Tuesday, May 3, 2022

slow spring, books, and framed art

Spring is behind here in Illinois. Most of the month of April was unusually cold and rainy. It felt like an extended March. No drinking our tea on the porch in the mornings, no yard clean up yet, nothing planted except some pansies. This was my view across the street yesterday. Overcast (as usual) and the maple tree just starting to bud. Today is cold with wind-driven rain. One of those days where you just want to stay in bed and read or watch movies all day. I've actually never done that unless I was sick or recovering from surgery.
 Have you?

Taking a walk around my yard yesterday, I did find some beautiful things to photograph. Isn't this blooming leaf exquisite? This is my next door neighbor's maple tree, which borders our property. The leaves are a dark red, almost maroon when they're in full bloom. 

My peony bush coming to life.

Bleeding Heart finally in bloom.

Hostas growing more by the day.

Cheerful daffodils in my butterfly garden. They're late bloomers as they don't get much sun.

Does anyone know what these flowers are ~ are they a variety of tulips? I saw them by a library a couple of weeks ago and was smitten.

Libraries and books

We don't need anymore books, but there are a couple of Chicago suburb libraries that have fantastic sales and sometimes we can't resist. This was the stack I came home with a couple of weekends ago. I recently finished Anne Tyler's, "French Braid" and was disappointed. I'm hoping "Redhead by the Side of the Road" will be better.

Brian's picks.

Framed art

Our hallway bathroom is small and the main wall by the sink holds the towel bar. Otherwise, this wall is blank and boring. I'd been thinking about getting some kind of art work for this area for a long time, but never came across anything that I felt was just right. I bought this double matted frame at Michaels, hung it up and liked it. Funny thing is, the prints in the frame are the ones that came with the frame. I went through my stash of paper art I keep for art journaling plus some photos and nothing worked. So the store prints are staying for now.

I've had these white framed mats for six years. They used to hold Tim's college graduation photos. He's been replaced by cats. 😉

Zippo (who passed away in Nov 2018) and Monkey (who passed almost three months ago) now have a place of honor on the wall of my office/guest room. Photos taken by Tim.

Here's to warmer weather, morning porch sitting, and working in the yard. Have a beautiful week!

"The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May."
~ Edwin Way Teale


  1. I always enjoy seeing your home. We have too many books too, but who can resist a good library book sale. You got some great titles. It's been cool and rainy here as well, but that is making everything lush and green. Glad to see you back in blog land. I hope you have a good week.

  2. I like that flower you posted - beautiful color and design. I'd like to know what it is too.

  3. I think the flower is a tulip. I googled yellow and orange tulips and a picture came up just like the one you shared only no description. Your stack of books look very interesting. I hope your weather warms up soon.

  4. Hi Melanie! That's good to know about French Braid. Anne Tyler is one of my favorite novelists. I loved Ladder of Years and Morgan's Passing. Your peonies looks good!

  5. I love bleeding hearts! It's good to see signs of spring.

  6. That looks like some type of tulip. So sweet, the photos of your babies that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge...

  7. I was disappointed in French Braid too, Melanie. I even tried skipping around through it to see if it would get better but gave up. I remember loving her early books, adored Accidental Tourist. Brian's Two Americans should be interesting. I've read biographies of both men and admired them both. I especially admired Truman who left office no richer than he went in and refused Secret Service protection afterwards. Tim's photographs of your beloved cats are so good and your new bathroom artwork is very crisp against the color of the wall. I hope that May rewards you with nice weather so you can once again be outside enjoying your garden. You had a really sharp eye to notice the beauty of the maple in leaf! A good lesson to take time to look closely at nature's gifts.

  8. Everything looks so pretty now that things are green and flowers budding. I hope next week as we heat up we stay there. This up and down weather is crazy. I think we did this last year we went from Winter into Summer weather without much of a Spring. Have a good week. The pics you posted are beautiful. Hope Clementine is doing well. xoxo Kris

  9. Hopefully it won't be too much longer until you can enjoy tea on the porch once again. Even though it's slow in the coming, there are lots of signs of spring in your garden. It's fun to watch them all come into bloom.
    I have trouble resisting book sales too. Looks like you both got some good ones.
    That's funny about the prints that came with the frame working out best for you. That doesn't happen often.
    I like the way you framed pictures of your sweet kitties.
    I would agree that the flower is a tulip. I couldn't tell you the name of it, however.

  10. Those are most definitely tulips, Melanie. I don't know the variety or color name, though. Love your cat pictures. - Jeannine

  11. Oh those tulips are just beautiful! What a pretty color combo.

  12. That's a whole lot of books. I have piles to read but am not interested in any of them. Right now I'm more interested in non-fiction or at least historical fiction based on true events. Nothing but dusty here. We were away for 5 days and everything at home was covered in a layer of dust. It comes through the a/c vents and through windows/doors that aren't sealed very well. Lots to clean. yuck. Hope you have a nice weather weekend. Take care.


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