Friday, November 15, 2013

pretty things

 It had been awhile since we thrifted, so me and my mom met at Goodwill one
day last week and then another day, I stopped at Savers. I found a few pretty
things, including these cool champagne glasses - handpainted in Hungary.
I wasn't going to get them - I don't even like champagne - but my mom said
they'd look pretty in my china cabinet when I do vignettes with primary colors.
You should always listen to your mom, sooo...

I do not need any more Christmas decorations - in fact, last year I got
rid of a lot, but I do love unique, vintage decor and this silver-plated 
angel from Italy (made by Wm A Rogers - I have the original box, too)
with candles caught my eye.

I love the cheerful colors on this Vera Bradley recipe box. I'm not using it
for its intended purpose though. I'm using it in my room/office to hold some
scrapbooking stuff. Makes a great box for ribbon or embellishments.

The inside of the recipe box...

OK, I couldn't resist this little Christmas tree either. *Sigh*, I'm hopeless.

This is just an inexpensive lacquered tray originally from Target, but
I thought it was pretty. I could use something like this anywhere - coffee 
table, dresser, bookshelf. Would be a great catch-all for jewelry.

A young woman very near and dear to my heart - she's like a niece to me - is
expecting her first baby in February. And, she knows the baby is a boy, so I've
already started shopping for clothes! Lucky for me, she doesn't mind thrift store
clothes. Savers was having a 50% off clothing sale this past Monday, so these
Onesies were only 50 cents - $1 each. I especially love the Chicago Bears one on
the right. Rachel is originally from my area (Chicago suburbs) and now lives in
Canada with her husband, so I think she'll really like the Bears Onesie, too. I had
laundered and folded all these impossibly small Onesies and had them in a little 
stack. I showed them to Brian and said, "Is there anything cuter than a stack of
freshly washed Onesies?" Brought a smile to his face, too.

I love this unique lemonade pitcher. It has a "lip" on the top; didn't show up in
the photo. It's tall and skinny. I bet it originally came with matching glasses.

I'm doing a little fluffing in my nest today ~ I have a new friend (she's been my
yoga teacher for a couple of year now) that's stopping by this evening and
seeing my house for the first time. I also need to run some errands and
on the way, I will take a brisk walk in the State Park. I'm really trying to
keep the daily exercise in check. Sometimes I dread doing it, but I feel
good afterwards. I hope you all have a great weekend! 


  1. I especially like that vintage candle holder...just lovely!

  2. You have some great thrifted things there. I love the tree, I can't tell how big it is though. Tabletop trees are everywhere! I was thinking of one in an urn on my front porch. You're so lucky to have your mom to go out with it...cherish it. And have fun tonight! :)


    1. The tree is about 9-12" tall. Small. I love the look of trees in urns on the front porch, but I need to find one when there's a good deal.

  3. These are great finds! I actually have a Vera Bradley bag in that pattern! It caught my eye immediately in your photos. How thoughtful of you to pick up things for the new baby. I am sure his mom will be really appreciative.

    1. Interesting that you have a Vera Bradely bag in the same pattern as my recipe box! I'm sure Rachel will appreciate the baby clothes; she doesn't have anyone that can pass things down to her.

  4. I am getting rid of Christmas decorations but then I can't help but find some new one's also! Love all your thrifty finds and oh yes a stack of onesies make me smile too! Love the little Vera box and the tray also. Thanks for joining TTF this week!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets rid of stuff but then brings "new" stuff in!

  5. Melanie - you have GOOD eyes!!! Yes - it is Bruce hardwood floor that we just had installed, in the color Marsh!!! Oh, I am going to LOVE this room when I eventually move into it! And I'm SO excited for your new room, too!!!! Love all your goodwill finds! The angel candle holder is awesome! Have a fun weekend!... Donna

    1. You will love your Bruce hardwood floors! We have them in the kitchen, living room, hallway, and one bedroom, so far. Two more bedrooms coming up soon!

  6. Looks like your thrifting day with your mom was successful!
    Mary Alice

  7. Replies
    1. Sure am - we have some great shops by us and I usually have a pretty good eye for things.

  8. What fun finds - love the champagne glasses and the Vera Bradley box.

  9. The glasses are fun. I just bought some gold painted hi balls from the 60's. Thrifting is my kind of relaxing day. xo, olive

    1. Who knows, maybe I'll end up using the glasses just for drinking water simply because they're fun!

  10. You always find unique and lovely items when you are thrifting. I have a thing for old writing and postcard type images so that little tray really caught my eye. I'm glad to know that your friend doesn't mind second hand things for her baby. Some people are so particular. I have a friend that for the first five years won't even wash her little ones clothes with the rest of the family. She's from Romania, maybe they have some sort of old wives tale about it. I should ask her. Doesn't make much sense to me at all. Hope you had a nice visit and are having a good week. I heard there were storms and tornadoes in Illinois. I hope all is well. Tammy

    1. Maybe your friend washed the baby clothes separately because she was using a gentler detergent with the baby clothes. Yes, we had terrible storms here yesterday, but we are safe. The tornadoes leveled a little town about 3 hours south of us. It missed my friend's home by a mile.

  11. Great thrifting items. Those glasses are super cool.

  12. Those are great finds! I really like the candle holder!


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