Thursday, September 12, 2013

a lovely gift ~ and proof of my non-crafting ways

One thing that really makes my day is receiving a gift in the mail.
Carol from Art and Sand sent me these gorgeous hand-crocheted
cotton napkins. She even wrapped them with a cool tag.

Look at the detailed work on these edges...I'm in such awe.
Thank you, Carol. You are generous and wonderful.

Now for a good laugh. This is why some people shouldn't be allowed
near paint and Mod Podge. Those said people should stick with vignettes,
thrifting, and cooking. My intention was to spray-paint a stenciled design onto
 a plain, white lampshade. Easy enough, right? 

First mistake was using spray stencil adhesive to stick the stencil onto the
 lampshade. It made a gluey mess. And because I'm also impatient and don't
 take the necessary precautions before starting a project, I didn't protect the area
 around the stencil from the spray paint. So I ended up witha sticky, partly 
spray-painted lampshade. Not to let that deter me, I thought, "Fine! I'll just
spray paint the entire lampshade then!" Umm, no.

Last ditch effort: bring out the Mod Podge and go to town. I got three sections
done and gave up. I had more Mod Podge on my hands than on the lamp.
I actually don't think this would look too bad if I could finish it somehow.
What would I do with all those raised seams going down the length of the 
shade? And the top and bottom trim? Use a glue gun to glue on some ribbon?
A friend of mine stopped by last night and she said perhaps use some of those
large "jewels" to go down the seams...and then use ribbon on the top and
bottom? Another laughable thing about this project...I put the lamp shade
back on the lamp last night and turned it on. With the dark papers covering
the shade, it barely casts any light!

But the most laughable part about all of this? This lamp is on Brian's side
of the bed. He turns on the lamp every night while reading in bed. And
he hasn't even noticed that anything is different - he hasn't said a word to me!
Perhaps if I put it on my head and danced on a table?


  1. Melanie - Let me make you aware of the fact that at our age, dancing on the table can be hazardous to our health! LOL


    1. Thanks for the heads up, Judy - I'd better pass on that idea then!

  2. Haha, that's so funny. Be careful on the table! Some craft projects just don't work out. I think I'd be terrible at Mod Podging; so much so that I've never even tried!

    1. That was my first Mod Podge attempt. I think it'd be much easier to do on a flat, wooden surface!

  3. I like the final shade but that's too bad it doesn't let out much light.
    I have had lots of crafting failures along the way. The worst was when I sponge painted the bathroom walls and it just looked like the kids had smeared mud on it, and we were so poor, I truly had no money to get paint to redo it. It was bad!

    1. I've had the sponge painting disasters too, Rhonda - I remember when the look was "in"!

  4. What a beautiful gift from your friend! Your lampshade story is hilarious! :-) I love that your husband didn't even notice!

  5. LOL - this brought tears to my eyes. Brian must be a lot like Mr OP:)

    Enjoy your thoughtful friendship - gorgeous handwork!

    1. I think most men are pretty much the same in regards to noticing anything different. Even when me and my sister were growing up, we used to say to my mom that Dad wouldn't notice if we walked through the room with an elephant!

  6. Typical of most men. Now my husband notices everything...and I wish that he didn't He always says..."Why did you change that? and Where's my old ---. and What's wrong with the way it was?" Maybe when they are retired they get more observant and """"Helpful""""hmmmmm I don't know.

    1. I've always told my husband that when he retires, he'd better get a part-time job! lol

  7. Hi Mel, You had a great idea, and I think it would have been beautiful. I also like the papered shade. There is braided trim by the yard at the fabric store or at the hob lob that you can glue and cover those seams. Those napkins are lovely, as are you my friend. Love, Penny

    1. I don't know if I'm going to continue on with this lamp shade or get a new one! Thanks for letting me know about the braided trim though.

  8. How odd, you and Cozy Little House seem to be having the same problem!

    Love the hand crochet napkins! Those are just beautiful!

    1. Only Brenda's lamp turned out great in the long run! :-)


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