Wednesday, November 6, 2013

do-it-yourself simple art

 Folks, when I say simple, I mean simple. And when I say art...well, let's just say
that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But sometimes I get get in a creative
mood and just start playing around with supplies I have on-hand. 

For this first piece, I took a blank canvas and spray-painted it. Then I took
a stencil and used my mad sponge-painting skills. Then outlined most of
the circles with scrapbooking markers. Glued on a happy saying that I found
in my scrapbooking materials. As I said - simple. Even a little kid could
do this. It was fun playing around, no intention in mind.

This second piece of art was inspired by this idea I saw on Lisa Leonard's site.
A simple poster hung from a wooden hanger? And she's selling these?! No
offense to Lisa - in fact, I'm a huge fan of her jewelry - but take a beautiful
card you've gotten in the mail, a picture from a magazine, a scrapbook print,
a vintage photo, a small poster, a graphic print you found online - and you
have your own piece of art to hang from a wooden hanger. And if you don't
have a wooden hanger, well heck. Go out and buy one. They're cheap.
I've seen them in thrift stores and even IKEA sells them.

Now here's the funny part - these posters that she's selling? I have the
same prints, but in smaller form. They were from a calendar that I got for free
 when it was included in a jewelry purchase from Lisa's site last year.
I never used the calendar, but I kept the prints because I thought they
were cool. Since my prints are small, I was able to clip two of them
to a wooden hanger. Hmm, now that I'm looking at the wooden part of the
hanger, I could do some kind of simple embellishment on that wood.

For now, these two pieces of simple "art" are hung from the brackets of
Phil's memory shelf in my office/mom cave/personal space (what was formerly
 Phil's room). This room still isn't totally done, plus you know me and moving
things around. Eventually, I think I'd like to put three small black and white
prints underneath that shelf to balance things out.

 My niece's birthdays were this week. I was going to buy birthday cards,
but when I saw the prices of the ones I liked in the stores, I just couldn't buy 
them - $3.99 for a simple card? I can't justify spending $8 on two cards
that will barely get looked at and then thrown in the trash. So, again, the
paper crafting materials came out. I didn't get fancy with the cards either.
Kept it simple. But I liked how they turned out and it didn't cost me anything
since I used supplies that I already had.

However, it's now Wednesday - so, happy Wednesday from cold,
gloomy, rainy Illinois!


  1. The boys love your "bubble picture". LOL. I am on a mission to use what I have for scrapping and creating this year, and not buying anymore supplies besides glue. It's a great feeling to create something you really enjoy, and know it was "free".

    1. I'm glad the boys love it - I bet they could do it, too! ;-) I definitely don't need to buy anymore scrapping supplies either...I have plenty.

  2. Hi Melanie! You were so smart to keep those art pieces and clip them on the coat hanger. That's such a fun look. You were also super smart to make birthday cards. I'm with you...I love to buy cards and give them but the prices are out of hand!

    1. Thanks, Stacey! I have three more cards to send out this week (all get well cards) and I'll be making those, too.

  3. Looks like you are having a lot of fun today. I agree with you on the cost of cards. Ridiculous! I went to the Goodwill today and i thought of you. :-)


    1. Too funny...I've been having Goodwill withdrawal lately. I haven't been in awhile! Hope you found some good treasures!

  4. Melanie, your wall hangings look great. Love how you reused your recycled prints to make them.

  5. I like the wood hanger idea very much, and am thinking it might work for some unframed paintings I have, hmmmm.
    I am sure your sweet nieces will love their birthday cards.m
    I am glad to see you doing some art and I still think you could hack that ikea tree painting.

  6. Thanks for being my cheerleader, but I seriously doubt I could do anything close to that IKEA tree painting, lol! My son is an artist...perhaps he could paint a large canvas for me? Painting isn't his medium of choice, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask him.

  7. Your home made cards are much sweeter.

    I think I have one of those hangers somewhere. Thanks for the idea.

    1. You're welcome - but I borrowed it from Lisa Leonard! Nothing like passing it on. :-)

  8. My daughter bought an old window that had been painted with just different sized circles in different colors. Some ringed with other colors. It has a black background. It hangs sideways with hooks on top She hangs it in one of her windows. Very simple...yet so pretty. Your painting reminde me of it.

    1. That's really interesting, Balisha - thank you for sharing that story.

  9. I love how you've arranged the shelf in the photo. I have some canvases I have yet to open. I've never used any before. One of these days I'm going to create some paper crafts. Yes, my daughters both have birthdays this month. Already got their cards. I search for the cheaper ones.

  10. Thanks for your compliment on Phil's memory shelf. I love paper crafting - about the only kind of crafting I do! I buy the cheaper birthday cards too (sometimes the 99 cent ones are great!) but I couldn't find any appropriate for my teenage nieces.


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