Wednesday, September 4, 2019

hello september ~ and what's on your bathroom wall?

Even though Labor Day has come and gone, there's fallen leaves on my porch, kids are back to school (they went back two weeks ago here!), and even some trees are already changing colors, I'm still clinging to every last bit of summer. I always feel sad at the first signs of fall ~ these fallen leaves, my perennials starting to fade, the lack of birdsong. 

But moving on to other things that have absolutely nothing to do with about a decorating dilemma? Is it just me or is it hard to figure out what to put on the wall above the toilet? We have two small bathrooms. This one is the master bathroom. Previously, I had two floral prints (one on top of the other) on this wall. I got tired of the prints, plus I wanted hooks for some of my necklaces. At first, I was going to hang a variety of hooks on the wall to the left. But I didn't want to deal with holes all over the wall. Then I started looking online for shelving displays. I found this one on Wayfair (not a sponsored post). I liked that it had a bar on the bottom where I could hang necklaces from hooks.

I wasn't sure about this shelving unit once it was hung on the wall. It was a lot bigger than I envisioned. It feels cheaply made. And I had no idea how to decorate it (besides the necklaces).

This is what I ended up with. The shelf is deep, so it requires decor with height. I used simple S-hooks to hang my necklaces from the bar.

Do I love it? No. Am I tolerating it? I guess so.

Here's what the bathroom looks like from the doorway. 

Funny thing is, I'm having the same decorating dilemma in the hallway bath. We had the bathroom repainted a few months ago and the wall above the toilet is still bare! We used to have three floating shelves on that wall and I want something different this time. I've looked on blogs, Pinterest, Houzz, stores online and in person. Nothing has jumped out at me but yet I'm frustrated with staring at a blank wall.

So, tell me ~ what's on your bathroom wall?


  1. I hang art on our bathroom walls, (mostly paintings but one has a great photograph) I treat them like any other wall in the house.

  2. I have a beautiful piece in my powder room I found at Home Goods years ago. If you remember reverse painting on glass many years ago it looks like that with different roses, stunning. I need to show it one day in a post.

    Bathrooms are tricky for me at times too. If artwork doesn't work for you what about an architectural piece?

    Good luck


  3. I have three has a cabinet above it, one has a towel rack and a picture and the last on has a standing magazine rack with some books and towels.

  4. We have a shallow white wall cabinet, with a shelf and closed storage. It works well there!

  5. I'm having the same dilemma in my bathroom, but on a different wall. So far I have framed floral prints, but I think I need something in a round frame to complete the look and I just can't find it anywhere. My toilets are both on the same wall as the vanity and we have huge mirrors in the room, so that's what's behind them. I like what you've chosen for this room.

  6. I have a clock above one toilet, a flower print above the other, and the last one has big letters (not paper, actual metal letters).
    I love the wood floating shelves I have seen all over Pinterest and would love to try that above our guest bath.
    Also love the idea of a focal wall above a toilet....a different color or maybe a wood plank wall.

  7. Hi Melanie - I did a post today regarding your bathroom decor - thought it might help and bring you ideas from others besides me! I have no shelving - just 'art' bits and bobs! I probably should do something different too but life is too busy and priorities need to be addressed!

    Here's the link -

    Hope all well - thanks for always visiting and commenting.
    Mary x

  8. I actually like the shelving thingy! Maybe if you found some kind of faux plant and maybe puts some hand towels or pretty towels piled on the shelves. I have an old salvage door hanging over my toilet right now and just put a small white wreath on it. The door is old and white and chippy. Serves no purpose but to be decorative. Have a great evening.

  9. I am with junkchiccottage above. Faux greenery in colored (not white) or natural pots would look good on the shelf. Both my bathrooms have windows above the toilets, but I have framed prints on the walls in there.

  10. I have two paintings above my toilet. Anything that could come off I would probably knock into the toilet. Or Ivy would. Have you considered painting the wall behind that a nice color so it stands out and looks featured?

  11. I like it but if it was in my house I would be knocking necklaces into the toilet all the time, I am a bit clumsy. Good luck with your decorating decisions.

  12. I have a vintage bed/headboard over my main bathroom's toilet... Hubby made it into a shelf and I love it. But honestly...that bathroom gets SOOOOO DUSTY and I don't know why. Makes me wish I just had a photo there or something.

    I'm SURE my hubby would knock my jewelry into the pot! UGH!


  13. A faux artist friend of mine painted me a 3 ft. tall seahorse over my toilet!

  14. I've rolled pretty bathroom towels on my shelf above the commode.

  15. Came back to this first bathroom post after commenting on your current one so all I'll say here is I'll email you and tell you what picture we did have hanging over the toilet. I moved it to a side wall in there because everyone kept sticking post it notes over the eyes of the person in the picture. I found it in the antique store here last Christmas and it made me laugh every time I saw it. More later, privately!


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