Friday, February 9, 2024

simple pleasures

I came across an article from Cup of Jo on simple pleasures. It was a fun article to read, including the comment section where readers chimed in. 

Here are some of mine, off the top of my head:

Seeing blooms on my house plants.

Good chocolate ~ bean to bar, made in-house. 

The reassuring weight of Clementine curled up next to me at night as I'm sleeping.

Seeing the first pops of daffodils in the time between winter and spring. (It is way too early here to be seeing these, but we're having an unusual warm spell.)

Bouquets of Trader Joe's flowers around my house in the winter.

Little comforting book piles.

Some more simple pleasures, no photos:

That first cup of coffee in the morning.
Texts and phone calls from our son Tim, who lives 2000 miles away.
Snuggling with Brian on the couch while watching TV.
Clean sheets.
Playing Wordle every morning.
Lying in savasana after yoga practice.
Browsing in the library.
Getting a magazine in the mail. 

* * * * * * * * *

I could keep going on and on! How about you, what are some of your simple pleasures in life? Please share.


  1. Your plants look so healthy! Mine don't do so well in the winters here. I think it must have something to do with not getting enough sunlight. One of my simple pleasures is kicking back on my reclining sofa with a good book before bed, then getting into bed and snuggling with my hubby. I'm with you on getting calls and texts from loved ones (especially our children) who live far away. I really love this post. Have a good weekend! See you again soon!

  2. Love this post.
    Watching the sunrise,rainy days.
    Watching my dormant garden spring to life.
    Wrinkled bulldog butts!

  3. All your simple pleasures are mine as well. I've never heard of that chocolate. Is it nationally sold?

  4. I do love seeing your simple pleasures, Melanie, your pretty blooming plants and cut flowers and especially sweet Clementine. Absolutely, those texts and calls from the kids. (This morning's call from our only daughter--Mom, are you busy? Me, even though I'm cooking breakfast--No, nothing, how are you, as I turn the heat off of my eggs and go sit down for a good chat.) I love a new magazine in the mail too, even though we only get two now, three if I count AARP, Yankee (for decades) and Garden & Gun for the beautifully written articles.

    Chocolate (those 2 squares of 72% dark chocolate I have with breakfast as my caffeine), sitting down with a design book for an hour, a good book always and now with worse eyesight a good audiobook like the one I'm listening to now--Jackie, Janet, and Lee, a biography of Jacqueline Kennedy, her mother and sister, so fascinating to someone who was a young married during those years of JFK in the White House. And always before I go to bed, a relaxing YouTube channel episode of one of my favorites group, recently it has been Elegantly Knackered, a couple in England renovating an old home and thrifting in the shops there where there is so much wonderful old china for sale. Then there's seeing herds of deer come to visit or geese flying in for the pond, our female pink cardinal who is still with us. A bowl of homemade potato salad. I'd better stop now!

  5. It really is the simple things in life that gives us the most joy. Just a smile from my little grandson and watching him at 4 months try to talk. He is too adorable. That chocolate bar looks so delish. I love watching a good series with Terry at night on the couch. Have a great new week ahead. This weather has been heavenly for us. Hugs. Kris

  6. I love all of these. So much goodness. Your home is so comforting.
    I also want to visit Ethereal again soon. We should make a plan. ❤️

  7. So many good simple pleasures here, Melanie and so many I enjoy myself. I must say, I do miss the weight of a warm, sleeping kitty. There's nothing quite like it...

  8. Such delights! All signs you are living in the present moment. Thanks for sharing.

  9. This is a great list. My simple pleasures include many of the same, particularly those piles of books I tend to have everywhere. Others - settling in each evening with Dan to watch an episode of Doc Martin. Our mid-morning coffee break at the kitchen island. Reading a chapter of a book before I fall asleep at night. Using heart emojis when I text my kids! Lighting candles.


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