Friday, January 18, 2019

a hibernating weekend

We're under a winter storm warning. I can feel it. I can feel the pressure in the air because my head is heavy and stuffy. The snow is supposed to hit us anytime now and go all through the night and into Saturday morning. Depending on how this storm tracks, our area could get up to 10-12" of snow. Or half that amount. Only time will tell. Then will come the high winds, which mean blowing and drifting snow.  On top of it, the temperatures will plummet after the snowstorm, leaving us with wind chills below zero. Welcome to January, I suppose.

Not that I embrace winter; I prefer warm weather and lots of sunshine. But I have to say that there's something about cold, dark days that have me actually liking the solitude, the peacefulness, the snuggly hibernation of being inside, all warm and comfy.

Nancy over at Clearing the Space wrote on January 10 about hometending and creativity. I love that word, hometending. Technically, I don't think it's a real word, but I envision slowing down and taking the time to nurture your home and make it into a place where you want to spend time. A home where you feel safe, warm, and nurtured. Where you are surrounded by things you love and that bring you comfort. I think winter tends to bring on more of that nesting and hometending feeling.

That might mean puttering with different arrangements (that's where the creativity part comes in), taking the time to dust your furniture, putting fresh sheets on your bed, watering and misting your houseplants...freshening up the bathroom with a small vase of flowers on the vanity and clean towels hung on the towel rack. Try a delightful combination of essential oils in your diffuser...add a few drops of orange, lemon or grapefruit oil to a spicy blend of cinnamon and clove. Orange and patchouli is another lovely combination for winter. 

Turn on music of your choice and some little fairy lights. Heck, sing at the top of your lungs or even dance around the house while you're hometending, if that's your groove.

 When you're finished tending your home and the snow is falling, or it's just too damn cold to go anywhere, wrap yourself up in one of your favorite warm throws and listen to a Podcast, delve into a good book or magazine, knit or crochet, write in your journal, look through a cookbook and plan to make a delicious dish, binge watch something worthy (or not) on Netflix. 


"A little house ~ a house of my own ~ out of the winds and the rain's (I interrupt this quote to insert snow's) way." (Padraic Colum)

I know two things for certain tomorrow: between rounds of helping Brian shovel, I'm going to build a fire in the fireplace and try a new chocolate chip cookie recipe. It's a Jacques Torres (pastry chef and chocolatier) recipe and uses both bread flour and cake flour. Different and interesting, right?

If you're in the winter storm's path, stay safe, warm and snuggly! 
Practice some hometending..and tend to yourself, too. đŸ’“


  1. Stay cozy and warm during the storm! We had 19 inches in Dec and I know what you mean.

  2. Yes, I'm in agreement regarding staying home and being cozy at this time of year - seems that's all I'm doing!
    It's early morning, I've baked biscuits, read my new 'Britain' magazine, and am listening to Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2 Opus 1 - Anna Fedorova pianist - so lovely on a dreary morning with rain on the way then a few very cold nights ahead. . . . . . .fireplace ready!

    Take care in the storm ahead Melanie - all definitely looks pretty and snug in your home,
    Hugs - Mary

  3. I am making that blend in my diffuser today. I am also "hometending" today as well. Moving furniture around, turning on lights, listening to spa music, and making my Uncle's Monster Cookies. Trying to make the best of winter. :)

  4. I suppose the storm is behind you now. Hope you kept power and stayed warm. Have fun with your housetending and cookies. They do sound good. Your home looks winter ready-warm and welcoming.
    Have a nice weekend and don't freeze! xo Diana

  5. It is a cold and rainy day here so I'm just staying in and hoping I start feeling better. Started antibiotics yesterday for an infection, ugh!

  6. Your home is so lovely and being inside on a dreary cold, snowy or wet day sounds wonderful. There is something peaceful about being in your own 'comfy' space. I like the word 'hometending'. That is very nurturing sounding.

    Enjoy those cookies and let us know how they turn out and what you think.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. I love your home. It so bright and cheerful. A warm fire and fresh baked cookies sound wonderful. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Cuddle up with your kitties in your cozy little house and stay warm!

  9. How is it there now, Melanie? How bad was the snow and wind? I did have to smile reading about all the ways you've been enjoying cocooning in your oh so comfortable gem of a home. See there, we winter lovers are winning you over! But I admit it must get old fast if you have be out and about in it instead of snug inside.

    I love all of your suggestions and jotted down some of your diffuser recipes as I'm always collecting new ones. I must tell my daughter-in-law to get me patchouli in my next order.

    'Tis the time to be hometending! I love that, even better than tidying up, which is definitely better that housework. Hibernation is not that bad after all, is it, my friend?

  10. I love the thought of hometending. I like to putter around and put things away, but really tending to your home, almost like you would to a friendship is so important. Stay warm and dry!

  11. Your home always looks beautiful and I can tell that you take deep pride in your hometending. I hope the snowstorm wasn't too hard on you. :)

  12. I am making my Mr Brownies. We missed the snow in IL outside St Louis but now today it is really snowing and has covered the ground. I either want sunshine or I love a day like today,peaceful.

  13. Your home is so cozy and lovely, Melanie! We had a foot of snow drop here, too...and now it is so cold! More snow tomorrow...I do love to hibernate when it's like this!

  14. Yes, hometending is perfect for such a weekend, only I’ll carry mine into Monday also. With such bitter cold, I think I’ll skip yoga and practice on my own at home. The rest of the day will be filled with just such tasks as you’ve mentioned. I get such a quiet pleasure from the simplest things, watering my plants, making the kitchen sparkle, folding towels, then settling in with my crocheting or my book.

  15. Thank you for the link to Nancy's blog. I love the thought of hometending. You always inspire me to do just that. Your home is so warm and inviting, Melanie. It's one of the reasons I like visiting your blog. Home care is something I enjoy, too.

  16. I love the home-tending thing, your home looks so refreshing and cozy. I did mine just last week.
    Wonder Cottage
    The Glossychic

  17. I hope it wasn't too terrible....we got the deep chill, but no snow. It's 28 here today and that's downright tropical!!


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