Monday, April 7, 2014

new little succulents, signs of spring, and a bunny

 I had a really lovely weekend ~ a nice mixture of time spent with a friend, getting
things done around the house, and starting evening walks with Brian again.
We really slacked off on the walking during the winter. 

You might recall that a month or so ago, I was looking for succulents at Home Depot
and they didn't have any. Well, the other evening we were at HD and while hubby
was looking at boring stuff (gel stain for the front door and register vents), I told him
I'd be in the plant section. I was delighted to find they had gotten in a ton of succulents!

I bought three small ones and planted them in a couple of teacup planters and
a piece of milk glass.

I was also thrilled to see that the spring outdoor plants were on display at Home
Depot. It's always a mental and spiritual lift for me when I start to see beautiful
flowers appearing once again in the garden center. 

Speaking of signs of spring, I was walking around my yard this weekend and
was excited to see that the tiger lilies we transplanted around the compost bin
 last fall were coming up. This little area used to be a burn pit years ago, but now
 that we don't burn any yard waste (still legal in our area, but I have terrible allergies
 and burning really drives my allergies insane) and this was an ugly the
compost bin isn't exactly attractive either, we decided to fill the pit with dirt and move
 the compost bin into the center. To make the area more attractive, we planted the lilies
around it. We'll also need to re-seed with grass seed this spring.

 I mentioned spending time with a friend this weekend...we spent the morning going
to five thrift shops. My friend was in search of a small dresser, but no luck. In fact,
none of the thrift stores had any exciting treasures. Neither one of us bought anything.
We stopped for a bite of lunch, then on to a local art studio to paint a ceramic piece.
I have not painted ceramics since I was a teenager, so let's just say I was new
to this. The lady that ran the shop did show us a few pointers so that we weren't
totally clueless. I decided to start simple and chose a small bunny to paint...

 And this is how the bunny looked when I was done. It goes in the kiln this week and 
then I'll pick him/her up. Can't wait to see how it looks when he's/she's all shiny. It was 
more fun and relaxing than being serious about what we were painting. This studio offers
various classes, so perhaps we'll take some sort of painting class in the near future.

 Happy Monday!



  1. Cute bunny. The nicer weather has been wonderful, hasn't it? I have been raking out flower beds and getting excited for the growing season.

    1. I wish I could be raking...can't do so because of my shoulder!

  2. Succulents are adorable! I love the idea of putting them in little tea cups ...although the last one I had I may have over watered and killed. :( I think I will have to try again though because I have some empty teacups!

    1. On the labels of all the succulents, it said to give it a good soaking only when it's totally dry. I have other succulents in my home and water them maybe once every two weeks.

  3. I hope your lilies don't get carried away. My sister planted zebra grass to hide their air conditioner unit. The grass just about buried it so it was hid well ;)

    Love your painted bunny.

    1. The lilies will be fine...they're really a tough plant. That's an awesome idea to hide something ugly outdoors - zebra grass! Will have to look into that.

  4. Your bunny is so cute! I used to paint ceramics when I was a teenager too. There was a lady in the neighborhood who had a studio in her basement and I used to go once a week in the summer to visit her and paint something. I still have a few of them, in particular a jug and bowl set that I started from the "green" stage. She taught me to sand it down, then paint and glaze it. I drew geraniums on the pieces and painted them. It's on my dining room table right now with silk flowers in it as a centerpiece. I'm so glad you were able to find the succulents. They look so pretty in the cups. I can't wait to plant some flowers. I should be able to do by the end of the month. I'm terrible at keeping annuals alive, so this year I'm limiting myself to just one half-barrel planter that we have on the back patio. I'll fill it up but it won't be so terrible if they all die, as usual. :)

    1. That's really cool that you had a neighbor who actually had a studio in her basement. If I can learn how to paint some sort of decent design (pretty flowers or something), I will next try to do a bowl. I don't know why your annuals are dying...try planting some that are fool-proof for your area. You could always talk to someone in the garden center to see what they suggest.

  5. Cute bunny! We went to Lowe's Sunday and they had tons of flowers and vegetables out - so nice to see all that color!

  6. Your weekend sounds absolutely lovely, Melanie. I love to use succulents in my garden because they live through everything and the bunnies don't eat them! Speaking of bunnies, the one you painted is adorable.
    Mary Alice

  7. I know just how you feel about seeing the flowers and plants again. It's been a long, long winter.
    You bunny is very cute!
    And thanks for your sweet comments on the dresses, I really appreciate it.

  8. I'm getting itchy to go buy plants, but will wait another week or so. We're almost to our last-frost date. I do have some green things showing now in the yard. Yippee! Barb and I are going to a workshop on Thursday about putting together miniature gardens.

  9. I am so glad that your weather is turning pleasant and you can be outdoors once again.

    Your bunny is so cute. I have done a couple painted pieces over the last few years. There is a new spot for painting that just opened next to our new Whole Foods. I think I might need to drop in to paint something fun.

  10. I missed this post! Your bunny is very cute!! xx


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