Tuesday, February 2, 2021

the heart of winter

We got walloped by another snowstorm on Sunday. I know...it's "nothing" compared to what the east coast just got. But we're making up for lost time here in Illinois, with January packing over 20" of snow. 

As much as I don't like winter, I have to admit, the fresh snow is pretty.

Even prettier, Mr. Cardinal peeking out of the snowy arborvitaes in our backyard. 

Looking down our street...

Pretty to look at - yes. Fun to shovel - no. Especially when the snow is wet and heavy like it was. I'm just thankful Brian had the day off of work.

The days after snowstorms aren't so pretty. Reality sets in. Cars are covered in road salt, the snow piles on the sides of the road are slushy and black from all the dirt, and even the bird feeders take a beating. I went outside and broke off these icicles for the poor little birdies.

So now it's February which brings Valentine's Day. One of my favorite holidays as it's no-frills, just cheery pops of red and pink in the middle of a dull, cold month. As a side note, this plant in the white pot is the newest to join my household. I found it at Trader Joe's ~ ceramic pot included. I believe it's English Ivy. The plant didn't have an ID tag. 

In Brian's office...

A vintage bowl on the table at the end of the hallway holds some handmade (not by me!) hearts.

Just a few heart touches on and in the china cabinet...

Speaking of china cabinets, in my last post I had talked about looking for a hutch for my kitchen and getting rid of the china cabinet. I explained that this skinny cabinet had sentimental value, as Brian and I bought it when we were first married. A few of you said that maybe I could find somewhere else in my house for it. 

Backtracking a moment, here is the hutch I saw on FB Marketplace that was listed for only $50. While I was thinking about it, it sold right away. 

Back to finding another place in my home where I could put my skinny cabinet...

Our house is small. The only place it could possibly go is the living room. There's no room in any of the small bedrooms. This corner and the wall to the right is currently a work-in-progress anyway. The cheap, ugly IKEA chair you partially see is just temporary. We desperately need a nice armchair for that wall. I've been looking for a deep blue velvet one. They're out there but wow, are they expensive! There are cheap ones, but we don't want a cheap one. We are looking for a quality piece of furniture that's going to last. Our second choice is leather. In the meantime, to fill in this space, I ordered that tall shelving unit from Target. It doesn't do a lot for me. This whole space is just "off". I'm leaving it alone until we find an armchair. Anywho...maybe the skinny hutch would indeed look good in this corner? Only time will tell. First things first: finding a new hutch for the kitchen and an armchair for the living room.

In the happy news department, Tim is flying in from California on Thursday for a quick visit. We're due for some more snow on Thursday, so I hope his plane isn't delayed. Of course, as a mom, these kinds of things worry me. And doesn't it just figure...we're in for an Arctic blast this weekend, with wind chills up to -30F! I'm sure he won't miss this weather one bit by the time he flies back to California. 

Stay well and safe. 💓


  1. Your snow is so pretty, but I know it's a lot of work. I wish for at least one snowfall each winter - I'm still waiting this year. Enjoy your visit with your son - so special.

  2. I’m happy you’ll see Tim soon, I know you miss him very much.
    I always enjoy your photos. And I think you have more than enough snow, even if it’s not like the East’s snow. Just a few inches will shut down Oklahoma as we have very few snowplows because they aren’t normally needed.

    The little Cupid pillow looks like it might be cross stitch, I think it’s really sweet ❤️

    If you keep looking on FB marketplace, I think you’ll find another hutch. Older solid wood furniture is not as popular with the younger decorators as they want the cheap furniture stuff that looks like it is antiqued or already painted white

  3. I hear you about not wanting a cheap chair. A quality one will last longer than a cheap one. My husband and I just bought two blue leather recliners and we love them. They were a little spendy so they should last. I'll try not to take offense about February being dull and cold. That is my birthday month. Ha Ha! Turning 59. Ugh! That was a pretty hutch, but don't worry, something prettier will come along and you'll know it when you see it. Love the cardinal in the tree. So pretty. Enjoy your son's visit. Keep warm!

