Friday, February 14, 2020

love and staying warm

Hello, friends from brrr cold Illinois! Fresh snow greeted us yesterday and then the temps dropped to -6F with the wind chill this morning.

We've actually had a mild winter up until today, so guess I can't complain. In the meantime, we'll just keep warm in our own ways.

Making warm, comfort food such as chicken pot pie helps on cold evenings.

Or, a pot of black bean and sweet potato chili.

I found a cute shelf for my kitchen wall at Hobby Lobby. I've tried various pieces of artwork here over the years and nothing really worked. Sometimes it takes awhile to find just the right thing.

And I added this sweet paper banner to my kitchen window for a little cheer. It's from Susan Branch (I'm a huge fan of hers!), handmade by one of her staff. 

 Today is Valentine's Day ~ do you have any special plans? Brian and I don't make a big deal out of this day, but we'll have a nice dinner at home with a glass of wine and then perhaps watch a movie. It's too cold to go out, anyway! That's an old photo of us in the frame below. It was taken when we were in Cancun, Mexico 16 years ago.



  1. I love the picture of your front door with the snow! It's just right! I think we probably had our coldest night of the winter last night so the sunshine is welcome today. Your little pitchers look very sweet on your new shelf, Melanie, and I do love the lacy paper banner from Susan Branch. I was so tempted by her Christmas houses banner but never got around to ordering one. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Brian!

  2. This is such a 'cozy' post! I love seeing all of your Valentine decorations here and on Instagram. That shelf is so cute. We are typically low key for Valentine's Day -- pizza and a movie at home. This year, we're going out to dinner (early). I think we both need a night out, there's been so much going on here of late. I'm sorting through my aunt's things and now my house needs sorting. It's not a very cozy place to be right now!

    Happy <3 Day my friend.

  3. Oh my goodness, you are having some really COLD weather. It looks warm, cozy and full of love there in your home sweet home. I like your new little shelf unit. The food looks oh so good.

    I worked outside for around 3 hours this morning, right now at 4:37 EST it is 84 and the real feel temp is 90. Needless to say, the a.c. is on.

    I've got a glass chilling in the freezer, I'm making tacos for my Valentine's supper, an all-time comfort/happy meal and will have a margarita with it, hence the chilling glass. ;-)

    Have a great evening and weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. I have that same shelf from Hobby Lobby. It's in my dining space with Mason jars on it!

  5. I love this cozy post, Melanie! Your heart garland is so pretty, and I love your shelf and how you styled it! Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Hope you had a very nice evening staying in and warm. Sounds like a very nice evening.

  7. That sounds like the perfect Valentines day! :)

  8. Lovely pictures, especially of the cat!💖

  9. Steve and I don't do much for Valentine's Day. We had a nice dinner at home and went out to dinner last night.

  10. Amei a sua casa CONFORTÁVEL Parabéns! Beijos!

  11. Yum m, chicken pot pie!! Sorry to be late Valentine's day I went for my MS MS infusion. We were happy for me to get another one, weird I know.

    Your banner was pretty.


  12. Despite the snow on your doorstep, all is looking warm and cozy inside. I love the way you styled your new shelves. My eye went right to that adorable little oil painting. I hope you and your hubby had an enjoyable Valentine's Day.


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