see them often, so really miss them.
I have no idea what was so funny, but it doesn't take much to make teenage girls
collapse with laughter. And no, that Lite beer does not belong to my niece!

 I ran into Goodwill today since it was their monthly scratch-off coupon day.
I only picked up a few things...I'm still working at getting more things out of here
than I'm taking in.

 I love this basket. I can use it in the living room to hold magazines,
on the kitchen table to use in a centerpiece, or outdoors to hold potted plants.
I might tape off the basket and spray-paint the metal.

I'm going to use this metal colander as a planter. I am so behind in getting containers
of flowers planted this spring. Our weather here in northern IL has been so cool
and rainy. It's been feeling more like March and early April rather than May. This
morning when I woke up, it was only 38 degrees!

I collect small white pitchers and it's a bonus when they're from Europe. This one
is Ironstone from Spain.

I also found this blue and white plate marked Royal Staffordshire, Cathay Ironstone,
by J&G Meakin, England. 

It'll join the other blue and white plates on top of my fridge.



  1. Melanie, I have been missing you. The picture of you and your mom is wonderful. You are both precious. Love you GW finds. That basket tray is really nice


    1. Aw, I'm glad I was missed! Thank you, Debbi for such sweet comments.

  2. It's nice to see you had a good time. I love that blue plate!

  3. Firstly you do not EVER need to apologise for not blogging, or what you blog about or anything like that!!!!! It is lovely to hear whatever you have to share whenever you have time to share it! Lovely to see that you are having fun family times, your nieces look so lovely and as though they are having the most fun of their lives, that has to cheer anyone doesn't it. Your new finds are very pretty, especially that blue and white plate! Hope that you have a great weekend. xx

    1. I'm glad my nieces and Tim got to spend time together. There's only the three of them as cousins and with Tim away at school, they don't see each other often.

  4. Good finds, Melanie! I have an old colander that I'm not using - I think you've given me an idea!

    1. I think I've seen on Pinterest where people plant succulents in them!

  5. I love reading your blog...even if it's not everyday. Aren't kids fun? I always love it when I see young people laughing like that. Wonderful finds at your Goodwill. Garage sales are slow to start...what with our crazy weather. I'll be happy to start finding some things when they start up. Have a nice day, Balisha

    1. I'm glad you enjoy my blog, Balisha - thank you. The garage sales just now started in my neighborhood but I'll bet everyone was frozen at them today!

  6. These are all such beautiful finds. I love the idea of using the colander as a planter, that's going to look really cool. I hope your weather warms up and feels more spring-like soon. You've had a hard few months there, weather-wise. I love that photo of you with your mom, you're both adorable. I hope you're feeling well and that you have a great weekend.

    1. It's only in the 30's today and would you believe this...snow showers!! But just 5-6 days ago it was in the 80's and horribly humid where I had to turn on the AC! Crazy weather.

  7. Good treasures! Love the idea of the colander being used as a planter! Have missed your posts - glad you're back.


  8. Love the family photos...the one of you and your mother is precious! Fun finds, too!

  9. you and your mom ...what a great picture.

    The nieces and your son...LOL! :)

  10. Hi Melanie, I love that photo of you and your Mom. You look so much like her and she was a beauty.
    I have that same plate and love it. Now, what I really love are those two winking fellows on the right. Are they a cream and sugar set. They make me smile . . . so darn cute!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Your blogging sis,
    Connie :)


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