Monday, January 15, 2018

light, comfy and serene ~ and my car news

 Good morning from snowy Illinois! It started snowing late last night and we have a few inches on the ground right now. I am sitting on the couch in my living room and all I can see is a big tree with the snow gently falling. I have to admit, it's very peaceful looking. 

Ever since I took down my Christmas decorations and January rolled around, I knew I wanted my house to feel and look lighter. I guess it's the whole "clean start" feeling of January. I've even been cleaning out drawers, files, and a closet.

Lighter doesn't have to mean sterile and cold. You can still make a room feel warm and inviting with the use of texture, layers, throws, candles, and twinkle lights.

Last week, I had a lovely visit with a neighbor whom I'm getting to know better. We've known each other on a casual basis for many years, but lately through social media, we've gotten to know each other more. We decided to have tea and chat at her house. We were discussing our homes and decor. She said, "I get the feeling that your house is serene." I hope it's both comfy and serene!


Maybe I'm also craving a fresh feeling in my home as we go through these long, dark winter nights...but yet are now moving towards more light.

It doesn't matter what decorating trend or colors you like and incorporate into your home; what matters is that your home is your safe refuge from the world. Your nest. Your serene and comfortable place to relax and just be.

In other my last post, I had written about my 2001 Honda Accord misfiring. I was waiting to hear from the mechanic and hoping it wasn't bad news; i.e., something expensive, like the engine. Turned out to be good news! It only needed some tune-up parts. The expenses were reasonable. However, last week the rear wheel locked up while Brian was driving the car into a tire place to get one of the tires looked at. Turned out to be the rear brakes. Since this was an emergency situation, we had to get the car fixed there. That wasn't pretty. These chain places are known to inflate their prices and try to upsell. Instead of getting upset about the bill, we let it go because we knew there wasn't anything we could do. We were just thankful that Brian didn't get into an accident, that he was right near a car shop when the wheel locked up, and that my car is fine now. Hooray - no car shopping just yet!

Have a blessed, light-filled, serene week.


  1. I'm glad you're able to keep driving your car. Mine is a 2006 and I hope to keep it on the road a few more years. We replaced my husband's 1999 in 2016, but we paid in cash for the new car so we don't have any debt on it. He really needed the new car, it was just too expensive to keep the 99 on the road anymore. We really tried, though. We used it up. I appreciate reading your advice for creating a peaceful, serene home. I've always thought your home seemed like it was that way, from everything you've shown. You have great taste and a knack for creating nice corners and open spaces too. And we have almost the same kitchen chairs! :)

  2. I love you attitude about the car. Sometimes things just are. No sense in getting worked up. Your house looks very serene. I left some white lights up after Christmas, too, and it lends a warmth and coziness that January really needs. We are finally getting a bit of snow today. I'm glad it's a stay-at-home day for me. Time for another cup of coffee. Enjoy your day, Melanie!

  3. I'm happy for you . . . new cars are nice, but when the payments start up and they last for what seems like forever . . . well, it makes the old car look even better. Your home is so beautiful. I see personal touches here and there and it looks so welcoming. I like what you said about our homes being our nests, so true. It must be a January thing, because I have been cleaning drawers and thinking more and more about clearing out what I don't use and lightening up. I was also thinking about my granddaughters visiting in August and how we could have a giant yard sale. If they would help we, I would be happy to give them the money:) Then I could have the freedom of less stuff.
    Have a happy day.
    Connie :)

  4. Your home does seem calm and serene. I want mine to be more like that. Again I feel ready to let go of more of my collections ie a lot of stuff! Working on this makes me feel good. I can't keep up with all the stuff anymore and I don't want too. It is taking me awhile to do this but I'm not giving up.

  5. Sorry about your car. That is miserable to get good news and the fix done to turn around and have another fix needed right away. Glad it is all safe now for driving. Cars Ughhh.... We need them but they can be very expensive when something goes wrong. I am looking out today too at all the snow. It looks pretty but I cannot wait to see pretty flowers out the window. We only have a few more months!!!

  6. Your home is very lovely! So glad no one was hurt by the tire locking up and so lucky to have it happen near a mechanic! I'm working on some organization too, feels like a never ending process with kids, lol. Have a wonderful day!


  7. That was lucky timing for Brian! My car isn't quite as old, it's a 2006, and I have 45,000 miles on it. I think I'll have to get brakes soon. All I've done so far is oil changes and tires. I just love your fireplace. Wish I had one.

  8. Oh, car troubles are no fun. They're always an unexpected expense and then there's the is it worth it to fix it question once the repairs start to mount. I am glad that it all worked out as well as it did. And your house is definitely serene and cozy. You must be enjoying all the renovations and all of your new decorating possibilities, now, during these months spent mostly inside.

  9. I need you to come to my house and make it look like your home.
    Like, stat.

    Also, yay to no car shopping!!

  10. Your home is lovely, IS comfy and serene!
    Glad to hear the car problems weren't too serious. Ours has been a money pit of late...I feel your pain!

  11. Everything looks so pretty. I like your flat baskets on the wall.... I'm on the search for some for my wall.

  12. Your home looks very serene, Melanie! I am the same, I have the urge for 'less' all around me after all the holiday decor comes down. Now if I can only find time to write a blog post.... :)

  13. oh your place looks lovely right now! :) My youngest bought an Accord and 10 minutes after the sale the transmission blew. This was about 2 months ago...he had that fixed and then on Xmas Eve someone stopped suddenly ahead of him and he hit their SUV. The SUV had not one scratch but the Accord went under it and it was totalled! We are not having good luck right now BUT he's hoping to find another used Honda because they last so long and one of his best friends works for Honda and can repair them in his sleep :)

  14. Your home looks so nice and tidy and, yes, serene too. I have that same need in January to clear the clutter. Once it's done, it's so much easier to go about daily living.
    So glad to hear that your car problems weren't worse than they were.

  15. Scary about the brakes but thank goodness he was right there and did not get in an accident. Your home is very serene and cozy, I love it.

  16. So glad you ale to avoid car shopping,

    Your house is comfy and serene. I like the the look with the opening you created.


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