Saturday, December 29, 2018

christmas recap

It was a lovely Christmas season around here, starting out on the 22nd at my First Best Friend's house. Ten of us ladies gathered for our Winter Solstice dinner and holiday celebration. We do this at the start of every season and these Circles are always one of the highlights of my year.

I told my First Best Friend that walking into her beautiful home is like being enveloped in a big hug. It feels safe, peaceful, welcoming and loving. She said that was the best compliment she could ever receive about her home. 

Christmas Eve was celebrated here at Comfy House with extended family: My mom, sister, brother-in-law, niece, cousin and two sisters-in-law. I was too busy to take many photos, but I like this one I captured of my mom, niece, and sister.

Tim came over Christmas morning and the three of us spent a couple of hours hanging out in the living room, eating breakfast casserole, drinking coffee, opening presents, and just hanging out. Phil is always especially missed at times like these. It should be four of us on Christmas morning.

Of course, the kitties got some presents from Santa, too ~ new catnip toys. There's a matching "naughty" toy go with this "nice" one, but I let Tim take that one home for his roommate's wild and crazy kitten.

Tim and his new Planet Express hoodie...

Brian looking at one of his presents (with Monkey looking on)...

Brian gifted me with several lovely gifts, including this sterling silver necklace from Blue Nile. (Cat hair not included.) I've told Brian numerous times that I have enough jewelry and don't want anymore, but he loves buying me special pieces (especially from Blue Nile) on occasion. Who am I to argue?

Later in the day, Tim went back to his place and Brian went to the nursing home to visit his dad. It was just me and the cats at home and I was alright with that. It felt good to put my feet up and just relax.

As I say every year at this time, I'm glad the holiday season is over. I took down all the Christmas decor on the 26th because to me, Christmas is over ~ and by that time, I'm tired of looking at all of the holiday decor. I know some people follow the Twelve Days of Christmas philosophy and I do get that, but I'm not one of those people. 

When Brian and I were packing all the Christmas decor back up, I took the time to go through the leftover decor in the storage bins (the stuff I didn't use) and ended up donating so much that we're down to two storage bins instead of three! I've slowly been putting the house back together these past few days and I'm loving the cleaner, uncluttered look.

Hope your holidays were wonderful!


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely holiday. We took our decorations down yesterday. Happy New Year!

  2. What a lovely Christmas! I had a good one with my Grands, daughter and son in law. We got Mom there for Dinner and it was really wonderful to be together. I'm taking down my Christmas decor today/tomorrow I think. Love your necklace and what a sweet gift. Happy New Year my friend!

  3. Sounds like you had a great Christmas. I love that you have a nice get together with your girlfriends too. My girlfriend party is a big highlight of the Christmas season too. I took all the Christmas down on the 26th too. A little early for me usually I take it all down on the 1st but this year I was ready on the 26th to take it down.
    Now onto the new year. Wishing you a great new year with lots of happiness, good health and every day finding Joy.

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  5. Our holiday celebrations were spread out over a few weeks with the first on the 15th and the last one this afternoon. I love Christmas but am glad we are finally done. The tree and decorations will come down this next week, but I have to work and have the grandkids, so a little every day perhaps?
    Last year I went through everything I didn't use, and donated quite a bit. I'll do it again this week as we put it away. Lately I've been embracing the cozy minimalist philosophy of The Nester, and my house is much more peaceful.
    I know you miss Phil every day, and especially so during the holidays. That part just stays, I think. ♥

  6. I tire of looking at the Christmas decor too and take it down way before January 1st. I love your traditions and the event with your friends sounds lovely.

  7. It sounds like a relaxing day, Melanie filled with family...even furry ones. I know they'll always be a hole in your holidays and an empty chair at your table. There are no words I could say that would make it any better, so I'm sending you a virtual hug instead. I wish you a peaceful New Year and a quick winter. 😉 Summer is only 152 days away. And yes, I just Googled that!!

  8. Sounds like a peaceful holiday, Melanie! We always leave our tree up until Jan 6th - not only is it Little Christmas but it's also my dad's birthday. He would have been 81 this year. It's been tradition in my family all my life, and there's no way I'm going to break that tradition now that Dad is gone. However, I will be more than ready for the cleaner more minimal look by that time! Happy New Year, sweet friend!


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