Tuesday, July 7, 2020

getting the guest room put back together

I managed to sneak in a photo of the guest room just starting to be painted while the painters went outside for a break. Here you can see they had already painted the window trim white and were starting on the yellow walls.

 When the painters were done and had left, I vacuumed and mopped the floors. We had to leave the windows open even though it was hot because they used Zinsser primer on the window frames which smells really bad. Running the AC made things worse because it carried the odor throughout the entire house.

At first I thought maybe the painters only put on one coat of paint, because the walls still looked light yellow to me. Also, I had a few people ask me about the flooring. It's Bruce engineered hardwood from Home Depot. We have it throughout the entire first floor (kitchen, living room, hallway and three bedrooms) of our house. We had the kitchen done first, about 20 years ago. And it still looks great. The only downside to these floors is that they do dent and scratch easily. So I would imagine if you had dogs, this flooring wouldn't be a good choice because of their nails.

 The next day when the paint had settled down a bit and the light wasn't shining directly on the walls, I could see that they were indeed a cream color. This color of paint does have some yellow undertones, but we knew that before we bought it. It's the same color we have in our kitchen and Brian's office.

We spent all day moving furniture back into the room, hanging a few pictures on the walls, washing blinds and getting those hung up. 

I wanted to arrange the furniture differently in the room this time, and we tried about five different arrangements and none of them worked. So back to the way it was. I'm really liking the cream colored walls instead of yellow ones. And what a difference white window trim makes instead of brown! The whole room looks so much cleaner. I washed the curtains for the windows and ordered some curtain clips from Amazon to keep them cinched in the middle. Those just came in the mail today, so I'll be hanging the curtains tomorrow.

I'm still deciding what to put on the walls in this area. I had Phil's memory shelf above the bookcase before. Now I'm thinking of hanging a large mirror (that used to be in the living room) above the bookcase instead and making the top of the bookcase the memorial area. I'd like to get some new prints of Phil made and then find some beautiful frames.

 Lest you think I'm organized and have everything in place...take a look at the closet! It's mostly my scrapbooking and art journal stuff, as well as boxes of photos and my bulletin board. I need to find some pretty Contact paper for the shelf and paint the closet rod. I didn't want to put everything back into place until that was done.

We've been having weather in the 90's with heat indexes of 100, so indoor projects are a good thing to get done right now.

Have a good week!


  1. I love the new look of the room. It's great. Yes, cleaning, organizing and updating is a great thing to do when it's too hot to go outside. Enjoy what's left of the week.

  2. Melanie, your guest room is lovely. Be careful your guests will never want to leave. Pretty paint color.

  3. I love this room! It's so clean and fresh and welcoming. I'm sure your guests will love it and you'll love spending time here. Thanks for the info on the flooring. I have two areas in our house that need to be done, and I love the look of yours.

  4. A beautiful transformation! It looks so welcoming. That is a perfect project for the hot weather and also nice to have something positive going on during these trying times.

  5. Isn't it a great feeling when a room has a new coat of paint and feels so clean and neat! Looks great - and makes me want to hire my painter again!!!!!

  6. I love how bright it looks in there. I really need to hire painters next time. Our master bedroom looks horrible when you look up close at it. FOR REAL. It's badddd. I love your style. So inviting. :)

  7. Look at you go, Melanie! It looks welcoming!

  8. I love the color. Looks so great. The whole room has come together nicely.

  9. Mel this turned out SO pretty!!! I love the cozy, warm vibe and the touch of sizzle with that rug. You're inspiring me to finally get my guest room repainted. It's a dark navy blue and I'm ready to lighten it up. It's amazing how much a fresh coat of paint brightens up a room.

  10. It looks great, Melanie! Fresh and clean. Aren't you glad it's done?

  11. It's so pretty, Melanie! The cream walls and white trim does look nice and the rug is beautiful there. The tone of your wood flooring does look pretty with the new paint and trim. Your closet still looks organized to me! If you could only see my office now. I started reorganizing it this morning at 5 a.m. and it's at that point where it looks worse than when I started. I need a good week of working in here to do it right and since it is so hot outside that's just what I'll be doing. I've also stopped going to my PT sessions, deciding that I'll be safer staying at home with things getting worse here.

  12. Would you mind telling us what color and company that paint is . It is so pretty .

  13. The paint really looks wonderful in that beautiful room. Enjoy!

  14. Yes primer is horrible with smell. Tge room looks wonderful and paint is good thing.


  15. Pretty! I love the white trim with the lighter walls.
    Still working on our guest room - need a trip to the store which is an hour away...


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