Monday, May 7, 2012

milwaukee public market

I love spending time with my family and discovering new places...

Good question! 
This was the first time any of us had been to the Milwaukee Public Market...

My adventure crew...Aunt Suzie, hubby Brian, and Mom...

Tons of spices to choose from...

And wine...yes, please!

We had a wonderful lunch from The Green Kitchen.
I had herbed egg salad on multi-grain bread.

After we walked around the market and bought some food items,
we headed outside for a walk through the downtown area.
These girls certainly were having a good time!

Spied an Anthropologie store and exclaimed, "I have to go in there!"
I love looking around in this store, but I didn't buy a thing.
Talk about over-priced! And all the clothing items I looked at were made in China or Vietnam.
Same with the jewelry and most of the dishware.
Walking around the store, we realized that people get caught up in the atmosphere
and design of the store. These designers know exactly what they're doing.
It's all about marketing, folks. Didn't fool us one bit though. 
My mom did find a packet of cookbook bookmarks for a good price,
and knowing I use little Post-It flags in my cookbooks, she bought these pretty
bookmarks to save for my birthday in August. I pretended I didn't see her buying them. ;-)

You'd have to know us ~ we are Goodwill shoppers. (Not Anthro!)
We thrive on finding designer clothes, purses, and home decor
at bargain prices. So when we spied a Retique store (a really cool Goodwill boutique),
we just had to go shopping in there. Aunt Suzie and I found some clothing items,
but not my little mommy. Isn't she so cute and tiny for age almost-72?
Oh, she's going to kill me if she ever reads this, lol.

So, tell me...when was the last time YOU did anything for the first time?


  1. Going to this market would be a first time for looks like SO much fun, a great day trip. I agree with you on Anthro. I have bought some dishes from there, but on the sale website. It looks like a good day was had by all!


  2. That does look like a fun day, maybe need to take a day trip to Milwaukee soon!
    Your Mom looks fab for her age! And I am with you, I love the GW type shopping the best!

  3. I love looking at the displays in Anthro - they have very talented stagger/display people there! Looks like a really fun day!

  4. We sometimes take a new road just to see what it leads us to. :-)

    You have the best adult field trips! And I want to spend a day with your motley crew...especially Aunt Suzie. She has the look of the right kind of mischief in her And tell you mom that she is one beautiful lady and keep it going.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  5. P.S. - You saw something very Dutch that day...the PedalTavern is a Dutch invention. Some young guys came up with it as a joke a number of years ago and it has taken off since.


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