Tuesday, December 17, 2013

this and that - just some chat

I have met some wonderful people through blogging, and one of those
persons is Penny from At Home in English Valley. We met last Friday morning
 for breakfast and sat and  talked for 3-1/2 hours! We never did make it across
 the street to Goodwill for thrifting like we had planned. Penny gifted me with
 some lovely Christmas goodies (including a crocheted washcloth that is the
 softest washcloth I have ever used) and in true Penny-fashion, wrapped them 
so beautifully  that I didn't even want to open the package at first. The Noel ornament
 on the package? She made  that. Non-crafty me sticks presents in a typical
 store-bought gift bag and calls it a day.

Another friend of mine had some girlfriends over to her house on Saturday
night. We ate too much, laughed a lot, drank some wine, and played
cards for several hours. I was hesitant to go at first - felt I just wanted to
stay home in my pajamas and do the usual: watch a little TV with Brian,
read some blogs, write an email or two, and catch up on some novel reading.
Turns out I was glad I went. Sometimes I just need a little kick in the hiney.

Naughty Monkey figured out how to jump to the top of the china cabinet!
He was bound and determined to try and get Freddy - the African Dwarf
frog that lives in the glass bowl. My aunt gave Freddy to Tim as a birthday
gift many years ago. We have lost track of time and don't remember exactly
how old Freddy is, but he's (we don't really know if it's a "he") at least 12
years old. For the past few years, every time one of Tim's friends would come
 over and see the fish bowl on Tim's dresser, they'd say, "You still have that frog?" 
Freddy simply lives in a bowl of water with seashells at the bottom.
We feed him a pinch of Goldfish food every two days. I had no idea where
to put Freddy after Monkey's little escapade. I tried a shelf on the ladder
bookcase in the living room...Monkey scaled the shelves. Now Freddy is
on top of the almost-8 feet tall bookcase in the downstairs family room. There
is no other piece of furniture close to this bookcase that Monkey can use as
a launching pad, so I think Freddy will be safe once again. Besides, the top
of this bookcase is so close to the ceiling, that Monkey couldn't even fit at the
top of the bookcase even if he could jump up there.

Tim was just home for 24 hours. He wanted to come for a quick visit to
see us and some friends. He was sitting on the counter last night and I
asked if I could take his picture and he made this goofy face. I love my
boy. I can't believe he'll be 23 years old on Thursday. We watched some
Christmas cartoons last night and talked while he chowed on some good
home cooking. Then he was off to visit with some friends. He slept in
late today, got up and made himself some eggs and bacon, and then was
off again. I always feel a little heartbroken all over again when he leaves,
but a gentle and relaxing yoga class tonight was just what I needed. Tim
will be back again on Sunday and will be staying through Christmas and
hopefully, a little beyond. His classes don't start again until January 13, but
he's hoping to pick up some more work hours in the meantime.

Happy Tuesday-almost-Wednesday. Sleep well and sweet dreams.


  1. Aren't blogger friends the best! Looks like you and the girls were having fun!

    That crazy cat - I can't believe he got up there!

    Always nice to have loved ones come home and hard to see them leave.


  2. 1. I love the NOEL ornament
    2. I cracked up when I saw the cat on top of the cabinet
    3. How fun that your son was home for a short time. We grab the moments we can.

    1. The ornament is even more beautiful in person! Yes, I will grab any moment I can while I still can...you know how they're always off and running at this age!

  3. Oh goodness! I'm glad Monkey's attempts to get to Freddy were thwarted. That would have been a tragic turn of events.
    So glad you got to see your son and that he will be back home soon.


    1. I know, right? Poor little Freddy was probably in a panic up there in his bowl, lol.

  4. Early Happy Birthday wishes to Tim. We're gathering tonight at a Mexican restaurant to celebrate my Nick's birthday. I don't know how 30 years went so quickly...
    That naughty Monkey made me laugh, though I'm glad poor Freddy is seemingly safe now.

    1. How do our kids grow up so fast?! Tim said to me the other day, "I can't believe I'm 23 - I feel so old!" Ha ha ha...I said, "How would you like to be the parent of a 23-year old...you think YOU feel old?!"

  5. Blogging friends are wonderful. Those of us who write regular posts seem to have a lot in common. What a cute Monkey! And, poor Freddy might need to find a new hiding place! -- Jan

  6. Melanie,
    Sons are such wonderful people. My son is about the same age, and we are very close and he makes me laugh all the time. I like your "this and that" pictures today. Sometimes I do a post called "Just Because" and it's about pictures that I take of this and that....... just because.

    Merry Christmas, and enjoy your son and family on this special day.


    1. Thank you so much, Sheri. Tim and I have a great relationship and I'd like to think we're close, too.

  7. I'm so glad you're having a nice time lately. The evening with friends sounds wonderful and I could really use one myself. Your son sounds like a really great young man and I can understand how you feel when he's away. I'm glad he'll be back with you soon.

    1. It's always good to spend some time with girlfriends - I hope you get that for yourself very soon!

  8. When I saw the picture of your cat at the fishbowl I thought it was staged! If Freddy has managed to survive so long it is amazing! I'm glad you've had a good week full of the best kind of Christmas activity.

    1. Definitely not staged! I don't know why or how, all of a sudden after all this time, Monkey decided to jump to the top of the china cabinet. We thought that was a safe place for Freddy, but guess not!

  9. Good Morning Melanie, that photo of your cat and the fish bowl is so cute, but poor frog. I hope you find a safe place for him. I know what you mean about a little kick in the hiney. I could use one of those from time to time, too. It is easy to get comfortable in our daily routines, especially when it means not going out in the cold :) I was going through the post before this one and your home is so pretty. Bits of Christmas everywhere and those fruit cakes sitting on the counter look wonderful. You have been a busy gal. Enjoy your son for the holidays and have a wonderful Christmas.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

    1. Freddy the frog is now safe on a verrry high bookshelf in the basement that Monkey can't reach. Thanks for saying my home is pretty. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as well, Connie.

  10. I can't believe your cat got up there! We've only had a dog, so I didn't realize how much cats love to climb. Happy Birthday to your son! I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas, Melanie!

    1. Cats love to be up high...my female loves to sit on top of the refrigerator and stare down at all of us. We call her "the vulture" when she does this. ;-)

  11. Oh y goodness, Melanie!! I can't believe your cat, ruthless or what?! And, amazing how you managed to snap the 'caught you red handed' moment!

    Lovely that your son is visiting for the holidays, recharging his batteries with your delicious and hearty meals! Good for you for talking yourself into getting out of the house and away from the usual routine; I miss that kind of spontaneous stuff!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and all the best in the new year!


  12. Merry Christmas, Melanie! I can relate to the "kick in the caboose" theory. I, too, often need that kind of inspiration. Your son is so cute and he surely must bring a lot of joy with him when he visits. You have one smart cat there, but I never knew any kind of frog could live to be so old, so I have learned something new today.

    1. I think most of us need a kick in the seat of the pants from time to time. Normal stuff. Thanks for saying my son is cute - I think he is too, but I'm prejudiced. ;-) We are amazed about how long Freddy has lived, too...we had no idea a frog would last so long!

  13. Stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas, our cat, the Little One, could never make that height! That's one determined cat. Glad your son is visiting for the holidays! I just seen you home tour and really enjoyed it. Guard the FROG!!

    1. I am so glad you stopped by, Cathy! I have missed you. I'll have to come over and visit your blog. Merry Christmas to you, as well.


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