Wednesday, September 11, 2019

not one but both bathrooms

In my last post, I left you with the "what to hang on my bathroom wall" dilemma.  A couple of people commented that the shelf needed some faux greenery or faux flowers. To be honest, I'm not into either. When I picture faux plants, I see an old lady's home, complete with floral pink couches and heavy drapes. On the other hand, I have seen faux flowers that bloggers have used in their homes that look really nice. So off I went to Michaels and Hobby Lobby in search of something that didn't look too plastic-y.

All I found that I liked was faux ivy. I got home and stuck it in a variety of bottles and vases, and all possibilities looked terrible. I think it was the mass of green in this room that doesn't have any green at all. My eyes were immediately drawn to the clump of faux ivy when I looked in the bathroom. Not something you want anyone's eyes drawn to.

Then I remembered I had a small faux plant in my decor stash in the basement. I found it and put it in the eyelash cup you see on the left and...voila! Not so much green that it's overwhelming. I also found a tall vase in my decor stash that has green stems, so I think the colors on this shelf now all blend nicely.

Oh ~ a couple of you mentioned that you or your hubby would knock the necklaces into the toilet! It's hard to tell in the photo, but there's no way that could happen. And I am a clumsy person. The necklaces are all the way back against the wall, not hanging towards the front of the toilet.

Another store I ran into was Home Goods, where I found this towel on the clearance rack. I think this new towel brightens up the bathroom, as well.

Other side of the sink...

 Now that one bathroom decorating dilemma was done, I moved onto the next bathroom ~ the main hallway bath. We had the bathroom painted (pretty much same color, just a little darker) back in the spring. At the time, I had three white floating shelves on the wall above the toilet. While I liked that look, I was tired of it and wanted something different.

This time, I went on a hunt at a couple of antique stores in a small town out in the country.

 So much cool stuff to look through...

This vintage plant stand (not the cage) almost came home with me. It was only $20. But I couldn't think where in my house I could put it.

After browsing around for a little bit, I finally found this shelf hanging on a wall. I hemmed and hawed and thought about it for the bathroom wall. Walked away and came back to it. Twice. Finally bit the bullet and bought it.

Here it is hung on the bathroom wall. I have been playing with the decor on it for a couple of days; I keep changing it up because nothing feels right. I like the shelf itself, but I'm wondering if a round or oval mirror might be better instead of this rectangular one. I'm also thinking of a new shower curtain. Sorry for the bad photos of this room but there's no window, so I have to turn the light on. This bathroom is obviously very small too, so it's hard to photograph.

A few hours after I wrote this post, but before I published it, I played around with the decor again. Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this. I think the space between the shelf and the top of the toilet needed something. At first, I had that picture you see on the shelf hanging where the heart wreath was. But it didn't look good there.

Will it stay this way? Probably not. 🤣

Thanks for hanging in there with all my bathroom re-decorating photos. I bought an architectural piece, too when I was at the antique shops. Now where to put that...


  1. I really like that rounded corner shelf in the third photo from the top. That is what I need for my bathroom. Bathrooms are the hardest thing for me to decorate. Sometimes I go whimsical and hang fun photos. I like the floral shower curtain in the first bathroom.

  2. I need to get over to that antique village. I take a back way when I need to go to Farm and Fleet (for horse riding stuff) and I am not far from it. We should meet there sometime. :)

    Your bathrooms look adorable!

  3. I do this all the time too! You are not alone. I will move and shuffle things forever trying to get it just the thing I have in my minds eye.

    I am in love with your eyelash cup and that is just the right amount of greenery in my opinion!

  4. I do it all the time. I live with it for a few days and I wind up adding or shuffling. I really like the Mason jars on this shelf.

    You reminded me I have to hit Home Goods. Haven't been in a while


  5. Yeah, I'm always moving small things around. I like that shower curtain. Lends texture.

  6. Hi Melanie,
    I love the new look to the bathroom. I have to be honest I love loved the three white shelves that you had before. I know what you mean about wanting change! Sometimes it takes awhile to get it right. Have a good rest of the evening.

  7. Oh my gosh, Melanie, right there with you...moving things around all the time! I think both rooms look great. And what fun shops. I have the antiquing bug now. Maybe I'll find something there to fix my own bathroom decorating dilemma!!

  8. The only room I really can easily rearrange is the living room so just did that a couple of weeks ago when I did some deep cleaning and curtain washing. I'm of the mindset the more the merrier. Not much wall space left around here but I always manage to find a spot. My surroundings outdoors aren't great to look at so having lots of details, color and pattern inside is necessary. Everyone who visits says it's like a museum. Really love rummaging through antique stores and flea markets. So much treasure to be found. I love plants but we don't get much direct light because of tinted windows so not all can survive. I actually just bought some faux plants for the bathroom and the kids room where it is very, very dark. I just feel like there needs to be something green in every room. Fake plants definitely look a whole lot better than they used to.

  9. Busy with those bathrooms Melanie! Coming along and looking good.
    I try to keep as little as possible on display in our two smallish bathrooms - I like decor but not clutter which in a bathroom can get rather messy looking. . . . . . . much to move and clean often!
    Which of course means - all the clutter is hidden in the vanities and I have to keep them clean and tidy instead!!!! At this time of life it's all becoming hard to deep clean as I used to, and yes, I admit, I don't do as well as I used to regarding house keeping.

  10. Bathrooms are so difficult to photograph. And Melanie, I think any bathroom I've ever seen pictures of where the toilet was enclosed in an inset like yours seems very difficult to pull off. I think you hit the right note with the tiny bit of green "hair" sprouting from the eyelash cup--didn't even know they were called that but so cute! And the new towel is great there. Looking at your very first picture I wondered if you'd thought about looking for a framed picture that has bits of that beautiful blue you're using and hang it on top of the middle section, below the shelf but above the necklaces. Not large enough to cover up the triangle shapes but with them framing a framed picture. What do you think? Another excuse to shop!

    I love the last pictures of your hallway bath! Hanging that heart really worked and I love the curves of the wall shelf! It echos the curves on the shower curtain. I just noticed that you removed the picture that was on that shelf at first and replaced it with something else. How would that picture that you took off look hanging in the other bathroom in the space I mentioned?

    Now I need to get some advice on my bathroom! I hope you two are having a wonderful anniversary weekend!

  11. I can relate to the old lady house filled with fake flowers but today's are so much better looking and so many varieties! Bathrooms are hard to decorate and photograph. I like the changes in your bathrooms and the plants and towel make a difference in the first one! Love the new shelf in the second and adds charm to the room! Bathrooms seem to be the last thing i decorate!

  12. Both bathrooms look wonderful my friend. You have a great eye for decorating.


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