Monday, November 4, 2013

monday morning chat

 Good Monday morning, my friends. I hope you all had a good weekend.
After three days of being out and about and socializing, I am so ready to
just stay at home today and nest. My day will be full - I have a lot to do
here at home today - but my heart will be full, as well. I love getting together
 with friends or family members, but with being an introvert, socializing tires
me out and I crave and need my alone time to recharge.

 On Friday, a friend came over for lunch - I made a delicious pureed butternut 
squash-pumpkin soup and she brought over salad fixings. Then we went
for a long walk (about 4-5 miles) in the State Park. It was a gloomy day,
but the colors were still wonderful.

 I can't believe how fast the leaves are falling from the trees now.
You know how I've showed you photos of that gorgeous red Maple
tree across the street from me? Totally bare already. Totally 
depressing. Let's not even talk about the time change and how it
now gets dark at 4:30.

 Saturday morning, I met with another friend for breakfast at Panera,
then got my hair cut. Instead of just the normal trim, she did the stacked
wedge cut in back. Since I have fine, wavy hair, I'm really liking all these
layers! The gray is really peeking back, but I always let it go as long as
possible since getting your hair colored (even at a "cheap" salon) is quite
expensive. And no, I can't do it myself. I am terrible with anything to do
with my hair - and she uses a couple of different colors in my hair - 
something I would have no idea how to do. But, it helps to speak up.
I told her why I wasn't getting my hair colored just yet. That I simply didn't
have the extra funds. She whispered to me that she would do it out of
her home for me for a very reasonable fee! 

Brian and I had a really nice date night on Saturday evening. We
went to see "Last Vegas" (matinee - so it was a reasonable price to see
a movie). We haven't seen a movie at the theater in at least a couple of
years. Just something we normally don't do. The movie was hilarious! Brian
is more of a quiet, serious person, so to see him laugh so much and so 
hard did my heart a lot of good. Afterwards, we had a bite to eat at a place
called Freddie's Roadhouse. It's one of those restaurants/bars with casual
ambiance - shiny, worn wooden floors, the higher wooden tables with
tall chairs, the place cozily lit, fireplace going, bar in the middle of the place
with an open food grill in back. Much later at night, the place would be
packed with young people drinking and socializing, but if you get there
early like we did, there's only a handful of people there and it's relatively
quiet. I guess this place makes their money on booze, because their food
is very reasonably priced. We shared a few appetizers and talked and 
laughed. It really did feel like a "date" with my husband of over 29 years!

I was up early and out again on Sunday morning. This time, meeting
two former coworker-friends at another coffee place. On the way home,
I noticed a sign in front of a nearby house announcing a moving sale
and that everything was 50% off. I wasn't going to stop - at first I figured
they wouldn't have anything left. But then something told me to turn around
and go back. Couldn't hurt to at least go look, right? I'm glad I did, as I not
only found a few treasures, but had some lovely conversation with the two
ladies that were running the sale. Turns out their elderly mother had lived
there. She was 92, had alzheimer's disease, and recently passed away.
I promised these ladies that the things I bought would be used, taken care
of, and cherished. Like this gorgeous lamp shade. Problem is - it doesn't
fit the lamp that I had intended it for! I will keep this in my basement until
I find a lamp at a resale shop - or I will see if my mom can use this.

Embroidered pillowcases that are currently in the wash. I will
iron them later.

A trio of vintage pictures...

A pair of valances...was hoping one would look good in my bathroom, but
it doesn't. I will see if any of my friends or family can use them. If not, they
 get donated. They were only 50 cents for the pair!

Small wicker chest being used on my buffet...

 Lastly, this beautiful vintage butterfly pin. (The gold car pin with the two
cats in it is from a vintage resale shop that Brian and I happened upon when
we were in St. Joseph, Michigan in September.) The ladies at the sale only
charged me $8.25 for all of these items. I was taken aback at how little
money they wanted for all these things...I asked her to repeat the price! I
gave her $10 and told her to keep the change. Am I too nice sometimes?
Perhaps. But I also believe that you get back what you give. What goes
around comes around. Nothing wrong with spreading a little kindness.


  1. I commented on your last post....telling you that my name is Debbi and Bob is my husband. We share an-mail address.

    Sounds like you had a fun, fun week-end. I love looking at your new treasures.


