Wednesday, February 14, 2024

happy day of love

Happy Valentine's Day!

I've always liked Valentine's Day. It's a low-key holiday without any expectations (we don't exchange gifts), but a fun day to "celebrate" with extra love. 

I enjoy putting touches of heart decor around the house at this time of year, too. I think it adds some cheer to the usually dismal month of February. Though this year we've been lucky with a decent amount of sunshine and mild temps.

Do you remember the "Love is" comic strip? It was created in the 1960's by New Zealander, Kim Grove-Casali for her then-boyfriend and then appeared in newspapers in 1970. When Brian and I were dating (and maybe first married, too; I don't remember), we used to cut out the comic from the newspaper and give to each other if it pertained to us. 💗 I still have a bunch of them. 

I found this mug in an antique shop a few years ago and had to get it.

I like making a special dinner for Valentine's Day, too. When my kids were little, I'd make a heart-shaped meatloaf. Tonight for Brian and I, it's a lovely Bolognese sauce that I've had simmering on the stove all day ~ will boil some wide-tube pasta at the last minute; a tossed, green salad with various, crunchy veggies and a homemade Italian dressing; and a fresh baguette that I'll make into garlic bread. I also made one of Brian's favorite desserts: molasses cookies. Just pulled the cookies out of the oven and between the smell of those and the Bolognese sauce, my house smells amazing! 

Sending all of you LOVE.


  1. I LOVE all of your heart decor and how you have displayed it. If I had to pick favorites it would be the bowl of hearts. The one in front with the heart shaped buttons is darling.
    I do remember the Love Is comic strip. It was a favorite of mine back in the day. Your special dinner sounds wonderful. Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day to you and Brian.

  2. You have such charming pieces of Valentine's Day decor, Melanie, and I love that you even gathered books that fit in with this special time of year. Of course that tea towel on your stove is too darling for words! How sweet that the Love Is comic strip was a part of your and Brian's own love story. And girlfriend, you have fixed the most romantic Valentine dinner for your sweetheart! Your house truly must smell fabulous. Today was our dogs spa day so I tried to get in some cleaning while they were away and kind of let slip preparing a special dinner. I did put chicken on to poach this morning so will stop now and go take it off the bone for chicken sandwiches tonight and chicken chili tomorrow. Maybe RH will get a homemade dessert tomorrow but sadly not today. We do have ice cream in the freezer and will have to settle for that. Enjoy your good dinner tonight!

  3. I love all the fun Valentine's décor. Your home is charming. Yes, I do remember the "Love is..." comics. Guess that makes me pretty old. ;-) I hope that you and Brian have a wonderful Valentine's evening.

  4. Happy Valentines Day! 😘❤️

  5. Hope you had a fun Valentine's Day! Your house looks darling! I took my V-Day decor down today. Onward to spring!

  6. I especially love the wooden bowl of fabric hearts, but each expression of love is LOVEly.

  7. I made my husband his favorite cookies- oatmeal raisin on Tuesday, because I was not home most of yesterday.

  8. Oh my goodness, so much lovely February decor. I especially like the bowl full of hearts.


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