Friday, December 31, 2021

new year's eve 2021

How was your Christmas? Ours was good. Had some family over on Christmas Eve for an array of appetizers, Christmas goodies and mulled wine.

Christmas morning was just us and the kitties. We took an afternoon walk (it was an unseasonably warm Christmas for us), then video-chatted with Tim while opening our presents. I loved the days when the boys were little and they were so excited that Santa had left them gifts under the tree...waking us up way too early and running into the living room in their footed pajamas. Now Tim lives 2200 miles away and Phil has been deceased since 2009. Christmas just isn't the same anymore.

As I do every Christmas, I made a breakfast casserole. This year I deviated from my norm and made a new recipe. This one used English muffins on the bottom. The dish tasted good, but the English muffins were too soggy. Lesson learned: next year I go back to my tried-and-true recipe.

One of the lovely gifts I received from Brian were these brass earrings. Since he's sometimes stumped what to get me for Christmas, I help him out a bit. Last month, we visited a local shop and I pointed out a few things that I liked; giving him hints. I left the store and Brian shopped. 😉

On Christmas evening, we went to a friend's house and were treated to a prime rib roast dinner. 

Those who know me won't be surprised to hear I took down all the Christmas decorations the day after Christmas and had it all packed up and put away by the 27th. To me, Christmas is over. Plus, I'm tired of looking at Christmas decor by then. Christmas decor is beautiful, but I love the clean, more uncluttered look.

New Year's Eve is just another day for us. We met up with a friend for lunch, went back to her house to play our new Boomer board game, and got some groceries on the way home.

Tonight? Take-out pizza, a glass of wine for me, a beer for Brian. We'll be in bed before midnight. 

We're hoping to take our annual hike in the State Park tomorrow morning ~ always a good start to the New Year ~ before a big snowstorm hits. Here's wishing us all good health (especially during this pandemic), supportive and loving relationships, and peace for the hard days. Thank you all for your friendship and support.



  1. Lovely post, but I am so very sorry about your son.

  2. Hi Melanie. Yes, Christmas is very different when children are small and excited about Santa coming. Sounds like you had a nice Christmas and will have a nice New Year's as well. Hope 2022 is a good year for you. :-)

  3. Looking forward to tagging along on your new year's walk tomorrow. I know you'll carry your camera. I'm just getting over a sick spell, so my Christmas was extra lonely this year. So I know how you feel; when our love ones are not with us for one reason or another whatever it is, the holidays just don't hold the cheer they used to. Wishing you a lovely New Year filled with good health and huge amounts of love.

  4. Your Christmas sounds lovely as does your New Years Eve. We take our Christmas decor down the day after Christmas too. Wishing you a happy healthy 2022!

  5. My feelings in regard to this Christmas mimic yours in many ways Melanie - just not the same even though I tried hard this year to make it enjoyable and, most importantly to remember the reason. We saw so few loved ones and were forgotten by others. . . won't bore you with details but this aging thing is hard when you feel left out!
    Today we will start 'taking Christmas down' - always a chore but has to be done. Because of my spine issues Bob will do the bending part - thankfully I have an appt. lined up for an injection next week so hoping it gives relief and I can then do a much needed house clean! Like you, for me a less cluttered house is better and I'm hoping Bob will start getting rid of his stuff too, sigh! Men just don't seem to get it!!!!!
    Sending best wishes to you and Brian (BTW he chose lovely earrings) for this New Year. Not sure where it will take us but hope it will be a safe, healthy, and blessed one for you and your lovely family. Hope you continue blogging - you would be missed!
    Hugs from NC, Mary & Bob

  6. Happy New Year, Melanie. Your morning hike sounds wonderful, I hope it was enjoyable. It's been raining here for days, so no walks for us. We did take an early morning drive to the beach though to watch those Polar Bears take their New Year's Day plunge. Brrrr!

  7. New Year's Eve is just another day for me too. Never have celebrated it. Love the photos of the kitties and your new earrings are very pretty.

  8. Your holiday season sounds cozy and lovely.
    Happy New Year to you and Brian! :)

  9. Lovely pictures. The earrings are so pretty and, of course, I love the kitty pictures! xo Diana

  10. A wonderful and lovely holiday time you've had. I agree with you, after New Year's, all the decor comes down, its wonderful while its up, but I'm ready for things to be put away and organized for the New Year. I find that trying new recipes at important family times is not always best, lol. Indeed, I've learned that lesson before too, ha! Happy New Year to you, wishing you God's best for the year ahead :)

  11. Happy New Year Melanie! Your home always looks lovely - that pass through to the kitchen was a game changer for sure! Sounds like you had a peaceful and quiet holiday, quite the opposite of mine but all my guests are gone home now, and it's just me and the pups and a big pot of soup on the stove!


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