Wednesday, February 21, 2018

no more slippery rugs

We have a ranch style house and so our entire first floor encompasses most of our living space. All the rooms except the two bathrooms have hardwood floors. So it goes without saying that we have rugs in every room. Some of our rugs have a backing that prevents them from slipping. Others don't. Or else, the backing is cheap and has become worn, so the rug now slips.

Such is the case with the hallway rug. I got this at Target years ago (not available anymore). Since the original backing wasn't strong enough to grip the hardwood floors, I initially bought one of those off-the-shelf cheap plastic pads that go underneath rugs. That worked fine for maybe a year, but I always worried about the damage it might cause to the finish on my hardwood floor. I also didn't like the fact that these cheap rug pads are made overseas and are filled with toxins. However, I didn't know I had a choice!

Enter RugPadUSA. When they reached out to me to do a blog post on one of their rug pads with my honest opinion, I took a look at their web site and was impressed by the facts that their pads are made in the USA; are made from rubber instead of plastic; the materials used won't mar any floor finish; the pads don't include any phthalates; and because they use fewer and high quality ingredients in their pads, they last longer. 

I was also impressed that there was a variety of pads to choose from, depending on floor type (hardwood, laminate, stone or tile and even carpet), material (there's even felt pads!) and function. And, these pads are not a "one size fits all". They're custom cut depending on the measurement of your rug. No more buying standard size and then having to trim a pad yourself to fit.

Since my hallway rug was constantly slipping ~ especially when the cats tore down the hallway in a crazy game of chase ~ I chose the anchor grip, as this was one of the choices for "exceptional traction". It even has a 20-year warranty!

We've had this pad in place for about two weeks now and the rug has not budged one iota. Not with all the foot traffic or crazy cats chasing each other down the hallway.

We are so impressed by the quality and function of this rug pad (not to mention the attributes mentioned at the beginning of this post), that I will be ordering a pad to go underneath the slippery, non-padded rug in the spare room...

and another for the slippery, vintage rug by my back kitchen door.

RugPadUSA is kindly offering my readers another 5% off the already marked-down 15-20% off pads until March 14, 2018 using the coupon code COMFYHOUSE at checkout. I hope you will take advantage of this offer and try out a rug pad for your own home!

Disclaimer: I received a rug pad from RugPadUSA in exchange for my honest, personal opinion.


  1. this was a very helpful post. my kitchen sink rug really needed a new pad, so I ordered one. Thank you!

  2. Melanie, I'm so happy you shared this. We have all hardwood or tile floors, and I am always struggling with what kinds of rugs to buy. Those cheap liners never stay in place, and yet I like the look of so many rugs that require a non-skid back. Thanks for the review.

  3. I love rugs but never get them because of slipping. I will need to check this out.

  4. It's very nice knowing that your rugs are not going to slip under your feet. At my age it is a necessity . . . falls are not a good thing.

  5. I glad you posted this since i have the hardest time finding rug pads that actually work. I never realized they are filled with chemicals. Nice to know they also made in the USA. The older we get we want to feel secure that our rugs won't slip.

  6. Your rugs are so pretty, Melanie...and so great to have a good pad!

  7. I ordered one to use at the back door. Thanks for the code, and I was glad to see a free shipping option.


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