    1. Nice to meet you, Debbi! I'm glad you liked my new treasures.

  2. What a fun, busy weekend! I love your hair, it looks beautiful and how nice to get a good deal on the coloring. I have never colored my hair but not because I wouldn't like to; it's just expensive. It's starting to get a lot more gray now so I might have to break down and do it. :) Your date sounds wonderful, I'm so glad you had the chance to get out together. All of these treasures are beautiful and I especially love the floral artwork, it's so delicate and old-fashioned looking. I hope you are having a nice, relaxing day today after your fabulous weekend. :)

    1. Thanks for the compliments on my hair. If you're going to color your hair on your own, especially the first time, be sure to have a friend help you with it! That's what I've heard from others. Haven't decided where I'm going to hang that floral artwork yet, but it'll most likely be in a grouping in the hallway. Relaxing day? Well, not really. I've been doing a lot of housework and laundry!

  3. I'm glad you had a fun weekend surrounded by those close to you. Even if you are tuckered out today, it' good to let loose once in awhile. I LOVE your haircut. Now that's a cut you can wash and go with, your curls are perfect for that. And I think your color looks great, stick with this gal!

    Great finds at the sale! I never have luck at those, maybe I'm just not a vintage type of person. I would have snapped that lampshade up though!!

    You asked what Irish Natchos are...I get them at this little pub and I've made them, too. Just waffle fries with melted cheese (like Cheese Whiz...not real cheddar, it turns to glue), and then doctor them up like nachos with green onion, tomatoes, lettuce, even bacon. Really good, filling and fattening! lol!


    1. Thanks for the compliments on my hair cut! I've been with Alicia - my hair person - for about 6-7 years now. I will follow her wherever she goes! Oh, I love vintage...but I love some modern AND some cottage/country, too! I guess I have eclectic tastes. I like mixing it all in my decorating. This lampshade turned out to be much bigger than expected - it needs to go on a really large lamp base. It's not working with anything in my home. My mom said she doesn't have a lamp that it would fit either. Hmm. Mmm, those Irish Nachos sound delicious - and yes, unhealthy and fattening, lol. Something to indulge in just once in a blue moon.

  4. Love your haircut! Looks so easy to take care of. You found quite a few treasures - sounds like stuff was very reasonable!

    Your date sounded like a fun, relaxed evening. It's nice to share some quiet relaxing time with your husband. Good for you.


    1. Thanks for the compliments on my haircut, Judy. Date night was indeed a fun, relaxing evening. We usually just go out to eat at the same ol' places. It was nice to break out of our little box for once!

  5. Well, it sounds like a wonderful weekend to me. I'd love to have a state park within walking distance of our house! Great finds at the sale, and your haircut is very flattering. I'm assuming it's naturally curly. Nothing like a good haircut to boost your spirits!!

    1. It was indeed a wonderful weekend - just draining, that's all! Thanks for the compliments on my hair, and yes, it's naturally curly.

  6. Melanie, I LOVE your new haircut! This one is a keeper; isn't it amazing what a new 'do' can do? I sometimes feel that chopping off a little more somehow takes a load of my shoulders, if you know what I mean. Have always liked that sweet strawberry blonde on you, too.

    You were very lucky with that estate sale! Love the vintage prints, lampshade and wicker chest, all so very pretty and you got them for a steal! You guys got it good: you can't even get a cup of coffee and a donut here for $8.25!! Sweet deal, my friend!


    1. Thanks so much for your sweet compliments about my hair - strawberry-blonde is my natural color. My mom is a redhead, so that's where I get the "strawberry" part from. :-) You live in a beautiful part of the world, but I don't think I'd want the prices!

  7. Melanie,
    I too LOVE your new hairstyle! Absolutely darling and with your curls-perfect!!
    What fun you have had this weekend and I can just imagine that you were ready for a few days at home-great finds by the way!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind compliments, Jemma!

  8. My favorite is the little wicker chest! And your hairstyle is wonderful!

  9. The wicker chest and the linens are my favorite. I only use linens on my dining room table, but since someone always spills, it is nice to have a wide variety of linens to add a pop to the table top.

    That walk looked lovely despite the lack of leaves on the trees.

    1. The linens - the pillowcases - are already washed and ironed and on the master bedroom pillows. :-)

  10. What a fantastic time you had. Days like these are the best!! Loved your vintage treasures - and that you told the family that you would treasure them!

    Enjoy your week!


  11. Great finds! I love that lampshade. It's nice to read you had such a great date with your husband.

    1. Thank you, Magali. Brian and I usually have a "date night" on Friday night. :-)

  12. Lots of fun treasures, Melanie! Love your hair cut! Butternut squash soup was on the menu here today, too!


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