Thursday, December 31, 2020

i wish for you...

Here we are, the last day of 2020. I know we are all glad to bid adieu to this year, so I won't belabor the point.

Looking back over this year, there were some unexpected, painful issues (and some scary diagnoses from friends and family), deaths of acquaintances and friends, disappointments and hurts from loved ones. But that is life. We can't expect to go through life unscathed from hurt and pain. We can, however, choose how we deal with these things. Prayer, meditation, journaling, talking with a good friend, therapy ~ whatever it takes to help us through.

Life, of course, is balanced with happy times and there were plenty of those, even in our Covid and nasty election filled year. The best thing that happened in 2020 was our trip to California to see our son, Tim. It was right before Covid really hit the US and any restrictions were in place. When we had made our plans to see Tim in early March, we hadn't realized it was California's rainy season. Nor did we see a pandemic looming on the horizon.

Turns out, the timing on our trip was for the best. By the time we got home, Covid hit the poop-fan. I still remember getting home from the airport and going to the grocery store for needed items. We walked into the store at 10:30 PM and it was packed. The bread section was wiped entirely clean. The produce section didn't even have bananas. There was no toilet paper. We thought people were going crazy, just like they did at the end of 1999. Remember the Y2K panic?

I have been working on end-of-year journaling and setting intentions and goals for the new year. It's been popular the last few years to choose a word to focus on for the year: A word that guides with intention and positive change. Do you choose a word? I did so a couple of years ago and it lost the luster (or maybe I did) after a few months. I might try it again for 2021.

No New Year's Eve celebration here for us. Just another day. When Brian gets home from work, perhaps we'll have a little something to eat, have a glass of wine, relax a little bit, then go to bed at our usual time. 

My wish and prayer for all of you for 2021 is ~

Enough love to sustain you through all your hard days.
Enough kindness that it spills over to those around you.
Enough strength to face whatever comes your way.

Thank you all for your friendship and kind comments.



  1. I always enjoy my visits to your "Comfy House." May 2021 be a good year for you and yours. Have a nice New Year's Eve and a very Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year. We did the same thing in early March. We drove from NC to Florida to look for a condo to buy. While in Florida the craziness started to happen. Driving home, all of the restaurants were closed, except drive thru ones. We got home and stopped at the grocery store and found the same thing you did. I do pick a word of the year, and mine is on my blog today.

  3. My middle son was on a cruise just a Covid hit and they were closing down everything. When they got back no other ships were allowed out, so happy they got the trip in and were safe. Here is hoping 2021 has Hope, Peace and health for all of us. Stay safe.

  4. I love your final sentiment. That's just beautiful and a lovely blessing to pray over others.

  5. Lovely, Melanie. Happy New Year to you and I wish you all those wonderful things as well. Hugs!!

  6. Happy New Year. I am grateful for a chance to put 2020 behind me and to begin a new chapter in 2021. Lovely sentiment at the end of your post. Let's go forward and hope for more joy, love and less unrest and let's win this war on Covid. xoxo

  7. Love your words today. Yeah, walking into that grocery store must have been a near alien experience! I love the quote at the top too. Happy New Year! Surely it will be better than 2020.

  8. Happy New Year, friend! I wish all of those for you as well! Love you. :)

  9. Happy New Year and all the best in 2021!

  10. That's a pretty linen piece under your plants. I love old linens like that. I know you look back with such gratitude on the time you both had in California with your son. Most of our family was traveling that week to Florida for my mother's life celebration service and I didn't relax until they were home safe, and able to find some groceries. Such an unbelievably strange time.

    I hope 2021 is good to you, to all of us,

  11. Wow! So glad you got to make your trip. I think I did pick a word a couple of years ago, but clearly it didn't stick. I picked another one in fall of 2019, but not sure I stuck to that either, but I do know it was "thrive"


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