  4. Here we only had little snow. I enjoyed your pictures of snowy trees and we don’t have cardinal birds
    I love their colour so beautiful!

  5. That snow is pretty, but you are right. The days after the freshly fallen snow, not so much. I am so happy to be here in Florida.

  6. Your yard looks so magical covered in snow! Of course, your yard looks magical year-round. I have to say, I would rather look at snow than mud, so I will take it.
    I love your home so much; I know I say this every time I comment on your blog, but I do. I miss visiting you and your cozy house. And what is it about a candle lit in a home that makes it look even cozier?
    I think I will light a candle today. Sending you love. :)

  7. Wow, you got a lot of snow! There are so many things in this post that I like. The vintage hearts, for one. I like to sew and it looks like a nice little puttering project for an afternoon. Also, the "Love is . . . " cartoons take me back. My mom and I liked those, and when I go through her photo albums, she would often tuck one of them in among her pictures. I'm going to lobby to keep the skinny hutch! It would like sweet in the corner there. :)

  8. I am enjoying seeing the pretty snowfalls in blogland. Years ago I used to enjoy shoveling. Now I can't even imagine it. You are right about it being pretty at first. When the cars were covered in a salty mess and the roadsides became a bunch of gray slush... Yuck, different story.
    All looks nice and cozy inside your house. Love your touches of Valentine's decor.
    How nice that your son is coming for a visit. I know you will enjoy that immensely.

  9. I'm glad I don't have to shovel that snow! Poor birds. I always feel so sorry for them in wintertime.

  10. Oh I hope Tim can get in tomorrow without to many delays. Oh boy he will not like leaving California to come here for the arctic blast. Love the picture you capture of the cardinal in the tree. That is pretty awesome. Have a great rest of the week. xoxo

  11. So glad your son is able to come home for a visit. I totally get trying to move things around in a rather small space. I think your home looks comfy and lovely. I really like your skinny cabinet. It looks like one I have, except that mine is glassed in all the way down. We have some chairs I would like to replace as well. They are old chairs that we got for free and got an estimate to have them recovered this past summer and it would be over $900 per chair, so there is no way that is happening, and hubby thinks they are super comfy (me not so much) but I guess they are staying put for right now. I think I would rather have a new dining room table when we get past Covid and can actually go look at furniture. Hope you enjoy your visit with your son. I know you will.

  12. I have the same red metal heart on my front door! I love it’s simplicity, yet it’s just a bit quirky! Our snow situation here in south DuPage county is the same as yours. I’ve been busy keeping our birds and squirrels taken care of!

  13. Your snow pictures are lovely! I do enjoy the change in seasons, including winter. The deep freeze is not my cup of tea, but overall I like the change. I like your Valentine touches here and there. Yay for Tim coming in for a visit!

  14. Snow, snow and more snow, that's our view, too and I am not a fan!! Enjoy your visit with Tim. Boy, if he wasn't smitten with the Cali sunshine before, one trip home to those winter temps will cure any weather related homesickness!! Snow always looks so charming...from a distance! Hugs!

  15. I hope Tim arrives on time, what a joy it will be to have him under your own roof again, even for a short while. Spoil him rotten, Melanie! I bet he'll love seeing the snow and even the arctic blast will be a nice change from California, for a short time anyway. You know how I love your arborvitaes! Gorgeous in the snow! And I'm so glad you treated yourself to that beautiful white pot with the green ivy. I hope you find the perfect hutch for your kitchen and just the right blue velvet chair. I don't blame you for waiting for the right one, pretty and comfortable to sit on. Your pretty Valentine hearts scattered around the house are your February signature! I love them.

  16. Have a wonderful, wonderful visit with your son. Cold or not he will be happy to be home.

  17. Such happy touches around your home1

  18. The U.S is so different with Covid rules. In Canada, you must quarantine for 2 weeks if you visit between provinces. It is nice that you can see your son for a quick visit without worrying about having to quarantine for 4 four weeks altogether.


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