Monday, January 13, 2014

i need a word ~ and updates to my office

 I was thrilled when I got an email from Maureen of The Moksi Homes, informing
me that I won her giveaway! I get to pick a word made by Jane at Planet Joy
Jane makes words out of wire and then wraps them in fabric. Here's the word,
"wish" as an example from her etsy shop:

 I know exactly where I want my word. I want to place it over the canvas family
photo that I ordered right before Christmas. This was the last family photo taken
of the four of us while Phil was still alive. It was Phil's 21st birthday in July 2009.
We all went out to dinner at Maggiano's and my mom took this photo. When I 
found a deal on one of these canvas photos from Amazon Local, I went for it.
This is hanging in what was Phil's bedroom - now my office.

I will be hanging the word above the canvas, to the right. Not centered
because the chandelier is in the way. So, now ~ what word should I pick?
 Family? Always? Not love...I already have a pillow that says "love" on the 
chair below the canvas.

Another new thing in this room: the rug! Do you recognize this rug from my kitchen?
That's where it used to be. It looks so much better in this room.

I need to spray-paint that wicker stool. It's so faded and dirty from being
used outside in the summer.

I also hung the vintage yellow mirror that I found at the local antique
mall. Perfect in this room with the light yellow walls.

 Any of your brilliant ideas for "the perfect word" to go above the family
 photo would be greatly appreciated! Happy Monday, everyone.


  1. Melanie - love your family photo! Just beautiful. I love the word "believe".


  2. Beautiful Melanie! Two words that comes to mind is 'Treasure' and 'Memory'. I am sure whatever word you select will be perfect for you!

  3. "Forever" or "Remember" - look forward to seeing what you choose. I love the canvas.

  4. I think "Joy" or "Memories" would be good. Don't forget to let us know what word you choose.

    P.S. Love your office space.

  5. I like "Grace"...accepting the things we cannot have.

    Your office looks great. How nice to have a space to call your own. Do you use it a lot?


  6. For some reason I keep thinking "four." Because he is still alive in your heart, and there were four of you that makes your family whole.

  7. Well, congrats on winning! Your rug looks great-I think Joy would be nice, whatever you choose let us know!

  8. My first thought was "Together", but the gals above came up with some wonderful words! Your family portrait is a treasure and the centerpiece of your office. Your rug fits the room perfectly and I love the vintage cabinet you've angled in the corner.

  9. What a great giveaway! I love the idea and may just have to go look at her Etsy site. I like your colors and the rug looks great.

  10. My first thought was "Forever"...such a lovely family photo. The whole room is personal and charming! Thanks so much for stopping by, Melanie!

  11. Hi Melanie,

    Firstly, I absolutely LOVE your office! The sun streaming in so softly, warming the space, setting the stage for comfort and serenity, is exactly what a home office should do, in my opinion. I am especially drawn to the corner that features your beautiful family photo and the lovely armchair and chandelier. The pretty walnut coloured sideboard is such a lovely complement to your yellow chevron rug that I remember from my first visits here.

    Melanie, when looking at the photo of the four of you, one word that resonates with me is 'bond', and then, 'bound', both of which emphasize the feeling of being tied to one another, secured or 'fastened' as a family, always. Your arms around both your sweet sons, further 'locks' in this notion of connection and oneness.

    I know you'll find the right word, for it is in your heart, not in your head.


  12. Congratulations on the win! I like the word "family." It says so very much.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  13. Congrats on your very fun win!
    The yellow rug from your kitchen really brightens up this room nicely.
    Mary Alice

  14. Hi Melanie;
    I am so glad you won! And your room is beautiful. What a hard decision, to pick just one word. All of the girls have made wonderful suggestions on a word. I think I would go for Beautiful. Your family is beautiful, and your son will be forever in your heart. Love and Hugs, Nana

  15. My word would be together. I see that Vickie also like that word. It makes me sad that you lost your son. I don't know what happened but I am so sorry.


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