Friday, May 11, 2012

flowers and sunshine are good therapy

 I had a really bad day at work yesterday.
I suffer from anxiety, so I need my life to be as peaceful as possible.
Of course, some of that is beyond my control.
I work in a high-stress office and yesterday was just totally insane.
By 2:00, I finally snapped. I had to get out of there.
I got up from my desk and walked out of the building.
I could feel the hot tears spring to my eyes as soon as I got outside.
Then, I started having what I guess was a panic attack. My heart was pounding,
my hands were shaking and then went numb, and my head would spin
 if I tried to stand up. I tried breathing techniques that I've learned in yoga,
but it didn't really help. I couldn't go back into my office because I was afraid it'd make my
panic worse. But yet, the fact that no one was coming outside
to look for me also freaked me out.
  My supervisor, who is also one of my best friends,finally came outside and said,
 "Oh, there you are! Are you OK?" 
To make a long story short, she went back in the office and got my stuff so I could leave.
She walked me to my car and made sure I was OK to drive.
I made it home, got into bed, and slept until 7 PM! I was actually able to go to bed for the night
at 10:30 PM and slept all the way through until 7 AM.

I don't work outside the home on Fridays (one little blessing is that I only work PT),
plus today was in the 70's and sunny - perfect! This May weather here in northern IL
has been so iffy lately, that I haven't even been able to plant flowers yet.
Today was the perfect day to head up to Home Depot and buy some blooming beauties.

I love fuschias ~ I buy them every year.

This welcome planter is actually leftover from Christmas. 
It was filled with evergreens and holly when we bought it.
I picked out these flowers because I liked how they hang out of the basket,
but after planting them in this planter, I realize I need something tall to fill the
space between the basket and the welcome sign. Hmm....

I ADORE daisies!

These little petunias will look so much better when they fill out in this
vintage iron pot.

I know geraniums are a popular flower, but I've never seen ones with a 
trailing vine like this. Maybe the vines are a different plant?
All it said was "geraniums" on the plant marker.

 It felt so good to be working outdoors, feeling the warmth of the sun on
my skin and the breeze gently blowing some of my stress away...


  1. I LOVE daisies too! Yes, the trailing vines are a different plant. But that's OK. It's good to mix things in the same pot. And a good way for you to fix that space between your pot and the welcome sign. Add another plant that grows taller to the trailing ones you already have in there.
    I'm so sorry you had a bad day yesterday. And I hope that whatever set it off is no longer present in the office when you go back next week. I'm glad your supervisor let you go home and I hope you didn't have very far to drive. Take it easy this weekend.

  2. Sorry you had such a terrible day but it's good that you were able to go home.

    All your planters are so cute! The trailing leaves in the geranium pot don't look like geranium leaves so I would think it was a different plant.

  3. Looks like some flower therapy was just the right thing for you. The trailing plant with your geranium is vinca.
    I've been working on the veggie garden, and will do flowers next. You reminded me to look for some wave petunias.

  4. Have you had panic attacks before? I'm sorry sweetie! But it sounds like you are being revived at home with sunshine and flowers, exactly how I revive myself. I've been laid up at home for days with a bum knee, but managed to gimp my way around the garden with my crutches yesterday, and it was SOOOO good for my spirit!

  5. Hi Melanie;
    Honey, I am sorry you had a bummer of a day on Thursday! Friday was another gorgeous day, as is today. Flowers, dirt, birds singing and fresh air are so healing. Thinking of you. Hugs, Nana

  6. When the power went out at school on Wednesday, let me tell you, it was very chaotic and like being in a soap opera. I need peace and quiet and don't like things to get out of control. Sorry to hear you had a meltdown. So nice to have a long weekend with good weather and time for planting. I think you got two plants in one with that geranium as I've never seen one with a trailing vine. Happy Mother's Day. Tammy

  7. Nothing better than sunshine and dirt under ones fingernails..lovely flowers

  8. Panic attacks are brutal and I am never able to exactly pinpoint what starts mine. The flowers, I know, made you feel better. Gentle hugs to you my friend! I hope those nasty panic attacks will leave you alone!!!


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